Mr Loo! You are so WRONG about HDB!😠
By 1M65  â€¢  July 9, 2024
Mr Loo thinks that the Singapore Property Markets are showing signs of being overheated. And a lot of people have come back with their views. Singapore Property has been on a bull run for the past 30 years, and has only accelerated due to Covid. Last time that we spoke, Dragon Tan was slightly optimistic about the future direction of the Property. Now, he comes to us with new information on the rental side of the house, and it does not seem good with the recent developments on the high cost of living in Singapore. How will this impact the future of the Property Market? Find out with Mr Loo in today's video! 1M65 Tele Group: 1M65 Discord: Disclaimer: +6582824442 Dragon Tan (Do not contact Mr Loo for Real Estate Services) Helping Ordinary People lead Extraordinary Lives...
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By 1M65
Loo founded the Non-Profit 1M65 Movement and was one of the few non-civil servants to receive the Public Sector Transformation Award in 2018 for his 1M65 efforts. Kate, Loo’s daughter, is a 19-year-old finance guru wannabe. If you’d like to hear more from Loo and Kate on Personal Finance, please join the 1M65 Telegram Discussion Group or watch their entertaining Youtube channel.

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