How to Save $180k for Retirement in Your 30s
By Kelvin Learns Investing  •  July 10, 2024
Are you in your thirties and looking to optimize your financial future? In this video, I share essential financial tips that will help you maximize your savings and investments. Learn why topping up $8K into your CPF, SA, or MA each year is crucial, especially as you enter a higher tax bracket. Discover Fidelity's recommendation on how much you should save for retirement to ensure financial security. Plus, get practical advice on managing big-ticket expenses like marriage, childbirth, and buying your first home. Don't let these financial milestones catch you off guard—prepare and prosper with these actionable insights!...
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By Kelvin Learns Investing
Hey! Kelvin here! I talk about money related stuff like investing, credit cards, how to save money to retire early!

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