What Is a Hospital Cash Insurance Plan and Why You Should Consider One?
By Planner Bee  •  July 10, 2024
Unexpected medical emergencies can put financial strain even on people with the most robust financial plans. This makes the need for supplementary coverage increasingly apparent in recent years. As Singaporeans navigate the complexities of healthcare financing in our world-class healthcare system, it also raises one question: Is there a need for a Hospital Cash Insurance plan? In this article, we will look at the reasons why this form of insurance is not just a prudent choice but also a vital component of comprehensive financial protection. What is hospital cash insurance? Hospital cash insurance policies offer policyholders daily cash benefits while warded, funds that can be used to offset any other expenses as you deem fit. Such plans serve as a crucial financial safety net and provides individuals with additional protection against the financial burden arising from hospitalisation expenses. But isn’t health insurance sufficient? When it comes to health insurance, it typically only covers surgery and hospitalisation costs....
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By Planner Bee
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