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Faster Than Before!

Slow Loading Due to my lack of experience with infrastructure configuration, for the most part of last week, the experience of using StocksCafe has been unpleasantly slow. I apologize for that and am thankful for your patience. Truth be told, it was rather stressful for me. I personally hate to use slow websites so I was waking up at ungodly hours (read: 4am) to configure the servers so as to impact as little users as possible, because during configuration, we often need to restart the server, and if mistakes are made, the server could go down for minutes or...

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We are now StocksCafe!

Over the weekend, I have successfully migrated everything to the new domain,, with upgraded software and hardware. However, the migration over the weekend did not proceed as smooth as I had hoped. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. On hindsight, I should not have tried to upgrade everything at the same time. There were numerous bugs and errors that I had to fix throughout the weekend. I apologize if you tried to use StocksCafe and had a bad experience during that time. Even till now, there are still a few known issues. Rest assured that I will...

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The Great Migration to StocksCafe

The migration of SGXcafe to StocksCafe will happen this weekend! This is more than simply the changing of domain names. When I first started SGXcafe, it was meant for myself hence I simply dumped everything onto a single server. That was easy and convenient, but certainly not robust nor scalable. I have spent the last few days designing and configuring a brand new multi-server infrastructure and now it’s ready to go. I will start the migration on Saturday 8 April at 7am. I expect that the entire migration will take about 3-4 hours. SGXcafe will not be accessible during...

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