Will gold price surge with the new US President?

8 November 2016 will be a destiny day for Americans when they cast their votes for their new President. Whether its Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, it will be a tight race for sure. With so much uncertainties, will gold price surge with the new US President? Most people assume that the popular Hillary Clinton will prevail and win the election hands down. But the American election voting system … [Read more...]

What is the BigFatPurse Investors Conference 2016?

It started out as a single invite to an external speaker. We have been holding an investment conference annually since 2014 for our inner circle. During this meeting, we would share about our investment takeaways, how we did in our own CNAV portfolio and what we would look out for going forward. To provide more value to our participants, each year we would invite an external speaker whom we … [Read more...]

Trump Vs Clinton – Time to Watch & Wait?


With the upcoming US Election looming near, uncertainties abound. Whatever the outcome will be, world markets will most certainly be affected, much like Brexit. Hillary seems the more stable choice, but even then, whomever gets put into office will throw the SGX into a bit of turmoil. Whoever wins, be careful you don't wind up a loser. I will be taking great care to watch my positions … [Read more...]

My Thought Process When Selecting Stocks

I've been wanting to write on this for some time but find it incredibly difficult to organize my thoughts and do so. When I saw fellow bloggers write about their thought process on their preference and methodology on selecting stocks, it helps a lot because there are so many ways and path that we can reach to Rome. - Azrael talks about his method of valuing stocks using fundamental … [Read more...]

Useful Tips For Air Miles Credit Cards

My battle plan for the Project Singapore Airlines Suites is moving along pretty smoothly. Seems like I’m not the only one that’s playing this little game! Please feel free to share tips and good deals if you come across any. I think that this would be a fun little project, especially with year end approaching and that’s typically when my expenditure goes up a fair bit. Great for clocking those … [Read more...]

Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF – How Is It Doing After Almost A Week of Launch?


As a follow-up to my earlier post (click here to view) of the launching of the first ever home-grown REITS ETF - Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF, it is almost a week now. So how does the ETF perform so far? From my earlier tracking, the ETFs launched with the following prices @ 20/10/2016: Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF (SGD) : SGD 1.294 Phillip SGX APAC Dividend … [Read more...]

Battling Average vs Slugging Percentage in Investments

It is said that to succeed in investing, one only needs to make the right investment calls more than half the time (>50%). Fortunately or unfortunately, this can be a very misleading statement. Battling Average The idea behind it is a simple one. The number of times that you are right divided by the total number of investments that you make is called the battling average. The term battling … [Read more...]

Singapore’s economy faces subdued growth, but inflationary pressures should stay low: MAS

Singapore’s economy can expect a “generally subdued growth environment” but this should keep inflationary pressures modest in the near-term, says the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in its bi-annual macroeconomic review released on Tuesday. “The external environment will continue to exert a drag on Singapore’s manufacturing and trade related services sectors,” says Singapore’s central … [Read more...]

Financial Freedom = Annual Dividend Income > Expenses???

Every time when Uncle8888 read this formula shared in the cyber world by the someone. He will shake his head! It is unbelievable simplistic. Financial Independence is NOT based on a simple formula like that. You think it is like TV Ads on Visa Pay wave Uncle said it : "So simple!" Financial Independence is about choosing one of those financial models on assets and cash flow and then … [Read more...]

Why do people still lose money in the stock market despite doing a lot of reading , attending courses , analyzing ?

Market always move in Cycle "Image credit: Pinterest.com" There are numerous versions of views and ideas developed by various market pundits and investors on market cycles, including Robert Precher’s Elliot Wave Theory, Harry Dent’s long wave theories and Ray Dalio’s debt cycle theories. The cycles could be as long as “ Kondratiev waves” ( 45-60 years ) or  shorter as “ … [Read more...]

SING strategy for All Investors

As an employee, I can really identify with many of us holding full-time jobs that sometime we can be “burnt” out at work. I mean, lets face it, we spend so much of our time at work and for most of us, the work might not be the most interesting of all. But here we are, having to spend the bulk of our time at work, to earn monies to support ourselves and our families. But against the current economy … [Read more...]

5 Lessons for Small Publishers from the World’s Largest Board Game Convention: Spiel Essen 2016


When I first started writing about my adventures in the world of board game design and publishing, I thought that nobody will bother to read my blog. It seems like I was proven wrong. During my walk around Spiel Essen 2016 this year, I went around to say "Hi" to some of the new Asian board game designers and to my surprised, some of them actually recognized me and thanked me for sharing on … [Read more...]

3 Characteristics of a Sustainable Passive Income Source

If your goal for your long-term investment portfolio is to eventually generate passive income, this is for you. Passive income can come from bond coupon (interest), real estate rental income, unit trust royalties, stock dividends, annuity payments and intellectual property licensing income. When building a passive income stream, make sure that it has these 3 characteristics: 1. … [Read more...]

Goodbye Cambridge Industrial Trust


I have sold off Cambridge Industrial Trust. Including the dividends collected over the years, the total gain is around 60%. Below are my reasons for selling off Cambridge Industrial Trust. Tidying Up My Stock Portfolio I bought Cambridge Industrial Trust many years back when I started investing in stocks. As more stocks get added to my stock portfolio, the percentage in terms of value of … [Read more...]

Keppel Corporation will retrench even more staff

As Singapore business sentiments soured, retrenchments seem to be the buzzword nowadays.  This is certainly the case for Keppel Corporation, the world’s largest oil rig builder. The difference is that after letting go 8000 of its workforce for the first nine months of this year, Keppel Corporation will retrench even more staff. The sheer magnitude of this “right-sizing” exercise illustrates the … [Read more...]

What should you do during these poor economic situation??


lol everyone say save save save but everything so expensive how to save?  “Economy is not expected to pick up in the near term | Weak demand in global trade | 2017 to expand at a mediocre pace” No significant pick-up in Singapore’s GDP growth  (ChannelNewsAsia) Basically everything is not looking well…. Strike out all irrelevant expenses ( Yea you don’t have to cab on a rainy days….unless … [Read more...]

Musing of the Singapore Stocks Markets

Some days ago, I read an article in the local newspapers which highlighted the situation facing some broking firms and remisiers today. According to the article, remisiers in Singapore these days may not be doing that well due to the thin trading volume on the Singapore bourse and hence this explains why the stock broking industry has seen a number of remisers left the industry. I could still … [Read more...]

POSB Cashback Bonus


Hi Everyone, I believe most of you have heard about POSB Cashback Bonus program introduce by POSB (obviously). After reading the requirements online, I find that this might be a good way for me to earn some cashback if I buy my property next year and get a loan from POSB. If I manage to do that I think this will be an additional passive income for me! The requirement as shown in the picture … [Read more...]

How to look for investment red flags – that will save you a lot of pain and money (Part 1)

There have been endless articles around talking about how best to screen and analyze for a wonderful company and/or a company that’s trading below its intrinsic value that’s worth buying. From the very best like Buffett to the average retail investor – there have been many times we have invested in things that we thought were good but ended up disappointing us and, perhaps, losing us money. Worse, … [Read more...]

That’s it! Send in the reserves now!

As some readers may have deduced, I'm a fan of military history. When you read the historical accounts of famous battles, you'll find military commanders withholding their reserves and committing them only at right moment of the battle. The reason you don't commit your forces all at once (show hand) is so you can deal with the fluidity of the battle and react if there's a … [Read more...]