It’s One Week to Our First ValueEdge Workshops!


Why attend this course? Maximize your returns. By knowing what you should focus on in financial statements and learning how to value companies, you can become a confident, knowledgeable investor. Gain a mastery of technical financial concepts in simple, intuitive terms. Our case study and application-based approach enables true understanding instead of rote learning. We provide a learning … [Read more...]

Summary of April 2016 Transactions


In the month of April 2016, the results of OUE Hospitality Trust rights application was announced. OUE Hospitality Trust Rights was over subscribed. (Refer to OUE Hospitality Trust Rights Issue Over Subscribed) I managed to get my allocated units and a portion of the excess rights I applied for. Thus my holdings for OUE Hospitality Trust increases from 3% to 5% of my stock portfolio. The market … [Read more...]

Recent action – SPH Reit


Bought into SPH Reit this week at S$0.955. I like the simplicity of this Reit with assets of Paragon and Clementi mall, which I visited often. Paragon is not just retail but also consists of medical suites/offices. In my opinion, it is definitely one of the malls in Orchard area that has relatively higher human traffic. Clementi mall is suburban and co-located with MRT. It is always crowded … [Read more...]

Drinks and Party – what’s your indulgence?


So it was TGIF yesterday, and after a hard and gruelling work at week, I think all of us can related to letting our hair down once the weekend rolls around. However, due to time-table clashes, I was not able to join my friends for a Friday night of drinks yesterday, and from the group chat that I saw this morning, the bill per pax averages out to between $150 to $200. I do hang out with them … [Read more...]

The REAL Mathematics behind Early Retirement

My brain was feeling a little itchy for some Math yesterday. Math was my best subject in school, and my favourite subject when I tutor. So, I decided to try out to calculate and derive the formula for Early Retirement. After using this website (link), and MMM post (link) on how Early Retirement is only determined by the Savings Rate, I decided to try to derive the formula that calculates the … [Read more...]

Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (4)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (3) This 61 yrs old ex-colleague came to visit me. ... then talking on retirement. She said she is on target to retire next year at 62 and she is not seeking for re-employment to 65 or 67. She said she has more than enough saving and with CPF Life she can retire comfortably in her current lifestyle. She doesn't have any single investment. … [Read more...]

Sino Grandness (T4B) AGM 2016 Takeaways


Sino Grandness’ AGM was well attended by many curious and excited shareholders like myself. As usual, the management was kind enough to open the floor for Q&A, which lasted for 2 hours, before proceeding to vote on the resolutions. The Q&A provided a lot more clarity to shareholders on the current position of Sino Grandness and its future plans. I applaud the management’s … [Read more...]

My Stock Portfolio @ end April 2016

No. STOCK NAME No.of SHARES PORTFOLIO% MARKET $ 1SGX4,00014.617.532Starhub6,70010.763.313SPH5,0009.854.064SATS3,0005.974.105AIMS AMPI Reit6,8004.601.3956UOB5004.5118.607OCBC Bank1,0154.328.778SingTel2,1904.103.869CapitaMall Trust4,0004.022.0710Suntec Reit4,9004.011.68511Keppel Corp1,4003.675.4012FCT3,8003.591.9513Starhill Global8,0003.030.7814CapitaLand2,0003.023.1115SPH … [Read more...]

Thought on Portfolio


I have been giving my portfolio some thoughts. Some time back I have reviewed my portfolio: Earnings report card (Part 1 of 2) (read here) Slice and Dice my stock portfolio (read here) I acknowledged that my portfolio has been heavily skewed towards Growth Stocks. Although I am generally happy with the strong fundamentals of most of the stocks / companies (less those bought much earlier), I reckon … [Read more...]

The case of a rotten Apple that wasn’t enough to spoil the market….


  Apple announced its results on 26th April and the outcome was unexpected as everyone was expecting it to beat analyst’s expectation. Well, it goes to show that even gargantuan companies like Apple cannot over-perform all the time, like how we expect superheroes to always save the day in the movies. We all experience setbacks once in a while and I am sure Apple would learn from this … [Read more...]

STI has fallen 125 points from the high, should you buy now? (29 Apr 16)


Some of you have missed STI’s sharp 432 points, or 17% rally from the intraday low of 2,532 on 12 Feb 2016 to 2,964 on 21 Apr 2016. Chart 1: STI’s phenomenal rise since 12 Feb 2016 Source: CIMB complimentary chart as of 29 Apr 2016   Usual reasons of missing this rally are: a) Fear that market may go down further when it hit 2,532 on 12 Feb. That was the 3rd time it tested 2,529 – 2,532 level; b) … [Read more...]

Do what you like; like what you do

I've always envied others who knew what they wanted to do when they grew up. Me? I've no clue except I know I don't like a desk bound kind of job.    My career was a series of job hopping until I found the right fit (see my story). Its more a "crash got sound" way of finding out what I liked; what I hated.   I think the more "educated" way of saying is "Learn By Doing"?   So I'm probably … [Read more...]

Start of a bull run for gold?


Since the beginning of 2016, gold price had seen a meteoric rise of 21%. It rose fromUSD1061 to USD1292 per troy ounce at this point of writing, representing an incredible come-back by the yellow precious metal. Traditionally seen as a safe asset class, the surge in gold price is due to the poor economic climate. The combination of oil crisis, China stock market crashes, negative interest rate … [Read more...]

Cherish the slackers in your life !

Yesterday, my network of law students and lawyer friends are spreading news about the suicide of a legal trainee who was recently not retained by a reputable law firm and dumped by his girlfriend. Beyond this piece of news, I am unable to verify the information further because if it were true, it should have been all over the mainstream media by now. One question I ask myself about my law … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update 29/4/2016

Dividend by month 1) uob singtel 2) plife suntec capitacom lian beng namlee fct 3) spost lum chang taisin 4) 5) steng sci  suntec uob sph fct 6) tcil plife ocbc 7) spost 8) metro stamland suntec plife uob singtel spost capitacom fct 9) steng sci ocbc 10) tcil lian beng ngi 11) taisin plife spost suntec lum chang hupsteel fct 12) sph Comments: Some rotation of positions but … [Read more...]

Apr 2016 Portfolio


Market has come down a bit as expected it has rallied for the past 3 months. Next month will be a bountiful month for dividend investors as most of the Singapore companies will be paying dividends in May. I will be getting some too :) There was a saying you should sell in May and go away because most of the companies going XDs will suffer from a temporary fall in share price. But I will be … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Apr 2016

1. Change Strategic section Unrealized to represent a percentage of the total cost of Non-Strategic section 2. Strategically increased holding of First REIT at $0 cost by 0.794%, reducing holding price from $0.6163 to $0.6114 3. Strategically increased holding of MapletreeCom Trust at $0 cost by 10.71%, reducing total cost for Strategic section from $0.0979/share to $0.0951/share 4. Entitled … [Read more...]

"I’ve been in banking for five years, and I don’t have any investments, because…"

You could consider this post a "Part Two" of sorts in my Investment 101 series of posts. I caught up with a few people over the past couple of weeks, and what I heard inspired me to write this, with permission from the story owners, of course. My previous post here extolled the virtues of investing early and consistently. To recap - as young investors, you have a long horizon, and a bigger … [Read more...]

My hope for FinTech in Singapore


I update our Google Sheet regularly for changes in bank account balances, shareholdings, dividend & interest income received etc. As much as I like designing the templates, graphs and charts on the different spreadsheets (which is important in understanding your personal finance situation), I always think to myself whether it is possible to have a single window on all of our holdings. After … [Read more...]