Don’t invest before reading this: learn to beat Wall Street at the game


Have you ever heard the advice “don’t invest, you’ll never beat the pros”? It’s pretty scary for a first time investor, the thought that you have to compete with all the people playing the markets as their full time job. I’m here to tell you there’s always a way for the little guy to beat the pros. The Oakland Athletics have remained competitive with the New York Yankees in Major League … [Read more...]

Local finance blogger predicted STI to plunge to 1800 in early 2016

In a chilling article posted on 9 January 2016, local finance blogger, Dave, predicted in his website Smart Passive Cash Flow that STI will plunge to 1800 points in early 2016. As of now, STI is at the 2600 level, so to reach 1800 within a couple of months would constitute a huge correction in the local stock market. To back up his claim, Dave highlighted that he had accurately predicted the … [Read more...]

Minimum Sum of S$564,797 in Year 2047


Just few months back, I received a cold call asking if I was interested in an annuity product from an established insurance company. I decided to hear more from the agent and fixed a date for a coffee. Of course, I learned about their annuity product - why Singaporeans need it (blah... blah... blah...)? Retirement is getting expensive, etc. (blah... blah... blah...)? The conversation led to … [Read more...]

Happy Monkey Year 2016!

If you are bored this new year (like me), let me introduce to you an addictive monkey game available on Window 10 and iOS called Bloons TD Battles. This is a great game to teach you and your kids on resource management. It is fun and quick to play with no test on patience (oh I hate those games that drag on and on). Basically you start off the game with some cash to buy monkey towers (you … [Read more...]

January 2016 – Low Cost Portfolio Update

Happy Chinese New Year All! May God bless you with His abundant love. "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." - Matthew 6:33 NKJV If you read my previous post, you'd know I bought Singtel & Venture in January. 2016 YTD return was -4.49%.  I received dividend of HKD 189.85 from Vanguard FTSE Asia ex Japan High Dividend ETF, … [Read more...]

How should you invest?

I had previously written a post on it, but I realised that the post was tailored to only young executives with an aggressive risk appetite. You can check the post out: here. On the other hand, this post will be more neutral and tailored to the retail investor of various risk profiles. Determining your risk profile Before you start to invest, you must first make sure of two things. One, that … [Read more...]

Reits Singapore, The Complete Guide Part-1/7


  What Are REITs Exactly? Singapore Real estate Investment Trusts, commonly referred to as S-REITs, are trusts that are managed by REIT managers to invest primarily in income generating real estate properties such as shopping malls, offices, hotels, industrial spaces, etc. This trust (REIT) was first started in the U.S. during 1960; it was passed in Congress with the objective of … [Read more...]

What is it with Chinese New Year?


What is it about Chinese New Year that I will most certainly lose my inhibitions and gladly pass my hard earned money through a window to a stranger in return for a piece of paper with a couple of numbers on it? We know when such things happen, it's called a fool's transaction. Indeed it is. It's a disease. It's called Toto. But I can't help it. I have to do it. Hard to say no to the potential … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Profit When the Markets are Falling

I remembered during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, the markets were tanking and there was fear on the streets. During lunch one day with my regular lunch kakis, we were chatting about how much our company’s share price has fallen. I made a casual remark. I wondered out loud that it would be awesome if we could make money when the markets are falling, instead of just when it rises. They … [Read more...]

You Must Invest In This NOW!

By now, you must have heard about all the different events happening in the stock market. Crisis after crisis and the market has been beaten down pretty hard. Nobody knows how much more it can take, but we all know that a recovery is inevitable. It must happen, and it will happen, just as any other market crashes in the past. There is no better time than now to invest, or you’ll miss yet another … [Read more...]

Year of the Monkey – Unbent, unbowed and unbroken…

First off, a Happy Lunar New Year to all the readers of this blog. Regulars might know that the previous year of the Goat had been a bitter-sweet experience. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer but I was also blessed with the birth of my son. I was hyper alert during the last few days of the year of the Goat because somehow I felt vulnerable after everything which happened to my family. … [Read more...]

What Singapore stocks to Invest for Fire Monkey Year 2016?

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year! Happy Chinese New Year to All of you readers! I believe some of you may be more interested in my topic “What are the Singapore stocks to invest for Fire Monkey Year 2016?” than my greeting, so without further ado, let us get started in the Year of the Fire Monkey! According to RHB research , it has a recommendation of 15 Singapore … [Read more...]

For A Better Tomorrow

These are difficult times for investors. Even for me who have gone through several bear markets, I have felt the stress. However, it is times like these that we learn how to be better investors, building up our strengths in emotional control, investment strategies and stock-picking skills. Bear markets are very good at exposing our mistakes, and learning from mistakes is one of the most effective … [Read more...]

Invest in What You Know


I was just reading Peter Lynch's book "One Up on Wall Street" (realised that I haven't done a book post for a while as well), about halfway through the book so far, but the most interesting thing brought up so far, investing in industries that we know, either as customers, suppliers or employees, sounds like a great idea that we should adopt when investing in shares. Look at the business down … [Read more...]

Ask the experts: 8 property investment questions for 2016


Property Club Singapore kick-started 2016 with Properties in Year of the Monkey Market Updates and Networking Luncheon. Speakers shared with the 90 participants their latest figures on the performance of different property sectors. They also recommended some property investment strategies for the new year. Participants found the roundtable discussion session and the panel discussion at the end … [Read more...]

Heartland Boy Shops for a HDB BTO


It was not too long ago that Heartland Boy participated in a HDB BTO (Housing Development Board Build to Order) exercise. For the foreign readers who are in unfamiliar territory, this is a public housing system in Singapore that allocates new HDB flats to aspiring home owners. For first-timers, this can be a pretty harrowing and confusing experience. This is especially so when everyone claims to … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Lunar New Year

For some people like ACCICB, the new year only begins after Lunar New Year. For me, I prefer 1st January but whichever approach you take doesn't matter as long as it signifies a fresh start for you. Much like in investing or trading, there are many ways to be successful and what works for you may not work for others. It's good to read about what others do for reference but to try to emulate … [Read more...]

How Accurate is Feng Shui in Predicting the Stock Market?

The January crash started without warning and strike on the first trading day of 2016, sending shock waves around the world as the China's stock market fell by the stock exchange circuit breaker limit of 7%. Oil prices, pressured by a combination of slowing demand, rising supplies and a rising USD fell below 30 dollars, added another layer of pressure on the financial markets. The central banks … [Read more...]

Six Chinese New Year Singapore stocks investors must take note of

It is Chinese New Year, how many Singapore stocks you can think of which are related to Chinese New Year? Well, the below is my list: 1) F&N stock: What is Chinese New Year without all those sugary drinks from F&N to go along with the many wonderful snacks? For myself, I have bought two large cartons of F&N drinks from the supermarkets and I do so annually. In doing so, I am … [Read more...]

What if the Acceptable Savings Rate for You is 50% of your Disposable Income?


There is something horrible being passed around during this year’s Lunar Chinese New Year that we did not see in the past year. It is this few Ang Bao Rate Table. Yes. As if Hotel and Restaurant Rate Table for Weddings is not enough, we require the same for how much you give different type of people you meet during this festive period. Here is one: I  share this one because it is … [Read more...]