Thoughts on Financial Modelling

We have written on the pros and cons of financial modelling. Today, we ponder about the role and importance of Financial Modelling in the financial landscape of today and tomorrow. A financial model is more than mere lines of codes. It is a marriage of 3 disciplines – finance, mathematics and information technology. A good financial model is one which combines the 3 disciplines with sufficient … [Read more...]

Dividend Machines All-Access Workshop – 26 Apr 2015

Do you want to receive stable, passive income from your investments year after year like clockwork? Then discover the *8* steps to create your own 'Dividend Machines' and build multiple streams of passive income from dividend stocks and REITs. Build your own dividend machines now Are you looking for a formula that can consistently pick out the best companies to invest in and make you a LOT of … [Read more...]

How Low Can It Go?


Normally, the answer is zero. I just blogged about relooking at Silver to add to my portfolio, but I don't think people realize what an amazing opportunity Silver is right now. Tiho from ASSOL has came up with a fantastic fantastic analouge of the previous silver bear markets. His main points are that:The 1987-1993 silver bear market looks the longest, but the actual maximum drawdown was in … [Read more...]

New Stock Added to the Bf Gf Portfolio!


  I have been eyeing this stock for quite a while but couldn’t pull the trigger to buy it due to its high valuations.  It had been trading around 46-49 PE during the period that I was eyeing it.  This quarter, the company released earnings and because same store sales missed estimates, the stock price proceeded to tank by about 8% within 2 straight days.   I don’t understand. … [Read more...]

Cory Diary: World of Warcraft (WOW) Online Economy


Every time when there's a major patch in the WOW game, there will be new contents, game play change, new crafting materials and more character levels. In addition, the currency in the game using Gold coins will have suffer significant Inflation Spikes. Soon after several rounds of patches (analogy to Economic Cycles), ones will learn the pain of inflation and the obsolescence of old materials … [Read more...]

Should Singapore investors buy Singapore stocks now?

I was looking at some good Singapore counters and feel quite tempted to buy these Singapore stocks, offering good dividend yields and trading at good bargains now. However, I was reminded of the ongoing Greek finance saga and from what I have read on the internet, the Greek finance saga could shape the global stock markets in a way which would remind all investors of the same saga some years back; … [Read more...]

Random story: The treasure hunter

The treasure is in the cave.There is countless treasures, it is almost a magical cave. There is no way anyone can finished looting it. The entrances to the cave is magical too. It is said that different people will see different access to the cave. But as it has made many filthy rich, many have died in the pursuit too.Conner has seek many successful hunters' advice before he embarked on this quest … [Read more...]

Are You A Virgin Investor?

Having been invested in the market for the past 5 years, it seems too easy, at times falling a little complacent to extrapolate past performances to future returns. 5 years of experience in the market is not extremely long nor can it be considered short. The truth is there's plenty to learn from our own mistakes from the time we started investing to where we are at currently.There are some people … [Read more...]

What can we learn from Albert, Bernard and Cheryl ?

By now, most readers would have heard of the maths problem which went viral two weeks ago.You can access the information about the original problem here.This blog article is not about the mathematics behind the problem but about the behaviours of the folks who attempted to tackle the problem on social media which I think can teach us a thing or two about failure and living lives of mediocrity.I'd … [Read more...]

From Third World to First

This is a tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew from the perspective of a financial blogger. The more formal tribute can be found here. Mr Lee has often been lauded for bring Singapore from Third World to First World in one generation. In the process, he has also received a fair share of criticism for his actions. In a way, many of us in Generation X and older are also trying to do the same, striving to … [Read more...]

What is Your Buy-in Price for XYZ stocks?

A reader dropped me an email to enquire about my "buy in price" for two REITs counter I owned - CRCT and FCOT. My reply to her as follows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hi M, Thank you for reading my blog and I appreciate your email too. First of all, I apologized that it is perhaps not going to be the straight forward answer you are looking for, as you read on. I am not … [Read more...]

Diversify or Concentrate???

Not exactly how to fix his investing strategy into the commonly known investing theme - Diversify or Concentrate? Uncle8888 is more of Diversify into rounds after rounds and leaving behind some Concentrate for storage like fake orange or apple juice. His top three holding value of Kep Corp, Sembcorp Ind, and DBS at last Friday market closing price plus all past realized short-term P/L and … [Read more...]

Cheryl’s Birthday and Howard Marks’ Second Level Thinking

Two weeks ago, a Singapore TV presenter shared a Mathematics question on his facebook feed. It involved a character called Cheryl and her friends Albert and Bernard. As good friends go, Albert and Bernard wanted to find out about Cheryl’s birthday and perhaps send over some greetings via facebook or such. Cheryl was coy though, and only told each of them separate pieces of information about … [Read more...]

Tracking your spending in an App is useless unless….


I have a friend whom I consider an outlier in that she started early tracking what she spend her money on. She has an excel workbook where she inputs her daily or monthly spending to a rather granular detail.This is hard to do, unless you are a data nutcase like me. Ask 10 person and likely 8 of them will tell you,  They can spend their time doing something much better.The problem for her is that, … [Read more...]

10 Lessons I Learnt In My Twenties


I was a pretentious jackass when I was 20 years old. For example, I thought that lip-syncing to Mark Ronson’s “Ooh Wee” (complete with rap hand gestures) in Phuture made me look really cool. I still cringe when I think about it. Fast forward 10 years: I’m a little more mature, a little more stable and I no longer go clubbing. I still lip sync to songs but I do it while driving because no one can … [Read more...]

Key take-aways from The Edge ETF Forum 2015

My apologies for the long 1-month hiatus from this blog as I was handling some personal issues while juggling NS at the same time. Just an update, I was managing my family's insurance coverage and finding out more on the Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI) Initiative launched by MAS recently. Hence, I was busy shuffling between investment advisors, insurance agents and insurance forums to check out … [Read more...]

Random thoughts: Some lessons learnt in managing heavy workload

Lesson 1:Rushing for a deadline sucks more than fatigue. Hence I am still working now, so that I do not need to rush like mad on a hectic Monday.Lesson 2:Consolidate the to-do list. I List all that I need to do in the morning, so that my mind do not keep drifting from one item to the other. "oh, I still have that to handle", write it down in the computer but also uses a physical post it and paste … [Read more...]

Recent Action – FraserCenterPoint Trust (FCT) (2)


It's been a pretty eventful week for me as I went on to take some time off away from work and the market to prepare some of the things required for my son's birthday celebration last Thursday.I have previously been alerted of some of the reporting earnings season, which did happen for both of my Reits. I have studied them and analyzed them pretty thoroughly and I made the decision to proceed with … [Read more...]