Financial Graduation – Have You Graduated?

Singapore is great at churning out high-quality academic graduates but I wonder how many of us have Financially Graduated. Of course, the term ‘Financial Graduation’ doesn’t properly exists because people don’t care enough about it. (And perhaps because I just came up with it.) Financial Graduation is simply the progression from a lower tier to a higher tier of learning. … [Read more...]

My interview on Mediacorp Ch 8, 9am, Morning Express 晨光第一线 (24 Jun 2016)

Dear all, I am pleased to say that I have appeared on Mediacorp Ch 8, 9am, Morning Express 晨光第一线 on 24 Jun 2016. Readers who wish to know my market outlook on Morning Express 晨光第一线 can click the link indicated below. Please scroll the time bar to 14:00 to view it. … [Read more...]

BREXIT – The Aftermath AND Potential Regrets By The Britons


The historical outcome of BREXIT referendum yesterday (24th June 2016) shocked the world and created bloodbath across the global stock market as well as political unrest (start with the resignation of the UK PM, David Cameron, to be effected in Oct 2016). Personally, I am not that into politic and trying to refrain myself from writing post with political theme, but this historical event just … [Read more...]

BREXIT and AK the investor.

I just spent the better part of an hour replying to emails from readers and the topic which cropped up the most often was, not surprisingly, BREXIT. Here are a couple of conversations: Reader: What do you think of the Brexit? Can you talk to yourself on the impact to your portfolio? AK says: BREXIT will affect me as an investor if: 1. I have income generating assets in the UK. 2. I am … [Read more...]

Random thoughts: Lessons learnt during the holidays

Holiday is a more relaxed time. More time to talk "male chicken" and most importantly more time to observe people, reflect on myself and hear carefully what other said.   1) Procrasination   My close friend has some financial difficulties. I didn't ask the details as I am Not prepared for another loan for him. There is some delay in the confirmation of his contract. So I asked if he is … [Read more...]

Ernest’s market outlook (24 Jun 16)

Dear readers, Are you burnt in the aftermath of THE BREXIT? What should you do now? To cut loss, hold or buy more? Before you make the decision, it is good to consider the various markets and how they are likely to fare in the next two weeks. S&P500 Index Just to recap what I have mentioned on 10 Jun 2016 (see HERE), I wrote “Given the low ADX, S&P500 may trade between 2,034 – … [Read more...]


I'm surprised that Brexit happened... I thought like most other people that they wouldn't have the guts to exit the EU. But then again, you gotta admit that Brexit sounds a whole lot sexier, trendy and catchy than Bremain which sounds like spoilt bread. I think the ordinary Brits have spoken as they are probably displeased with the way their country has become. I read with interest and horror … [Read more...]

why i sold engro and singre? and portfolio question.

a reader asked me a couple of questions, i just finished replying and then realised that i wrote so much. thus decided to open a page to share with other readers. Hi Paul, I have just finished reading your blog from very first post to this one. Thank you for sharing your investment strategy and portfolio. May I ask you two questions? 1) Why did you sell Engro and Singre? 2) It seems that you … [Read more...]

Brexit Consequences For Singapore Investors


I have written about Brexit before it actually been confirmed yesterday. (But they are still within Euro 2016...) Then I realize every single soul has been talking about it on Facebook and blogs. Therefore, I will be echoing some of the views that I had read up which I think is important to the Singapore Investors: 1) Expect Volatility - STI falls 2.25% and Dow closes down 600 points. … [Read more...]

Halo Effect


This post has nothing to do with Brexit, UK’s ego, or the unfairness in life that the older generation always decides on things the younger generation has to live with. But then, maybe it does … Let’s visit another continent for a while. Who has not heard of Warren Buffett?  For more than 10 years, one of the richest men on the planet.  But did you know that of his current roughly $60 … [Read more...]

It’s all about your kukujiao !

The title of this post is inspired by a recent programme in Channel New Asia, after all if your kukujiao (penis ) is talked about in mainstream media, readers will have no problem accepting this in financial blogs. The largest thing going on in people's minds is Brexit. What it would mean for financial markets and how you should position your portfolio moving forward ? Unfortunately, even … [Read more...]

Accumulate SPH


On 24th June 2016, bought in 100 lots of SPH @ $3.76 per share. In my opinion, Brexit  provide a golden opportunity to accumulate depressed blue chip stocks. As such, I will be buying more stocks for long term accumulation & perform short term trading. Although UK had voted to exit from EU, it will take time for it to materialise as UK need to negotiate with EU on exiting terms which … [Read more...]



Hi Everyone!For most salary-man (employee), there are certain date that we are certainly happy about, which is the date where we receive our salary! That's because we will have money to do whatever we want. However, as a financial blogger, there are some things that we certainly have to look out for when we receive our paycheck. One of the thing is living paycheck to paycheck. Although most people … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Britain voted to be out of EU


Could not comprehend why is it so bad about it. In fact I did not even put it as something to watch that can cause another Lehman moment. Some News commentators said is a Black Swan Event which i disagree.I do not think is hard at all for BreExit vote as below pic but stock market sentiment cannot be under estimated. So I took profit in CDL which has large exposure in GB prior to the vote. I did … [Read more...]

In times of drought…


Never been good at forecasting… I recently dipped into Riverstone (bought a couple of shares) – that was before the announcement of Brexit. During that time, I felt that with the recent volatility due to the possibility of a Brexit, it presented a good opportunity to buy some (this was before Brexit confirmation). And frankly back in my mind, I reckon Brexit won’t happen. Perhaps I have bought … [Read more...]

Brexit Is Here!


EU has lost one of it’s strongest members. After many months of speculation, Brexit is finally here, and Britain, in time, will cease to be part of EU. What does this mean for the typical investor? Everything! I have no idea where to begin. Everywhere I look, I can think of ramifications of Brexit. In my mind, this cannot be a good thing for the British. Yet, immigration is a hot button … [Read more...]

What Britain and I have in common + Portfolio Update


Out of the European Union, now what? It’s been a few months since I last posted mainly due to my tendency to procrastinate. So many things have changed during the time I wasn’t active! Two of the highlights are ORD and Brexit. It is interesting to note that my circumstance is no different from the UK’s. First of all, I am out of the army – gladly, similar to how the UK is happy (subjective?) … [Read more...]

Brexit: Understanding, Aftermath and Opportunities

So, Britain has voted to leave the European Union. Judging from the steep plunge in just about every major index, it is safe to say that investors did not really expect this result.   Why Brexit, are Brits dumb? I have heard many non-British individuals comment that Brexit was a short-sighted decision by Brits. In fact, many were far harsher in their assessment of the Brits' intellect. … [Read more...]

Brexit and cash holding is 50%

Do what we can control. When I read Brexit is very likely at 12 p.m. I did the following: Consider what size of equity to cash will I be comfortable with. Which are the counters that I am willing to sit through 20-30% loss. Which are the low-dividends companys with high correlation with STI. In 10 min, I took the following actions: 1) Take contra loss of Silverlake axis (recently … [Read more...]

Tackling the debt monster


Debt is often one of the biggest hurdles we face when it comes to financial matters. I’m going to chronicle how I hope to eventually slay this monster in my life at the moment. My current debt monster consists of the following ugly creatures : – Personal loan : $ 37,500 (Interest rate of 9% p.a.) – Unsecured credit line : $ 28,500  (interest rate of 4.5 % p.a.) Total : $ … [Read more...]