Chip Eng Seng – What really matters in a Stock


as I continue to find the next company for my $2k Construction & Engineering | Founded in 1998 | Build HDB (Pinnacle -famous one)/Condo , Woodlands driving centre Comparison will be done with Low Keng Huat [LKH] (Closest market cap) 1)  IDENTIFICATION OF COMPANIES THAT ARE UNDERVALUED. Price to book ratio : 0.542 (45.8% below its fair value) – (LKH at 0.648) Price to earning … [Read more...]

Different models for e-commerce


Ok, I get a few queries pertaining to the idea of having passive income via e-commerce. Personally, I do doubt one can be really ‘passive’ when it comes to e-commerce. But first, let’s look at the various ‘models’ of e-commerce. It is not just getting a product and selling online. While listening to podcasts, one seasoned seller highlighted that initially, when he started out,  he was into … [Read more...]

Tools for Titans #45 : The Last One !

All good things must come to an end. This is the last segment on this blog on Tools for Titans. I am only going to do the wealthy section of the book. Starting tomorrow, my priorities are to complete the "Wise" section at my normal pace which means that I would be done with the book over the next few days. BJ Novak is an actor, writer, director and executive producer of the hit comedy The … [Read more...]

21/1/17: How are my investments doing?

In December, most investors were away for holiday and we were mostly cautious waiting till Trump to step up as President this morning. STI has been growing slowly over the 3,000 range while Dow Jones Index flirts with the 20,000 mark. There are still many expectations about USA’s protectionism policies along with China’s plan to dominate the world. However, USA and China needs each other as much … [Read more...]

A Prediction About Properties 13 Years Ago

Before I became a blogger in 2012, I contributed to the Straits Times (ST) Forum Page once in a blue moon. My first letter was written in Dec 2004 and discussed the issue of whether downgrading homes was a viable means of providing for retirement. I was 29 that year. Certainly, I was not thinking of retirement then, but what aroused my interest a few years earlier was whether properties could be a … [Read more...]

This valuation methodology will work for any stock and company

Everyone values companies and stocks differently yet investment analysts are able to come up with a fair price roughly similar to each other. There must be a framework they use which we do not know of. You will learn about this methodology being taught in my Valuation module. As mine is a Accountancy degree, the Valuation module is more specific and involves accounting adjustments. More … [Read more...]

Recap 2016 & Looking Ahead 2017

Global markets were on a roller coaster ride in 2016 starting in really bad shape with market crash shouting all over the places but ending 2016 with a bang (for most markets in particular US).  FTSE STI however was flat for the year despite all the roller coaster ride and great volatility, ending with a dip of 0.068%. Recap Global markets suffered major sell off in January 2016 due to fear … [Read more...]

Top Up CPF SA From CPF OA? Depending On Who You Ask! (10)

Read? Top Up CPF SA From CPF OA? Depending On Who You Ask! (9) Saturday, 19 September 2015 ..... Recently; Uncle8888 has been reading increasing interests in topping up CPF SA. He did once to top CPF SA from his CPF OA and then realized .. oh dear and stopped! One and only once! Probably; the lone voice that is lost in loud CPF SA drummers! For long journey ahead; beware of … [Read more...]

Why I DIDN’T chose a 30 year bank loan but a much shorter one???

Read more on ? Housing Loan A few questions to be seriously answered before we know whether we ARE LIKELY to be right in the future. (1) You seriously think that you won't get married and have kids. (2) You don't REALLY have any dependents counting on you alone. (3) You don't foresee you will be forced into unexpected early retirement If the answer is all YES! You can go ahead … [Read more...]

January is coming to an end


When we were asked what we look forward to in the new year, all of us (NSFs) in the unit replied in unison, "ORD!". The first month is coming to an end soon. It's been also a year since I started this blog and tracked my finances. In that process, one observation was clear. Your career is the single most important source of building wealth We are told by our parents to study hard and get … [Read more...]

Tools for Titans #44 : The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Diamandis has been named one of the World's 50 greatest leaders by Forbes Magazine. He is interested in space travel and human longevity. This is a good, solid section that is full of visionary ideas. a) A problem is a terrible thing to waste This simple idea exhorts us to cherish the problems that we discover at work because if this problem is novel enough, it can lead to the … [Read more...]

How to be a millionaire through Stock Investing by 2017


Dear Readers & Fellow Bloggers,   I am neither hallucinating nor suffering from permanent brain damage as I write this post. I have stumbled across a company on the SGX where you can indeed earn a million ( if you believe the management & auditors). Introducing China Sports International About China Sports International A China Company which sells Sports & Apparel … [Read more...]


The corporate rat race is unrelentless and the cycle keeps going: spending too much time at work and worst of all, I wonder how many of us find pleasure in our work? And we come back home late at night, only to spend that little time left with our families and on our pursuits. And for some, despite giving the best of their time, energy and youth at work, they are laid off when the company is not … [Read more...]

Minions of wealth destruction.

I have warned against the evil installment plans and their minions. Don't remember? See related post at the end of this blog post. Minions can be in your face or minions can be in disguise. One way or another, they will lead to wealth destruction. What? Pay for a purchase using interest free installment plan offered by your credit card is not wealth destructive? Aiyoh, they will take money … [Read more...]

66.3% increase, what is it?

Ever since I start working, beside focusing whether my stocks portfolio goes up or down, I am also focused on how a sedentary lifestyle behind a computer means to my health. For health is wealth. And if spending close to ten hours a day sitting behind a workstation is not enough, consider this: I also have to indulge in some good food on some workdays to escape from the stress and politics of … [Read more...]

5 things you need to know about Daibochi Plastic & Packaging Industry Berhad


Daibochi Plastic & Packaging Industry Berhad (Bursa: DAIBOCI) is a classic example of finding an investment idea while grocery shopping in the supermarket. When you visit the supermarket, you will realise that many food products like your Cadbury chocolate bars and Milo sachets require packaging. A company has to produce and manufacture all that packaging — and Daibochi is one of the … [Read more...]

Should an 80 year old be in 100% stocks?


The most common advise may not be the right action that you should take. In everything we do, we always want to do the right thing. And often, we feel that the right thing is to do what the general crowd is doing. This is to be safer in numbers. Charley Ellis is 79 years old. He is a well respected in the money management world. He takes the indexing approaching to investing. For an older … [Read more...]

A bit more to go [5/6]

A bit more to go – I’ve done with 4,000 words. This is more than what I had initially planned, which was roughly 2,000 words. What make this piece so different than the previous few is that I find the process of writing so much enjoyable. Maybe it’s because those are things that are closed to my heart, subjects that I spent a great deal of time on. It reminds me of the struggle, confusion and … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Frasers Centrepoint Trust 1c17


Since I last blogged FCT ( Link ) a year ago I am reading FCT report again today. Key Takeaway NAV $1.93. Last closing share price is $1.965. Slightly above book value. Management has said they will maintain 100% payout of roughly 5.9% yield. The AEI trough expects in May'17 and recover after. AEI completion in Sept'17. Expecting possible further few percentage reduction in NPI in the … [Read more...]

Quick thoughts


Well, we are in January, still relatively early in the year. Work has been picking up. I intend to focus more of my attention at work (likely work later these past few days). News of retrenchments from other companies in my industry has been floating around. In the recent company Dinner and Dance (D&D), there isn’t any announcement of future projects (unlike previous years). In terms of … [Read more...]