My Stock Portfolio @ end Jun 2015

No. STOCK NAME No.of SHARES PORTFOLIO% MARKET $ 1SGX4,00017.327.832Starhub6,00013.113.953SPH5,00011.284.084SATS3,0006.123.695SingTel2,1905.104.216CapitaMall Trust4,0004.762.157Suntec Reit4,9004.681.7258Keppel Corp1,0004.558.229AIMS AMPI Reit5,0004.131.49510Starhill Global8,0003.890.8811CapitaLand2,0003.873.5012SPH Reit5,8003.351.04513OCBC Bank5042.8410.1814CDL … [Read more...]

Guess this listed company


Before I tell you the name of the company. Let me insert some portions from their 2014 annual report. Yes I know, Annual Reports are boring, but well it is a great source of information. Even though the Singapore Market isn’t that big, I think there are a lot of financially fundamentally strong companies out there, also there are a lot of companies with great potential / outlook (terrific … [Read more...]

2.82% 6-month Fixed Deposit?!

Similar to the POSB 10.68% Fixed Deposit, I have found another interesting, but less tasty lobang. CIMB's new Q3 promotion for opening an account with them is up and THIS NEWS IS FRESH OUT OF THE BAKERY. So fresh that even if you go to the CIMB website right now, they haven't even taken down the old promotion and put up the new promotion yet. How do I know about this? Secret, hehe. With … [Read more...]

Jun 2015 Portfolio


There's some volatility this month mainly due to Greek default scare, China stock market sell off and Fed decision to raise interest rate. Actually these are not something new and the news of that coming back to haunt the investors had caused the market to sell down bit. We also see a 179 years old gunmaker colt-defense filing for bankruptcy. Very sad to see such old company going off :( This … [Read more...]

History Happening Again – China

We all know that past performance may not indicate future investment returns. However, past history does give us a glimpse of future events. To our readers who have been following us on Twitter, we have constantly been tweeting about the Chinese economy. For the benefit of those who do not, here is a consolidation of the main articles. 10 Jun: Chinese farmers hope to harvest bumper stock … [Read more...]

Global Markets Plunge on Grexit Contagion Fears

Photo: Lefteris Heretakis Greece triggered default by cancelling bailout negotiations with a surprise referendum for the Greeks to decide once and for all if they want to stay within the Eurozone. This has led to capital controls and renewed unrest in Greece. Global stock market plunged as a result. Financial contagion spread to weaker European countries such as Spain, Italy and … [Read more...]

Tom K on the Singapore Stocks Markets now

Singapore stocks have generally headed down in view of the possible “Grexit”, against the current stock market environment. Unless you are a very professional trader, it is generally hard to trade now. I noticed that even “shortists” would have been surprised by the rebound of the STI yesterday if they merely speculate. Some traders I know still profit from the stocks markets, be it going down, … [Read more...]

[Book Review] The Systematic Trader by Collin Seow

We interviewed Collin Seow back in 2012 (read it here) and he was featured together with other traders in the book – “Secrets of Highly Profitable Traders” 3 years later, Collin finally launches his new book - “The Systematic Trader – How I Turned A $250,000 Debt Into Profits Through Stock Trading” I had the pleasure to meet up with Collin a few weeks ago and had coffee with him. He is one … [Read more...]

A 2-Week Trading Tip

I chanced upon this piece of statistics when reading my daily CNBC email. Inside, there is an excerpt regarding how the US stock market reacted towards bad news such as the potential Greece failure. The link to the whole news is HERE What this means is: 1) Should the market (Indexes like S&P500 or Nasdaq) fall 2.4% or more 2) Within 1 trading day - especially after a … [Read more...]

Upcoming IPO – Manulife US Reit


If everything goes well, the first ever pure-play US office REIT - Manulife US Reit, will start trading in SGX from 2pm on 15th July 2015. Yesterday, the preliminary prospectus has been lodged with MAS for the $629.2 million IPO. Basing on the initial report, the targeted IPO price is $0.82 and following are some of the key details : The initial portfolio of Manulife US Reit will comprises … [Read more...]

Recent Action – Fraser Commercial Trust (FCOT)‏


I made a decision to divest all my current holdings for FCOT of 11,000 shares at a price of $1.525. This has not been an easy decision (just like the recent FCT divestment) because they are two of those Reits that have been with me for the longest of time and have performed remarkably well since I purchased them. However, my strategy involves buying and selling at a valuation where I think … [Read more...]

H1 2015 Investment Performance Report

Read? Q1 2015 Investment Performance Report A Goal-based Approach Investing StrategyUncle8888 has adopted a Goal-based Approach investing strategy by setting for himself a 10-year progressive Goal Targets to be achieved for each year from 2012 to 2021. Our investing journey is not Horse Race or Rat Race where we compete against others.  No! It is our investment Marathon Race where we set … [Read more...]

Advice on Spending Your Money in Your 20s-30s

Just an observation from Google Analytics, most of my viewers are between the ages of 25-34 (>40%) based on the over 50% of session recorded (and also predominantly, >75%, male, but that's beside the point). So, I've decided to write a post on some ideas and advice by others on how to spend your money in your 20s and 30s, hope this will be helpful to you. (Image source: … [Read more...]

[SGX Portfolio] Bye OUE Comm REIT


OUE Comm REIT was one of my first few purchases that I made back in August 2014. I made the investment based largely that it was trading 24% below its NAV. Although it has been a sturdy soldier in my army so far, today I decided to let go of it at a price of $0.815, which is 10c above my initial position. With the 10c capital gain and 2 dividend distributions of 24.2c and 28.4c … [Read more...]

Sales and Discounts To Your Life


    Now is The Great Singapore Sale! Have you grabbed your discounted items?   I am not attracted by sales or discounts. I buy most of the consumable and objects on needs basis. I make an effort to plan what to buy, where to buy and when to stock up (taking into consideration of expiration dates and sales). Wait, you saw the word sales. Yes, I do love sales and discounts, only if I happened to … [Read more...]

Ethical investing

Do you have a problem investing in companies that does things that you normally don't do in real life? I give an example here. I am invested in HSBC - the world's local bank - for a pretty long time. That was way back in 2007 when I just started this blog. Back then, the financial crisis had not happened yet and in the span of almost 8 years, a lot had changed. The whole landscape of the global … [Read more...]

What Happens to Your Assets When You Pass On


William Shakespeare bequeathed his second best bed to his wife, Alexander McQueen left £50,000 of his £16M fortune to his pet dogs, while inventor of the iconic Pringles can Frederic Baur requested to be cremated and buried in – no guesses – a Pringles can. Do you know what will actually happen to your assets should you pass on without a will? Let’s find out. Words by Timothy Ho — A … [Read more...]

Others are just like me


We have the tendency to overestimate the degree to which others agree with us; therein making this—tendency—just another of those predictable patterns of thought and behavior that lead us to draw incorrect conclusions. Psychologists call this the False Consensus Bias. Let me ask you: “Is agreeing with the masses the best course of action when it comes to investing in the stock … [Read more...]

If You’re Poor, It’s Your Own Fault!


Recently I had an argument with a good friend about how she hardly listens or give credit to my suggestions, until someone else (whom she trusts more, and who is a self-made millionaire) says the exact same thing.  My personal mantra is to always give every idea a chance. Because if you do what my friend does, by listening to the "experts": Credits here. Coincidentally, this is … [Read more...]

What should investors do now amidst the Greece debt saga?

Today, in line with the movement of regional markets, Singapore stocks went south in view of the Greece debt saga. Hence it is no surprise that some of my portfolio went south. I have already factored in this Greece saga, hence I have only put in just some portion of the maximum capital that I would invest for year 2015 into stocks for the year to date. The Greece debt saga can only reveal more … [Read more...]