Applying Futures Trading Personalities in Investing

I was reading the Optimus Futures Blog (I don't trade futures anymore because of that I am unable to commit such a huge capital base anymore, but thanks Matt for all the help previously when I was your client, if I ever go back into futures trading, you'll be the first broker I'll look for :) ) I was reminded of the personalities of what a trader should adopt and I believe investors would do … [Read more...]

Accordia Golf Trust – The Next Post

The reaction to my first post about Accordia Golf Trust was great. Here are some of the comments I received: "I dont think the calculation for the dividends is correct. I think you are taking trailing 9 months plus 6 months" "Going forward, the FY16 DPU may drop to 4.64c..." "Q3 is low season (winter)... and Q4 make up the balance. This is probably the 'worst' case scenario." "Oct … [Read more...]

Are REITs Attractive Now? Nov 2015


I just read the 25 Nov report by Credit Suisse. Good job Nicholas Teh and Daniel Lim, I like your research, steady la. This is my favourite chart which is their opening chart. The data agrees very well with my logic: Retail should yield the lowest since retail options are rather limited in their location choices. Offices should be next up, since having an office is a rather essential … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update – Added ARA & OCBC


Over the last 12 months the STI has lost 13%. STI has also fell from its year high 3500 levels to the current 28xx levels, which is close to a 20% bear attack. If we look at the recent decade, a major market decline seems to happen once every 4 years. 2007- Global Financial Crisis 2011 - European Crisis 2015 - Currently Happening (China/Oil Crisis?) Using common sense, I would take the … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update 28/11/2015

Dividend by month 1) uob singtel 2) plife suntec capitacom ?lian beng 3) namlee spost lum chang 4) taisin 5) steng kepcorp sci singre suntec uob sph 6) tcil plife ocbc 7) engro spost 8) metro stamland suntec plife uob singtel spost capitacom 9) steng sci singre ocbc 10) tcil lian beng noel gifts 11) taisin plife spost suntec lum chang hupsteel 12) sph Actions : Did porfolio … [Read more...]

A new Wealth Book in town

I was at the bookstore when I noticed a new wealth title. The book is called “The $100 Startup”. The essence of the book is simply the idea that one can become wealthy if they are to harness on their Passion and Skills to solving a Problem in the society. For example, if a person’s Passion is eating great food and his skills is writing, then he can look into starting a business writing about some … [Read more...]

The Lesson from the Death of an Ant

Recently, I made acquaintance with a long time student of mine that I taught way back in 2006. He had since become a private tutor like me. Back then he was a chubby kid who is bright and always very inquisitive. I met him up this year for lunch and we kept in contact ever since. He’ll sometimes text me to ask for my feedback and advice on stuff related to students and work in general. All in all, … [Read more...]

Journey to the West or Nowhere?


How many precious life (life hours) you have spent working?Using the business days calculator (click here), there are about 250 works days in a year. Minus off annual leave (say, 18 days/year), sick leave (say, 5 days/year) and childcare leave (6 days/year), you work about 221 days in a year. This excludes any variations and additional leave you are entitled to. For example, … [Read more...]

Needs Versus Wants


"Separating between needs and wants" is an advice that has been flogged to death by financial planners and wealth gurus alike. But it is not always easy.  As unique as our fingerprints, our psychological buildup varies from person to person.  What A considers as "needs" can be contrasting to what B thinks about.  Let us examine the three basic human requirements and the inherent difficulty of … [Read more...]

Why I think SIA’s offer for Tigerair is reasonable


A little slow to the boat, as I have only been a curious onlooker to the whole SIA-Tigerair takeover affair thus far. SIA made a 41 cents offer on 5th November to privatise Tigerair, a 32.3% premium to the budget carrier’s 31 cents closing price. This Wednesday, the Straits Times published an article, “SIA offer for Tigerair ‘not reasonable’, says SIAS”. While I value the work that SIAS does for … [Read more...]

Should We Look at Book Value?


Is book value an important consideration for you before you invest in a company or do you focus more on the earnings and the potential of the company? While I think that earnings and the potential for the growth of the company are important (maybe most important), but we should also take book value into consideration (Image source: I think that book value is important as it acts as a … [Read more...]

Accordia Golf Trust – Can Dividend Yield Be Maintain?

Update: Dividend is given out on a 15 months basis. So the total dividend should be 0.0803/15x12 = 0.06424. I am currently sitting on a big paper loss on Accordia Golf Trust due to its continuous fall in price. My average price is around 0.719 and the current price is 0.590. I bought this stock mainly for the dividend yield and the price has fallen quite a bit since the IPO. Furthermore, … [Read more...]

Should I Buy Health Insurance When I’m Already Covered By Both MediShield Life and My Employer?


I was chatting with a few friends previously when the topic turned to our healthcare insurance, and I was quite shocked when all of them (but one) told me they didn't see a need to buy anything else because "MediShield is enough". Another one asked, "I'm already covered by my company, so why should I waste money on buying additional medical insurance?" I've been so worried ever since that I … [Read more...]

Focus on “How” and not “How much”

When it comes to investing and trading, many investors are fixated on how much they can profit from the stocks markets. By having this focus on “How much”, many investors would easily be swayed by the emotions of the markets. This usually takes the form of speculation, buying in when a stock is rocketing up, only to find that the “Big Boys” are starting to sell the stocks away or it can take the … [Read more...]

Reboot and Start-Up


I have just updated Windows 10 into my laptop. I have yet to test the system out fully. Initial updating processing and start-up took some time. I have been reading up on start-ups recently. Watching a few videos on pitches made in Start-Up Singapore, and of course spent lots of time watching Shark Tanks. During this period I have met up with two of these companies in Singapore and talked to … [Read more...]

Be Careful if you Bond Leverage with Junk Bonds – the oil and gas case study

It is not fresh news that the oil and gas industry is in a slump due to a secular shift in oil prices. Firings and non-renewal is common. The recent interesting development was Marco Polo Marine refusing to take delivery of a SembCorp Marine oil rig stating that there are defects. There is a stream of announcement from the 2 companies with SembCorp intend to earn the money and deliver without … [Read more...]

Tell Me Your Burning Pains About Money


As a kid, I hated going back to school after Chinese New Year. Partly because I usually didn’t do my holiday homework, but also because I dreaded The Conversation. Which conversation? Well, the one that starts out with: “How much ang pao money did you get this year?” My friends, who had enough relatives to form their own small country, always bragged about their ang pao stash that … [Read more...]

Fixed Deposit Home Rate – The Alternative Interest Rate To SIBOR

Interest rates are going up. This has been the concern for the past few months for many people. A rise in interest rates hurts borrowers and benefits savers. If you are a borrower, a rise in interest rates will really affect you. If you have existing loans such as car loans, housing loans and student loans, a rise in interest rates will mean you'll have to pay more every month to repay these … [Read more...]

Kickstarter Lesson #4 Adobe Photoshop is an Essential Skill

Xeolyenomics - Kickstarter platform

As a blogger, I am used to a wide variety of editing tools the authoring platform allows me to do. Center alignment, highlights, quote marks and if we like, gain access to the HTML codes to work on the layout and format which I will like the blog post to look like. When I started the creator account with Kickstarter, I was expecting something similar, thanks to the many beautifully crafted … [Read more...]

Kickstarter Lesson #3 Finding a Kickstarter Approved Citizen for Project Creation


One of the biggest headache for any creator who wishes to launch their project at Kickstarter is to find a friend who is willing to help you to be the project creator. As of now, Kickstarter limits the nationality of the creators to the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Germany, France,  Austria, Belgium, Italy, … [Read more...]