Portfolio update at the beginning of Sept 2015


I previously did a post on the evaluation of the companies in my portfolio in 3 May 2015 (read here). Think it is time to take a peek at them again. “An investor’s time is required both to monitor current holdings and to investigate potential new investments.” Seth Klarman This is the table done in 3 May 2015 (see below). However this time I shall leave out the profit/loss column (it … [Read more...]

if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it

Quoted from here. It’s a curated collection of expensive, luxury objects ‘picked’ by characters from Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend. The one I picked is an ultra luxury clock owned by Louis XV circa 1754 selected by Oliver Tsien, director of Asian antiquities at Christie’s. I think this quote is very, very appropriate. With the growing middle class professionals in Singapore and … [Read more...]

Organizing Thoughts


I think it's good for us to take time to organize our thoughts once in a while, particularly useful before we make an decision to invest in a company, a bond, etc. Anyway, I've found writing these blog posts a good platform for me to articulate my thoughts on the companies and investment instruments and actually start to really analyze my decisions. So, for this post, I hope to be able to convince … [Read more...]

Are Stock Market Valuations at 2008 Levels Yet? – Part 1/2


Stocks valuations are as cheap as they have ever been in the last decade. Notice how I don’t see prices, because on a price basis, we certainly aren’t as cheap as they were in 2008. The reason why I don’t like looking at price alone is that it fails to take into account the years of economic productivity. Businesses have made money in the last few years, which were either paid or to … [Read more...]

My Stock Portfolio @ end Aug 2015

No. STOCK NAME No.of SHARES PORTFOLIO% MARKET $ 1 SGX 4,000 17.04 7.26 2 Starhub 6,700 14.39 3.66 3 SPH 5,000 11.56 3.94 4 SATS 3,000 6.27 3.56 5 SingTel 2,190 4.81 3.74 6 CapitaMall Trust 4,000 4.51 1.92 7 Suntec Reit 4,900 4.40 1.53 8 OCBC Bank 804 4.21 8.93 9 AIMS AMPI Reit 5,000 4.11 1.40 10 Keppel … [Read more...]

Oct15 Singapore Savings Bonds yields 2.63%/yr for 10 years. Open to application


October 2015’s SSB bonds yield 2.63%/yr for the next 10 years. You can apply through ATM or Internet Banking via the three banks (UOB,OCBC, DBS) $10,000 will grow to $12,691. Details below: My past write-ups on the bond can be found here: This Singapore Savings Bonds: Liquidity, Higher Returns and Government Backing. Dream? More details of the Singapore Savings Bond. Looks like my … [Read more...]

Random thoughts: Teacher’s Day- A confession of a teacher.

  Happy early teacher's day! To all my fellow colleagues if any of the readers are teachers. I know of 2 at least. I am speaking for myself only. U dun have to agree with me.   It is a confession because I am a cynical person and although I have a big Ego, some of the motivational slogan is really a bit over the head even for my big ego.   My honest thoughts:   "Teacher, a profession that … [Read more...]

10 ways to ‘chill out’ during the market downturn

Yep, I have jumped on the bandwagon on touching on the market downturn. Its ugly, its nasty but it has been a long time in coming. DBS trading at 2x P/B along with STI hitting 52 week high back around April with negative growth outlook should have sounded the alarm bells. But anyhow if this is your 1st market downturn, heres some ways to chill out during the turmoil. 1. Stop logging into … [Read more...]

Singapore Savings Bonds: Get Ready To Pump Your Emergency Funds


So the details of the 1st tranche of the Singapore Savings Bonds were announced yesterday. Basically, if you hold the bonds for the full duration of 10 years, you would receive a promising 2.63% average annual return. I wrote a post on this product about half a year ago, when the concept was first introduced by SMS Josephine Teo. And in light of Lee Kuan Yew’s passing then, I actually alluded … [Read more...]

How to Escape the Retirement Sum?

Today's post is on how to avoid the Retirement/Minimum sum in your CPF when you reach age 55.LINKS:3 Types of CPF Retirement SumsDisadvantages of Private Annuity FundCPF Life VS Annuity FundWhat is an Annuity Plan/Fund?What is CPF LIFE?There are currently 2 ways to avoid having to set aside a minimum sum. Today, we will be sharing about one of it: Buy a Life Annuity PlanBuy a Life Annuity Plan. A … [Read more...]

What is next for a 30 year old saving $36K a year?

On our road to financial security and financial freedom, if we are good savers, half the battle is won. If we make above average income and are able to save way more money than the average person, we could have won more than half the battle. Y: I have been highly focusing on saving money all these while, i seems to forget to grow the money.  Now that i am going to have a new home, albeit a … [Read more...]

5 Money Myths That Will Leave You Broke


Not everything we learned in school about money is right. Well, maybe it was true with regard to our allowances, but things are a lot more complex in real life. Here are some money myths you’ll be financially healthier without: Myth #1: Pay Off Your Home Loan as Soon as Possible This is one of the most dangerous and yet common pieces of financial advice around. It is often made by people who … [Read more...]

Savings Online

My wife has a knack for impressing me with her money saving skills. Picture this: Fancl Sunguard SPF 50 (60ml) sunblock lotion sells for a retail price of $42.00.  She managed to purchase it at $17.00.  A grand saving of $25.00 (60%). How did she do it? It is all thanks to Qoo10, the Singapore online marketplace.  Through daily interactions on the website, she has managed to accumulate … [Read more...]

On Entrepreneurship and Sacrifice


If there is one misconception about entrepreneurship that is heralded as the norm and uplifted to a high pedestal to be recognised as courage or nobility, is that of the relationship between Entrepreneurship and Sacrifice. People think that Entrepreneurship requires vast amounts of Sacrifice. – 15 hr work days, 7 days a week. – Relationships take a backseat. – Working while others are … [Read more...]

How to seek financial knowledge ?

Budget Babe was the first blogger to respond to the POSB advertisement which exhorts Millennials to surrender their financial futures to financial adviser. You can find the posting here. I'm going to post the next logical step which would take the reader towards building a basic foundation in personal finance. Here are the bare basics before you even start on reading a financial book … [Read more...]

What should investors do now for Singapore stocks investing?

In my previous posts, I have shared with readers that the performance of Singapore stocks for the latter half of the previous week will translate into more selling and Singapore stocks once again headed south today. From my analysis of the Singapore stocks markets, bargain hunting into selected Singapore stocks must be done at the right time for the Singapore stocks markets are still following the … [Read more...]

Simple strategy for this market correction


The market has been slowly drifting downwards after the initial knee jerk upward spike after the ‘black Monday” on 24 Aug 2015. So what should one do? Reading the posts from other bloggers, I know I am not the only one with reds in my portfolio. For me, my investment strategy has always been to source for under-valued strong fundamental stocks and to slowly reduce the weightage of the weaker … [Read more...]

Is The Singapore Saving Bond Worth Getting?


Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of my blog if you wish to continue with the contents below. The first tranche of the Singapore Saving Bond is biddable now and its average 10 years yield is 2.63%. We have to weigh the pros and cons before we rush to bid for this almost risk free bond backed by the Singapore Government. First, one must know that the gradual annual yield step up … [Read more...]

Singapore Savings Bond just raped the GE 2% "Guaranteed Saver"


Guaranteed to make all those GE agents happy, you mean. Check out the current yield of this month's SSB (from here): As I mentioned in my previous comparison between the SSB and the GE Guaranteed Saver, there is a very real likelihood that the actual yield of the SSB will be over 2% since it is a moving target. Returns for the GE promo is 2%, nice and easy number. The SSB is a moving … [Read more...]

Life Events From Surviving The 20s‏


It has been a bittersweet ending approaching the end of my 20s as I look back at the past decade and saw many things in life that made me who I am today and beyond. As I move towards a brand new modern theory age of the 30s, I tried to look back at the things I have done, failed and accomplished in my 20s and the lessons learned on the self-reflection which could help many young readers … [Read more...]