Indicative Timetable For Standard Chartered Online Trading Croesus Rights Players

I'm not a player, I just blog a lot

Featured image by J. Money Inspired  by Bully the Bear post, here is a timetable on what to expect if you own Croesus shares in Standard Chartered Online Trading account and intend to participate in the rights issue.   Croesus Indicative Timetable Standard Chartered Online Trading Indicative Timetable Croesus: Despatch of the Offer Information Statement (together with … [Read more...]

Will these stocks rally further?

The US jobs reports have been interpreted by the stocks markets as factors delaying possible interest rate hike by the Federal Reserves. This has translated in stocks rallies across the region, including Singapore’s stocks markets. Amongst the gainers in Singapore stocks markets are Wilmar stock, which advanced a good 7.4% today as well as Golden Agriculture stock which advanced 4.5% today. Wilmar … [Read more...]

Bottled Wealth Holdings and Australian Wine Index in trouble…again!


You have been warned Many of you have commented on the my earlier article about Wine Investment with Bottled Wealth Holdings and Australian Wine Index. I have tried to warn many about the shady history of these 2 companies and urge many to think 2-3 times before putting any money into it. I have also provide link to other 3rd party site that talks about investors not able to get their money … [Read more...]

9M 2015 Dividend Update – Growing My Passive Income


Time to check my progress. Total dividends (9M 2015): ~S$4,681 Average Monthly Dividends: ~S$520 A breakdown of the dividends till September 2015: Nikko AM STI ETF - S$643.44 Keppel Infrastructure Trust - S$503.15 Suntec Reit - S$586.49 OUE Hospitality Trust - S$245.50 Fraser Commercial Trust - S$73.98 CapitaMall Trust - S$165 Starhill Global Reit - S$307.20 Asian Pay TV - … [Read more...]

Should I Buy A Stock At Its 52-Week Low?


How do you know when a stock becomes cheap enough for you to buy? I've had a few readers and friends ask me what my plans are in the current stock market climate. Inspired to start investing after reading my blog, a few have even made their virgin stock purchase, after seeing that the prices have hit their 52-week low. While that can often be a good signal to buy, but let us also be mindful … [Read more...]

Profit in Stocks from Commodity Market Cycle (Oil & Gas, Palm Oil, Mining, etc)


Every major investment market (eg. stock, property, commodity, forex, bond) has its own unique market cycle. A wise investor could combine 2 market cycles of 2 different markets to maximize the potential gains. Currently, regional stock markets have diversified performance.  Major economy such as US, China and Germany are still at moderate to high optimism levels.  At the same time, countries … [Read more...]

For the Advanced Croesus Rights players

Alright, now that you've read the basics here, you can progress to more advanced stuff. Nicholas Nasim Taleb (NNT) is my favourite modern philosopher and it's a good thing that he dabbles in the market too. His concept about antifragility - to make it out better when crisis strikes and not merely to survive it - is enlightening. So with regards to the rights exercise of Croesus Retail trust, … [Read more...]

GSS Energy – eye catching valuations (2 Oct 15)

GSS Energy (“GSS”) share price plunged 31% to close at $0.097 on 24 Jul 2015 after the announcement that KUD had terminated the services of GSS’ subsidiary PT Cepu Sakti Energy (“PT CSE”). Subsequently, in tandem with the weak equity market, GSS continued to weaken to touch a multi month low of $0.069 before closing at $0.079 on 2 Oct 2015. So, what caught my attention? First of all, GSS’ … [Read more...]

Newton’s South Sea Bubble & China’s Stock Market Crash – History Repeats Itself in 294 Years

The FifthPerson - South_Sea_Bubble

“I can calculate the movement of stars, but not the madness of men.” This famous quote was spoken by Sir Isaac Newton after he lost his fortune in the South Sea Bubble in 1721. Isaac Newton was widely acknowledged as the foremost scientist of his time and was the one who famously defined the laws of gravity. His scientific achievements would be unrivalled until the arrival of Albert Einstein. … [Read more...]

UOB, Prudential and what is financially manageable?

As investors, we recognise that we could make investment mistakes. So, it is important to size our positions appropriately so that if an investment turned out to be a mistake, it would not sink our entire portfolio. It is partly about making losses financially manageable. So, what is financially manageable? Well, a more prudent way of interpreting whether something is financially … [Read more...]

For the Casual Croesus Rights players

Croesus retail trust is doing a rights exercise. The mother shares just went XR last Fri and I thought I should highlight the important points to remind myself to take action. I always remember someone losing a huge amount on rights exercise in the past because of some misunderstanding. I hope this won't happen to any holders of Croesus. Here's the details from here: The most important dates … [Read more...]

Three Investing Lessons I Learnt From Handling My Son’s Tantrums


There are wonderfully creative names that parents use to commemorate the growing phases of their children. When a child passes his second birthday, we say he is entering the "Terrible Two".  When a child passes his third birthday, we say he is entering the "Tantrum Three".  I suspect "Fearsome Four" and "Ferocious Five" are just down the same list of gut-wrenching names, but I am not keen to … [Read more...]

Croesus Retail Trust – Rights Issue 22 For 100

Croesus Retail Trust is a company which I invested in since November 2013. This is a business trust which owns shopping centres in Japan. It currently has 7 properties in its portfolio and is buying the 8th property in Kyushu island. This is the reason for the rights issue which was announced just a few days ago. I will be subscribing to the rights issue and also will be applying for excess … [Read more...]

Picking the best unit in a property project


Do you like visiting showflats of new launch projects? Was that once your favourite weekend activity before you bought your present home? Me too. Except that I didn’t stop doing so even after I bought five properties. Have you chosen a good unit? In fact, I have visited well over a hundred showflats since year 2000. Now I can step into any sales gallery, flip the sales brochure for five … [Read more...]

How to deal with the idea of 15% yielding "unicorn" yield stocks.


Investment moats struck blogger gold again with an article on keeping cash around for that 15% yielding stock. To me, this article borders on financial pornography, but it does so in two good ways : Firstly, Driz'zt did not insist that 15% yields exists, he merely suggests that a prudent investor hold some cash in reserve should that day arrive. Secondly, he referenced my blog, so I would need to … [Read more...]

September 2015 Portfolio Update – Growing My Passive Income


Total Invested Capital: ~S$104,760 Added the following counters: 5000 shares of Suntec Reits 2000 shares of Starhill Global Reit 8000 shares of Accordia Golf Trust 1000 shares of SMRT 15 shares of Fraser Commercial Trust as I participated in their scrip dividend scheme (Few months back that I failed to record it down) 869 shares of Nikko AM STI ETF Sold the following … [Read more...]

The Big Picture During Bear Markets

Bear markets can be very frightening. They can cause stocks to drop by 40% to 60% and stay there for a fairly long period of time. It can be quite stressful to go through a bear market, especially for young investors. However, it is helpful to look at the big picture, which is this: even though the prevailing bear market might look very frightening, most young investors are still working, and … [Read more...]

2 key Singapore events to watch out for Singapore market

Dear readers, In line with my expectations, STI weakened and stumbled into a bear market last week. (Please refer to my market outlook article dated 28 Sep ) For our Singapore market, besides the global events, there are two important Singapore centric events which are likely to influence our market in the next … [Read more...]

A conversation with my Mom on Singapore Savings Bonds

Asahi Super Dry Girl 4 - 150 x 150

Many financial bloggers have blogged about the Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) since it was first announced. On last count I have over 60+ articles talking about SSB either directly or indirectly. It would seem that the mainstream media was quite surprised by the low take up rate but I am not surprised because articles on SSB have the same number of readers as stocks and other finance articles. I … [Read more...]