Should you invest in gold?


I have learnt a lot from the online financial course that I am taking currently. Now the topic is on gold. I heard that all Indians have safety deposit boxes in banks to store their gold. It is said that Indians can be cash poor but they definitely will have gold. Gold is their last resort to pawn off and it is reported that Indian hold 20,000 MT of gold, worth more than $1 trillion. Gold has … [Read more...]

Make Financial Security Your First Long-Term Financial Goal


I have not really been reading much finance/investing books recently. But Anthony Robbins’ Money: Master The Game caught my eye from a year back and I finally got my hands on this book from the library recently. I am one-third through and I really enjoyed it (a review is on the cards). There was one concept which I felt was truly useful. Instead of treating financial freedom as ONE BIG GOAL (with … [Read more...]

Retirement Planning, The Shariah Compliant Way in Singapore…


I just came back from my holiday trip to Europe a week back, and I received a lot of emails, whatsapp messages, asking me specifically on retirement planning in Singapore. I am still following up, one by one. ………………………………………. Since the Rebecca Lim’s fiasco, many of you have asked me on how to calculate how much you need to save today, so that you have enough money to retire comfortably in … [Read more...]


While many retail investors are learning how to become millionaires in their investing pursuits, there exists a group of our folks who have ventured and become self-made millionaires in their own rights, in a profession which is not always known till now to churn out millionaires: tuition. Yes, that is right, millionaire tutors and The Straits Times today ran an article yet again on folks who have … [Read more...]

Two great reasons why it’s now time to invest in this market

Truewealth Publishing - Singapore

If you based your investment decisions solely on recent news headlines and stock market performance, Singapore does not look like a great place to invest. The economy is not growing – economic growth was zero percent for the first three months of the year. Deflation is a concern, with prices falling for a record 17 months in a row. Real estate prices are falling. Global trade is slowing. China, … [Read more...]

Have a genie and even children can enjoy passive income.

Child: "I want that car!" Mom: "No. You have many toys at home already." Child: "I want!!!" Dad: "OK, OK. Daddy buy for you later." Mom: "No means no! You don't spoil him." Child started to cry. Grandpa: "Aiyoh, simi lah. He wants, just buy for him lah." Mom: "Pa, no lah. He has many toys at home already." Child sat on the floor, kicking his legs, his cries grew … [Read more...]

How to stay the course on your investing journey? Be less human……


Over the long run, patience is a virtue when it comes to investing. That's why financial advisors always advocate the benefits of starting young in one's investing journey. This will allow wealth to be accumulated and compounded over decades. Unfortunately, humans are emotional beings and we tend to interact with one another more than ever before, thank to the widespread use of social media … [Read more...]

[SGX Portfolio] Apr 2016 Update


It's been a while, and I've been so busy and lazy, but I've finally updated my SGX portfolio. As mentioned previously, this will be my attempt at having a monthly update of my SGX portfolio. I have also updated that page to include the historical growth of my portfolio. I find it personally encouraging to know I've come so far from where I started. Hopefully other people may be inspired and … [Read more...]

Temasek Acquisition of Eu Yan Sang at Low Optimism


We have learned from Dr Tee to buy giant stocks at low optimism for investing. However, nowadays fund managers have become competitors for retail investors for such investing opportunities.  Recently a consortium including Temasek, has offered to acquire Eu Yan Sang.  Let’s analyse further based on optimism strategies. The earning ability of Eu Yan Sang has declined over the past few years due … [Read more...]

Socrates on Trial – Wise Men and Their Wisdom Over the Years


In ancient Athens more than two thousand years ago, Greek philosopher Socrates was put on trial. He was charged on two accounts. First with disobeying the Gods and also with corrupting the youth of Athens. Plato is a student and follower of Socrates and the trial is well documented in his work ‘Apology’. If all these sounds greek (geddit?) to you, just know that Socrates was one heck of a chap. … [Read more...]

Employee mentality vs Investor mentality


In the books by Robert T. Kiyosaki, Robert often mention the ESBI Quadrant (see below). Majority of the people belongs to the E and S quadrant. (1) The Hunger Stage Basically for me I belong to the E quadrant. He mentioned that the mentality of the people in each quadrant is different. Personally since all my life I have been in the E quadrant, it is often hard for me to relate to how … [Read more...]

Airlines Are Secretly Making Your Poorer


Last month, my Dad got really annoyed by you tiao (dough fritters). He complained, “You know, you tiao used to cost $0.50. But when I tried adding it to my porridge yesterday, it cost me $0.80!!!! WTF???? I AM NEVER EATING YOU TIAO AGAIN” At first, I thought it was pretty funny because $0.30 isn’t thaaaaat much money. But as I though about it, it actually affects us more than we think. Let’s … [Read more...]

Teach Less Learn More – Lessons Learnt Part 2

This is a follow-up post on Teach Less Learn More - Part 1. Teach Less Learn More (TLLM) was touted as the frontier philosophy in Singapore's education system to make learning holistic, bringing learning from inside the classroom to hands-on experiences, learning by discovery and less rote memorizing. Unfortunately, the implementation left much to be desired. Today, after years of TLLM, we are … [Read more...]

Deflation? Zun bo?

18 straight month of negative inflation. Aiyoh. Deflation say deflation. What negative inflation? Reminds me of the joke I used to play on customers when I was selling sofas at IMM. "Yes Sir! Its made of 100% genuine synthetic leather." It will take a while before some customers wise up to the joke! It's PVC lah! LOL! Deflation? I recently renewed my fibre broadband at lower … [Read more...]

SIAS New Initiative to Improve Corporate Governance

The Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS) has recently proposed a new initiative it hope to push out: Spend $1million per year for 5 years to hire Analysts to run through listed companies' annual reports and generate questions to ask during their respective Annual General Meetings (AGM). The concept of getting its members and SGX to contribute money for SIAS to engage analysts to … [Read more...]

3 things investors should know about Nera’s sale of its payment solutions business

If you’ve been a reader of The Fifth Person for some time, you might already be familiar with Nera Telecommunications and our past coverage of the tele- and info-communications company. We first got interested in Nera primarily due to the potential growth in its recurring revenue streams when it first entered the payment solutions segment. As investors, we love to see stable, recurring revenues … [Read more...]

Singapore 1Q domestic wholesale trade slips 22.6%

Singapore’s domestic wholesale trade shrank in 1Q this year by 22.6% from a year ago, partly as a result of lower weaker prices of petroleum and chemical products, according to data released by the Singapore Department of Statistics on Friday. The shipchandlers & bunkering, petroleum & petroleum products, and general wholesale trade sectors experienced the sharpest y-o-y drops in … [Read more...]

SGX-listed stocks lack quality?

Almost a year ago, the Straits Times Index tanked from almost 3500 points to the current 2760 points. The fall in the Singapore stock market benchmark index reflects the challenging economic conditions and those who invested in SGX-listed stocks would have suffered from a certain level of wealth destruction. Incidentally, the market correction started since the previous SGX CEO, Magnus Bocker, was … [Read more...]

To be Financial Literacy

Today I had the opportunity to educate my younger brother on financial literacy, which was not taught to us in our education. He had no idea about investing for income or for retirement. He only know that he need to save for rainy days. Just like a normal person, he put his savings into a normal saving account which earn a peanut interest annually. So I bring up the question to him, does he know … [Read more...]

Big is not always beautiful – Looking at the world’s biggest IPO

If you are new to investing, chances are that you would have received some form of advice to invest in blue chip stocks with high market capitalization. While there are definitely benefits in investing in big companies, the fact that a company is big does not automatically qualify it as a good investment. In the US, Enron was valued at more than 60 billion USD before it collapsed. In the UK, … [Read more...]