SGX MOE Index Gains 12.5% in a Month as Crude Rallies on OPEC Cuts


The SGX MOE Index gained 12.5% in the past month, mainly due to crude prices which rallied 16.4% after OPEC announced production cuts. The five best-performing SGX MOE Index constituents are Ezion Holdings (+26.7%), IEV Holdings (+24.5%), Vard Holdings (+22.4%), AusGroup (+22.0%) and Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (+16.6%). These five stocks averaged 22.4% total return in the past month.   The SGX … [Read more...]

Example on how to Review your Job and Relevance within your industry.

Just thought I would provide an example on how to review your current job and predict the degree of disruption which you will face over the next ten years. The example I will use is the task of a litigator and if you actually know some litigators, you will understand these are supremely confidant guys who will never believe that their work will ever be replaced by an AI. So to review the work … [Read more...]

STE Smart Beta Index – Quarterly Update ( 4Qtr 2016 )

Hi  All, As written before , I will try to update the STE Smart Beta Index on quarterly basis and re-balance the portfolio on yearly basis . Append below , please find the latest update : Index just slightly outperformed the STI Index by merely 0.8%  since 28 Aug 2016 ,one quarter result may not reflect the long term trend , we may need to see this in longer time horizon to gauge the … [Read more...]

Amendment to "I Found A Catalyst In This Company" Post


Do note that there are some inaccuracies from the expected figures stated in the previous post on BBR Holdings (S) Ltd as pointed out by SG Thumbtack Investor. I will be pasting the comments here for easy viewing: In addition to what he commented, I like to emphasize that this analysis is based on the fact that: - Lakelife Executive Condo is fully sold by the 4th Quarter of 2016; - All revenue … [Read more...]

Where are the Retail Growth Investors?

In my previous post, I wrote in the comments section that most retail investors began their journey as a Trader, then as a Value Investor, moving on to Dividend Investing, and finally capitulating towards Low Cost Passive Indexing when all things fail... What about Growth Investing? Ah! That was deliberate. Why? Because most retail traders and investors behave like Growth Investors … [Read more...]

Are these THREE stocks the MOST DESIRABLE BILLION-CAPS stocks?

In this current stocks markets climate, some investors are staying on the sidelines, preferring to put their monies only when there is clarity in the Singapore stocks markets. And many are thinking a clarion call could be made when the US Federal Reserves decides to increase its interest rate. It is no surprise that many have factored in this likely move by the US Federal Reserves which has … [Read more...]

"I Found A Catalyst In This Company"


Update on 6 Dec 2016: Do read the comments on additional information from SG Thumbtack Investor.  I will also be doing an amendment to this post following some inaccurate information I may have placed in the scorecard. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. However, my conclusion stands - there is no turning back! Recently this company caught my eye when someone compared it to TTJ Holdings Ltd on … [Read more...]

How I Hedge Against Donald Trump Before the US Presidential Election


2016 is a year of the possibilities. Brexit happened when nobody thought it is possible. Donald Trump became the President of United States when nobody thought it is possible. The recent US Presidential election caught the financial world by surprise again with the global bond market and emerging markets bearing the brunt of the backlash. Meanwhile, the USD and US stock market rallied to new … [Read more...]

Negative Cash on Cash Return Bites Single 45 Year Old with 6 Investment Properties

Property investment is one of the most popular wealth machines in Singapore. It has create a lot of wealth for a lot of people. Due to that, people advise their peers the way to build wealth through properties. The New Paper interviewed a single 45 year old Property Investors current situation to profile the weak leasing market. She works in the sales industry and earns $20,000 per … [Read more...]

Ascendas REIT buys DNV GL and DSO National Lab Buildings, leases back to them for 16.5 years


One of Singapore’s largest REIT, Ascendas REIT (6.7% dividend yield) continues to show their ability to rejuvenate and tweak their portfolio by purchasing 3 blocks of office buildings in Science Park Drive. With the acquisitions, a large part of science park 1 belongs to them. Even in this challenging climate, where industrial supply is increasing, they are not afraid to make acquisitions. It … [Read more...]

4 lottery winners who lost it all

I like the caption below: With the Powerball jackpot soaring to $415 million, it’s important to remember that money doesn’t solve life’s problems. In fact, many people’s lives took a turn for the worse, and they managed to lose all the money. What would I do if I strike the lottery? 1. Keep quiet This might be hard to do considering that I like to share my joy. But, I'd like to keep my … [Read more...]

Can your job be replaced ?

I've just started on my unpaid internship with a start-up that deals with smart contracts. The power of an unpaid internship is that it is very easy to fall into the trap of doing the bare minimum and I was very careful not to let it happen to me. My start-up has a a number of objectives which I can work towards which I intend to meet, otherwise I am spending my December trying to pick up two key … [Read more...]

A Taste Of Singaporean Healthcare And How Much It Cost


A few days ago, I had a minor operation done at Day Surgery Centre at the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Usually, it is good news if we don’t have to experience the healthcare system of our country. It was my first taste of the Singaporean healthcare system. For the benefit of all, I will provide a quick walk-through on the process. To get a referral to the hospital for my minor problem, I first … [Read more...]

Make Wall Street Great Again!

Hey, do you remember this little event back in 2008-2009 called the subprime mortgage crisis, or better known as the financial crisis? That was nearly a decade ago and, boy, were those good times. Oh, and remember that before the crisis, the root cause that led to the crisis was the lack of regulations to keep human greed and short-termism in check right? The Wall Street heydeys from 2002-2006 … [Read more...]

Will you BUY this blue-chip stock with a 25% upside?

SGX stock traded at $7.31 on 2 Dec 2016 and an analyst has given a BUY recommendation on the stock with a target price of $9.10. This effectively suggests an upside of 24.48% to SGX stock, you can read more of the analyst’s recommendation here . Frasers Logistic and Industrial Trust traded at $0.93 on 2 Dec 2016 and its target price is $1.10 according to an analyst, this gives the trust a … [Read more...]

Maybe You Don’t Have To Be Number 1


So part of my new Sunday housework routine (#marriedlife) is that I listen to podcasts while mopping the floor and washing the toilets. Last Sunday, I came across this excellent 3-hour+ episode of the Tim Ferriss Show with David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH). Who? His name may not be immediately familiar to you, but he created the programming language Ruby On Rails, is the founder of collaboration … [Read more...]

Yang Zi Jiang analysis


Since the last breakout at 0.81, YZJ shipbuilding has rallied further. The quick drop back to 0.80 this week is indication of further strength in the stock. After hitting 0.93 region, the previous gap at 0.98 will be the target.The Baltic Dry Index is also recovering from the downtrend. Coupled with the strong performance in the Shanghai Market due to the Shen Zhen HK stock connect that is on the … [Read more...]

Being A Co-Owner of GLP

It is often said that buying shares in a company means becoming a co-owner of the company. However, what does it really mean to be a co-owner? After my large investment in Global Logistic Properties (GLP), I finally understood what it means. Usually, for any investment, if the company is not doing well, I could simply sell and walk away. But when I initiated the 15% to 20% concentration in GLP, I … [Read more...]