Finding Your Passion and Keeping It Alive


Life is a journey and will always be a journey. I was chatting with a few colleagues during lunch and somehow we realised how fast time has passed. Time lost can never be rewind back. Do we want a life that is mundane and just work for money or do we want a life where we can find a purpose for?Image Credit: pixpirations.comIn the current world we live in, everything revolves around money. … [Read more...]

Random stories: An interview with Mr Market

Q: let's cut the chase, how do you actually value counters.A: I like your style, you are impatient, most probably you will lose money to me LOL. Oops sorry, most of the time, I just play the nice guy, if many want a counter, I quote higher so as toPersuade people to sell, if less people or not people I quote lower, to get the buyers out in the market. Q: HOW about in the long term?A: we … [Read more...]

Old posts made new: Warrants Trading

I'm starting a new series in my blog, called "Old posts made new". I know, the name is quite lame and I'm not in a creative mood to come up with fancy name now. In this series, I'll look back at some of the past articles I've posted in my site and compare to see if it still stands true now. Most importantly, I'll share some of the psychology behind my thinking in the past and contrast against that … [Read more...]

A tumour surgery bill costs $45,000. How Medisave and Shield plan ensured she pays a tiny fraction of it.


One aspect of wealth planning that I am always fascinated with is the question whether the protection scheme planned out by our government are able to comfortably offset medical costs that comes along our way.I recently got to know one of my friend who happen to be admitted to a hospital for a surgery and was willing to share with me her experience.The illnessShe (mid 30s) was suffering from thigh … [Read more...]

Why We Need An Emergency Fund


As a young 20-something, many of us often think we're invincible. Emergencies? Disasters? Nah, won't happen to us. Even I am guilty of this. But today I feel the need to inform people the crucial importance of having an emergency fund, even if you don't think you'll encounter any "emergencies" anytime soon in the next few years. Why you should have an emergency fund starting NOW 1. You might … [Read more...]

What is it like to catch a falling knife?

One of the golden rule in investing is never to catch a falling knife. Yet when it really does occur on one, most of the time, most investors would enter into self-denial mode and refrain from exiting their investments or cut losses early. You can term it as a classic investor’s symptom or attribute it to ego, greed and fear of cashing out too early. Whatever the case it is, catching a falling is … [Read more...]

Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes – Real or Fake?

I fill up only the mandatory fills.

I wonder how many households have received this. I remember receiving it a couple of years ago and tried my luck. Each time I was told that I was the selected few to make it into the next round and encourage me to sign up to increase my chances, and each time I declined. After a few rounds, I think they gave up because I did not received any more letters. I used to read Reader's Digest frequently … [Read more...]

Two new positions for my SRS fund


I initiated two positions for my SRS portfolio today. Sembcorp IndustriesI have been contemplating this counter since last week and was weighing the probability whether oil prices will "crash" further with Citi predicting it will fall to the $30 region. I bought 2,500 shares at $4.28 eventually and will spare you the details of how the price ran away from my various price queues … [Read more...]

Time for Australia to turn around?


2 leading indicators are flagging oversold and showing signs of improvement. 1 has already generated a buy signal. The other is almost about to. The lagging indicator is about to signal a confirmation with a crossover soon. The last time this happened was mid 2013. I increased the absolute size of my trading account by 140%. Talk about using sick amounts of leverage, amirite? I'm not … [Read more...]

Riverstone Holdings FY14

Riverstone Holdings is positioned as a growth stock in my portfolio. Being a growth counter, its earnings had not disappointed in the past few quarters. Similarly, its share price has seen a nice increase to the current $1.18. At this price, it is valued at PE 19.52 based on 2013 earnings. (I previously blogged about Riverstone here) For my dividend and assets holdings, I usually just glance … [Read more...]

Frasers Centrepoint’s Perpetual Bonds.

A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI) - FCL

A reader sent me a note in FB today, asking me what I thought of this: FRASERS Centrepoint on Monday is selling Singapore dollar perpetual bonds, the first perpetual deal in 2015. A term sheet seen said that the SGD subordinated Perp NC 5 has an initial price guidance in the low 5 per cent. NC 5 means that the perpetual bonds will not be recalled before year 5. Source: The Business … [Read more...]

IREIT, you’ve got to be kidding me.

AK just blogged about IREIT and his thought's on it. I've been watching this counter for a while, but I don't feel enticed to even take a nibble yet. Last year before the IPO came out, I wrote a little post about my thoughts on IREIT. I have to admit that my thesis of a weaker German property market is not the cause of the weakness in the counter. Instead, it has to do with the currency … [Read more...]

Value Trap or Bargain?

How do we know if we are buying a company that is a value trap or at a bargain? One of the biggest misconception of determining if a company is a value trap would be on the stock price. A stock that is trading at the same cheap price for years does not necessarily mean it is a value trap. Rather, the two key criteria that one should be assessing would be the company’s historical intrinsic value … [Read more...]

Simply Sales Talk: My first job experience


I wanted to be a teacher when I was in primary school, it was fun play acting when young. I did try relief teaching and it was quite rewarding but saying and teaching the same things every week and every year is just not for me. After which, seeing how pretty SIA air stewardess are, I also wanted to be one. My mum said that if I wanted to be an air stewardess, I do not really have to go to the … [Read more...]

Join me in Singapore Stocks Investing

Dear readers, Thank You for reading and supporting my blog. I am more than happy if you like to read my blog on a regular basis. As I have set out as the main aim of Singapore Stocks Investing blog, this blog is aimed at pretty much investor education for the many hundreds of retail investors. I too am a retail investor with a dream to become “financially free” and I believe this is your dream … [Read more...]

Litmus Test of Financial Advise


While each person or family's financial condition can be unique and different from others, I still ascribe to the litmus test that you must 'practice what u preach' I guess when we are faced with financial planners who are 'friends' with us, a reasonable question would be to ask, "Did u also buy the very policy or investment funds that u are recommending to me"?  How about your spouse or … [Read more...]

ETFs are the New Kings

In recent years, there has been a lot of people saying that 'Cash is King'.Especially now where most markets have hit new highs and interests are at all time low.However, if you are looking to invest for your retirement or for the long-term, staying invested is key, and there is no better instrument than ETFs!ETFs are Exchanged Traded Funds.They are basically funds that are traded on an … [Read more...]

Singapore equities versus private property Business Times article


I noticed that Business Times have a good article this morning titled The road to riches isn’t just paved with keys of condos written by Cai Haoxiang. I find Haoxiang to be one of the good writers on these topics in educating investors and someone that we should pay attention more to when reading the Business Times. In this article, he opens up with a debate with a colleague on the virtues of … [Read more...]

The problem with skills-based education.

One of the more populist changes made to the education is skills-based education. Skills-based education is a very attractive idea. If a person is skilled or qualified enough to do the job, he should be entitled to it. The middle class, middle income voter is more likely to support it if it subtly promises to overhaul the perceived unhappiness about the education system or 'meritocracy'. One … [Read more...]