Invested in Guocoland with Mr. Quek Leng Chan.

I am going to pre-empt a response to this blog and say that although I am known more as an investor for income, I also invest in stocks which are not for the purist income investor. To my regular readers, this would be quite apparent in many instances. So, by revealing that I bought intoGuocoland recently would not surprise them. Guocoland is a developer with businesses in Singapore, … [Read more...]

portfolio update – march 2017

Dividend by month 1) singtel 2) fcot sgx capitacom lian beng starhillg fct sphreit cmt 3) spost  taisin 4) roxy 5) fcot steng sgx  uob sph starhillg fct sphreit cmt cdg hcg 6) tcil ocbc lkh 7) singpost 8) fcot singtel  plife  ocbc  capitacom starhillg sci steng fct singpost sphreit cmt 9)  uob tcil cdg 10) sgx lian beng 11) fcot taisin sgx spost  starhillg fct cmt 12) sph sats … [Read more...]

4 bumps the UK will have to face now that May has triggered Article 50

Even with the official commencement of the Brexit process – as finalised by Prime Minister Theresa May’s signature on the letter to trigger Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty today – Bank of Singapore’s (BoS) chief economist Richard Jerram is certain that a deal for the UK to leave the Union is “almost impossible”. “To reach an agreement on such a complicated issue as market access – a new … [Read more...]

Dr Wealth App is LIVE!


Thank you for your patience! The Dr Wealth App is finally live (for Android users)! Download now:  The Dr Wealth app is created by investors, for investors, and it’ll be FREE to use. Imagine being able to upload a couple of years of transaction, letting the app process it and then graphically present our performance to us in a single glance! Download the app and immediately use these 2 … [Read more...]

FY’16 (Apr’16-Mar’17) Portfolio Results


As per the stated tracking timeline (half yearly in April and October), it is once again time to review the performance of my portfolio. I have decided to bring forward the portfolio review by a few days since I will be travelling overseas for a short mountaineering trip. Portfolio Results To recap, I had set myself a primary absolute objective of attaining returns exceeding 10% per annum … [Read more...]

Download Dr Tee Investment Toolbox (下载Dr Tee投资百宝箱三宝)


最好的进场时机是当大部分人在惶恐不安,但业务依然在正常运作及表现稳健的时候。这是难得一遇的大好时机,我们应学习如何从中受惠,真真正正做到低买高卖。 Dr Tee建立的乐观指数策略让投资者知道哪种投资(股票、外汇、产业、商品、债券等) 可以安全进场;何时买入;何时卖出;或选择长期持守。迄今已经有超过1万名人士从Dr Tee为大众提供的高质素免费课程中受惠。马上行动,利用你的金融知识进行投资,开始你迈向财务自由之旅。 The safest time to buy a stock is when everyone is afraid the sky will fall down while the business is still operating normally with consistent performance. This could be a rare … [Read more...]

Expansion of the Utility Sector


The capitalisation of Singapore’s Utility Sector has expanded by 80% over the past five years outpacing the capitalisation growth of the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Utility Index and the parent MSCI AC Asia Pacific Index. Together the 10 stocks of Singapore’s Utility Sector supply water, gas and independent power through renewable electricity production. The 10 stocks have averaged a 5.2% YTD gain, … [Read more...]

Other Sell transactions for Mar 2017


Another sale event following up from the big one last week. The proceeds are not as high but what is significant about this one is that we are selling some of our ETFs. I have mentioned before that our portfolios structures are messy and uncoordinated because of inexperience and lack of clarity in our strategy. Our investment approach developed over time and although our buy transactions are more … [Read more...]

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT is a fine investment for income.

This was a recent chat with a reader: Reader: 30 32 tuas west road and 8 10 tuas ave 20 are so close to the upcoming tuas west road MRT station! AK: Yes! I saw it for myself 🙂 Reader: u took a look during your site visit? AK: During the tour they gave me 🙂 Reader: haha. hard to get the … [Read more...]

Singapore gold bullion market

n the aftermath of the Singapore’s GST exemption for investment grade precious metals since 2012, many bullion dealers has set up shop to take advantage of gold liberalization by Singapore government. In its latest financial results, it was revealed that BullionStar led in Singapore gold bullion market. According to data released by World Gold Council, the overall bullion demand in Singapore … [Read more...]

Equity Management #7 : Taking on more risk from a benchmark portfolio.

Most investors are normally fixated at their returns from ordinary asset classes. You take on the risk of equity for 8% returns and moderate your equity position with a bond position which is stable but only gives you only 2%. Professionals don't have that luxury. If market returns from equity are like an act of God then individual returns which deviate from the market benchmark would be the … [Read more...]

1 Practice that Separates Profitable and Average Investors

Imagine you are driving a car but it has no speedometer or accelerometer. And you were told to drive on a road at speeds between 60km/h and 80km/h. How do you drive with confidence that you are within the speed limits? It is going to be tough. The speedometer and accelerometer provide important feedback about your driving which you use the information to moderate your gas pedal. We … [Read more...]

How Our Brains Are Wired To Make Investment Decision

We often get questions either in person or email asking us on our thought process when making investment decision. I tried to explain on one of my articles back then here on how I generally consolidate my thoughts around what's needed to pass through an investment channel in my wired brain function before I put my money in a particular company. We have plenty of good bloggers in the … [Read more...]

Should I get a bridal package or go ala-carte?


Between convenience and quality, which do you value more? Bridal Packages If you answered convenience, then bridal packages may be easier for you as they can offer a great deal of convenience to brides who are too busy to take care of the nitty gritty details. This can include your pre-wedding shoot, printed albums, makeup and hairstyling, corsages and bridal bouquet, your gowns and suits, … [Read more...]

Golden Energy – 4th largest in Indonesia but share price lags Geo Energy by a mile! (27 Mar 17)

Golden Energy (“GEAR”) has slumped 21% from $0.655 on 12 Dec 2016 to $0.515 on 27 Mar 2017. Compare this with a 47% rally in Geo Energy’s share price over the same period. Moreover, GEAR has slumped 10% post its results notwithstanding the strong set of results. Why is this so? I have managed to fix an exclusive 1-1 meetup with Mark Zhou, Head of investments, GEAR (“Management”) to find out … [Read more...]

OCBC won’t cheat you anymore! LOL


Apparently I heard from my father that there was a 3 page advertisement on this. I don't know because I'm a millennial and I read news online. Anyway, LOL. I have to say though, they were very tricksy in the past. Examples? Their Bonus+ account with up to 2.35% pa! Sneaky? Yes, very much so becauase the T&Cs state you only get 1.18% pa, which was another lie, because there were hoops … [Read more...]

2 reasons why you should never borrow to invest in the stock market

When it comes to investing in the stock market, you never want to borrow and invest any money you cannot afford to lose. Always make sure you have 6-12 months’ worth of your monthly expenses in savings before you put a dime in the stock market. Remember, even though you might be investing in some of the best and most stable stocks around (with the stuff that you learn on this site!), no one can … [Read more...]

My 10% Portfolio – Changes After 1 Quarter


Before I proceed with the main topic of this post, I just want to say my thanks to those who came and spent their Saturday Morning listening to me "talk". Hopefully everyone that turn up had learnt something that day! Back to the main topic...  These are the updates to my 10% Portfolio: As per Previous Post Current Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Oversea-Chinese Banking … [Read more...]

Buy transactions for Mar 2017

Let’s get the part about our Buy transactions for Mar 2017 out of the way first. Automated Investing Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan Buy 30 units of SPDR STI ETF (ES3 on SGX) at S$3.15 per unit on 8 Mar 2017 Transaction cost of S$1 POSB Invest-Saver Buy 30 units of Nikko AM STI ETF (G3B on SGX) at S$3.22 per unit on 14 Mar 2017 Transaction cost of S$1 OCBC Blue Chip … [Read more...]

Herding Affirmation Meets Contrarian

Monkey see; monkey do. We know what it meant (not exactly flattering); but it feels so much more comforting to swim as a school of sardines, to graze together as a herd of zebras, fly as a flock of geese, and hunt together as a pride of lions. Although we call ourselves DIY "investors", we buy subscriptions to newsletters that tell us what the famous investors or hedge fund managers are … [Read more...]