Talk Event – Building Cash Flow from Stocks


From  a professional perspective, I will be making a fairly substantial leap in about a week's time. In the past, I have been giving free talks to members of the public on money matters. This time round, the talk which I will be giving will be a paid talk but at a reasonable $19. Myself and a few other prominent bloggers are part of a collective called BigScribe. We think that we will be … [Read more...]

6 October 2016 – Building Cash Flow From Stocks


This is a shout-out to readers who wished to know more about how to build a passive stream of cash-flow from stock investing and what are the required details to look out for. On the 6th October 2016 (Thursday), BIGSCRIBE will be organizing a seminar where there will be presentations and open discussions where there will be a couple of financial bloggers on the panelist to share any of the … [Read more...]

Join us in a Conversation about Building Cash Flows with Stocks


One of the most captivating aspects of wealth building is the ability to generate a stream of cash flow. Different people can make use of this stream of cash flow very differently. The wiser ones appreciate and leverage on the cash flow they created effectively to create more wealth, while others look at it as a way to supplement them in times of need. Others become poorer as they were not able … [Read more...]

SGXcafe's Own Forum!

Several users have independently suggested that SGXcafe should have its own forum. Hence, I spent the last week building it and I am excited to share that the forum is live and ready for use! For a forum to be successful, it requires the active participation of the community. Currently, SGXcafe has several tens of thousand visitors every month, of which several thousands are heavy users of … [Read more...]

Grew more daring and lost more than $100,000.

Good afternoon AK. I remembered vividly the first stock I bought in 2009, Golden Agriculture. I bought 20 lots at 41cents and sold them away at 47cents. I made a profit of more than 1k and I was delighted. Subsequently, I bought/sold a lot more other counters which also gave me profit. I did contra trading too. I was basically following my *husband blindly in buying and selling penny … [Read more...]

OCBC Wing Hang Bank

On 18 July 2016, OCBC announced the merger of its two banking subsidiaries in China – OCBC Bank (China) Limited and Wing Hang Bank (China) Limited) – to become OCBC Wing Hang Bank (China) Limited (“OCBC Wing Hang China”). After acquiring Wing Hang Bank in 2014, OCBC wasted no time in building its investment moat in China. OCBC in China China is a strategic core market for OCBC, given its … [Read more...]

Capital Mall – What really matters in a Bond


Big brand doesn’t mean good brand Semi-Annual (twice a year) | 3.8% per annum 1)  IDENTIFICATION OF Bond Below Par Value Current market value : 1.016 ($16 dollars above par value) 2)  LEARN ABOUT THEIR NUMBERS Debt To Equity: 92.68% ( High reliance on debt for growth, so if payment is missed… you know what will happen) Growth Performance : -6.14% (Negative growth rate, worst than … [Read more...]

Advertorials or helpful sharing


Recently, I received a few advertisers asking to post on my blog without mentioning that it is an advertorial. Worse part is, I have no say in the post or what is going to be published. This becomes not my blog anymore but a platform for advertising. I hated it. I want the money but yet I cannot accept it. Sigh, why so difficult to earn money?! I think my readers will know that it is not … [Read more...]

BOC SmartSaver is the better version of the new OCBC 360 account

Ever since OCBC changed their payment terms for their 360 account, I've been moping about the reduction in interest payments I get from them each month, as the maximum capped interest is now only 3.05% and includes a lot more work to get that level of interest rate. The UOB One was a good welcome, BUT I eventually moved back to OCBC 360 (partly out of habit) as the requirements were a little … [Read more...]

When couples have different views on finance

Sarah has a husband who is uninterested in all things financial. He doesn't care about insurance, investing, financial planning, etc. What he earns every month goes into his savings account with POSB and only leaves when he spends it. Sarah, however, is financially savvy, and asks that she be allowed to manage their money - she plans to put their combined earnings to work for them. She also gives … [Read more...]


CW8888: True! That is why you don't hear Uncle8888 talking about saving to the GREATER or GREATEST distance to achieve financial independence sooner. As a single income household, he spent wisely and plan ahead for his retirement and his three kid university education costs is already an achievement in his life and not by accumulating millions and millions then it is financial independence. May … [Read more...]

US Presidential Elections: what should investors do?

The greatest debate of the year, that between the two contenders for the US President post will take place on Tuesday morning, Singapore time. Already many are thinking that the debate will shape the global stocks markets.In my earlier post, I have touched very briefly how a Hillary’s Presidency will benefit some groups of stocks while a Trump’s triumph will benefit another groups of stocks. This … [Read more...]

We Need Angel Investors In Singapore


I have a mechanical engineering degree but I have never done an engineering job. I have never thought that I would be an entrepreneur but I became one. BigFatPurse is almost 3 years old and I must say it has been a good and lucky ride thus far. Being an entrepreneur has taught me to count my blessings more readily. Just as I thought that I would never touch engineering again, BigFatPurse … [Read more...]

STI ETF – Really Passive Investing???

Real People. Real Story Once Uncle8888 softly poked a well known and well liked public figure a few times for advocating his strong view that investing commoners are better off to invest in STI ETF until he tio ban by this public figure and subsequently stopped visiting his blog. Absolutely stopped. Not even once after that! Why softly? If poke too hard; he surely tio poked backside by … [Read more...]

Putting Ourselves Out There


I’ve never really fully comprehended about the importance of putting ourselves out there until a myriad of opportunities actually happened to me. I hope this writing serves as a message to youths to put themselves out there and reap the benefits of standing up for something and to be passionate about something at least once in their lives. It has been quite an interesting journey since I … [Read more...]

“Bei kambing” passive index investors – Part 1 of 2

love to watch documentaries. For many years, I've always believed gravity is pulling us down to Earth - the Newtonian and main stream view that the common man in the street knows and accepts as "correct". What do you know? After watching documentaries on Einstein and his General Theory of Relativity, I've learnt that its in fact the curvature of space-time above us that's pushing us down to … [Read more...]

Sino Grandness – on the verge of testing critical supports (26 Sep 16)

Sino Grandness has slumped 45% from an intraday high of $0.785 on 7 Jun 2016 to $0.435 on 26 Sep 2016. Sino Grandness has broken its support at $0.450 on 22 Sep 2016 with a larger than average volume. It is on the verge of testing an important support around $0.415 – 0.425. If this breaks with volume and on a sustained basis, it will be pretty bearish. Based on Chart 1 below, it remains entrenched … [Read more...]

TTI Is Carl Icahn?… and other updates


LOL I wish. But surely the coincidence is uncanny?! In my earlier portfolio update post a couple of weeks ago (Portfolio Updates – 11/09/2016), I wrote about my options in Chesapeake Energy. Let me quote partially: “…..The magnitude of the rise has been so damn crazy, that my call options at $7 got exercised….. Now, I am not overly worried about CHK though, as IMO, the share price will … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?


In my earlier post I mentioned about online selling. There are a couple of ways of doing it. One is by creating an online store (eg. via Tictail or Shopify). The second option will be via the online marketplace such as Amazon or Ebay. I have tried the online store idea sometime back with totally no success. Firstly it is hard to generate traffic to your store, and secondly you need to create … [Read more...]

Explosive form of Sheng Siong shares

Since my previous review in May 2016, Sheng Siong shares had an explosive form. The supermarket operator’s share price surged from $0.89 to the $1.00 support level. This is an impressive run and effectively, Sheng Siong had shed the “penny stock” tag. Once again, Sheng Siong delivered a quarterly performance that are within expectations. Revenue continued to grow, recording an increase of 5.5% … [Read more...]