Finally, My Turn To Be Interviewed!


If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you might noticed that I have an "Interview With Peer Bloggers" blog series and my last interviewee is a youngster called Kendrick, owner of A Peek Into An Oddball Teen's Mind (his interview post can be found here).Today, it is my turn to be him...not in my own blog of course! ;-)Kendrick just started his interview blog series and I am … [Read more...]

World’s Simplest Market Alert Tool – Call-Levels Now Available on Android


In November last year, some of you would have remembered I posted an interview with Daniel Chia who's the co-founder of this new app "Call-Levels". It was only available on the Apple's iOS back then. This week, i got an invitation to try out the beta version of the app on Android. My phone is Samsung so I had waited 2 months before being able to use this app. The interface was very user … [Read more...]

Crowd Funding Comes to Singapore – MoolahSense


In a previous post on Crowd Funding & Peer-to-Peer Loans, I had lamented that these services are only available in the US and UK. Singaporeans cannot take part in them as investors. But it looks like there is now a Singapore crowd-funding website providing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending service that has started operations - check out MoolahSense.MoolahSense was featured in an article … [Read more...]

Watch Out, Oil Train!!!


"What's that?" "Oh, that's the Long Oil Train!" Oil sagged lower last night during the US open. Don't worry, it's all good because Oil at $43.XX is "unambiguously good" for the economy, right? Right? Unfortunately, I don't think that lower oil is good for the economy (in the US) and I also still don't think we're done with the drop in Oil. Jesse from The Felder Report has my same … [Read more...]

What happened to inflation

Just not too long ago, many economists were worried about inflation due to many countries printing money and starting the similar QE programs. A few months ago, oil crashed, and this changed the whole equation. Now, the same economists are talking about a possible deflation in most countries. Lately, we have seen countries launching their own programs whether through interest rates or currency to … [Read more...]

Genting’s Management and Financials

Geez 2015 came and the first month is ending! Time and tide really waits for no man. In investing, time helps in compounding, and we just have to keep reminding ourselves that we need to act early and incrementally while we are young. Because, if we don't, before we know it, we are 40, or 50 and the first half is gone and we are into half-time. Need to think quickly how we want to play the second … [Read more...]

Applying value investing principles to buying a car in s’pore…read on…

I think most people might ask how are they related??As usual, I shall keep this post as brief but precise as possible. We shall use the very common car- a toyota corolla altis as an example. For those who would use the car till the end of the coe life, good for you. In today's market, a brand new corolla altis would cost you $121,888. So if nothing happens and one uses it for the next 10 … [Read more...]

DOW Jones Index – When I analysed this with US$ Index – Wow, I was surprised on the upside!

Since DOW hit 18,000 briefly in late Dec 2014, it has made some volatile moves.  Up or down as much as 400 points in a day.  This is the problem in looking at the shorter term, and if you are playing it in the shorter term as well. I love to see big picture.  What I mean is that I like to see longer terms chart.  And of course, with my favorite, I’ve been using ABC Wave Pattern to guide me in … [Read more...]

New asset classes added to stock market ‘s alarm clock, Call Levels

Local start-up Call Levels has created a mobile app that simplifies trading and investing by focusing on a single primary need – the need for investors to be alerted when their selected assets hit pre-set price levels. The start-up’s co-founder, Daniel Chia, who was a sovereign wealth and hedge fund portfolio manager for the past eight years, created the app after realising that the complexity … [Read more...]

Market News In 2 Minutes @ 29th January 2015


As stock investors (even though a small one), it is important to keep abreast with the latest financial and market news. Since I am in it, I thought it might be worthwhile to share it out with my readers too. Hence, I started this "Market News In 2 Minutes" series. Following are the "Market News In 2 Minutes" for today : REITS : AIMS AMP Capital Industrial (O5RU) - Its gross revenue rose … [Read more...]

Daily Market Opinion for 29-Jan-2015


Daily Market Opinion for 29-Jan-2015 STI continued its attempt to trade higher yesterday despite a string of new happening yesterday. The opening was greeted with an announcement by Singapore government of it’s intend to strength Singapore dollar and a possible increase of interest rate. This created a bearish opening but market participants were not frayed by this news. Instead, buyers entered … [Read more...]

“ILPs Can Be a Good Instrument!” Mitch Ong


In a two-part series, we explore the world of ILPs, or investment-linked plans. In this second part, we sit down with award-winning financial services consultant Mitch Ong and grill him about ILPs and their supposed effectiveness. — Mention ILPs, or investment-linked plans, to any person with a modicum of financial knowledge and you’re bound to elicit a passionate response for or against … [Read more...]

Cory Diary : Perils of Currency Wars


Notice a dip in Singapore Dollar strength recently and took the opportunity to do some currency change. In fact i did one more yesterday. With the announcement of slower rate of strengthening, the first impression is we are on the same direction gradient path, just less steep. Relative to USD, we have been weakening for some time but not against currency like other Asian Currencies. Maybe is due … [Read more...]

The Banking Industry (Part 2)

After touching on the earnings part in (Part 1), I will be touching on the balance sheet of banks in this article. What lead to the blowup in 2009? Banks were selling Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) pre-crisis to improve their capital ratio by the definition of Basel II. What does this mean? Banks were making risky loans to lousy credit rating borrowers and then repackaging these risky loans with … [Read more...]

Personal Story of Ein55: Bridging Scientific World and Investment World

For so many years, I still cannot get rid of my old habit in the first phase of my life in scientific world: whenever I have new ideas (even when sleeping), I would wake up anytime at night (eg sleeping 2:30am just now, waking up 5:30am), writing down all the new ideas in dreams, then formulating the theories into applications. Later research shows that this is actually how the right brain … [Read more...]

Gold Is Higher Yielding Than These "Safe" Assets?!


I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Gundlach is a brilliant man. Not only does he look badass with that sexy goatee, he is a great manager and I think he is one of the few no-nonsense, no-bullshit people around in the industry. He doesn't give views to conform, he gives his views straight up, whether you like it or not. Perhaps that is why he has been such a fantastic manager. I don't … [Read more...]

I Fall For Three Out Of These Five Investing Myths

Invest Openly - q

Last week, pop-by the National Library during one of the lunchtime period and managed to loan one of the investing book titled "Taking Charge With Value Investing" (by Brian Nichols, 2013 edition). The reason why I pick-up the book at random is because of its cover, showcasing a fierce looking half-face bull (don't ask me why I find it appealing as I also can't explain why ;-))I am still half way … [Read more...]

Good bye textbooks..


Today my maid was clearing my room and asked whether she could (finally) clear my unwanted texts, files and notes I have not touched for years. I gladly agreed. I used to have the habit of keeping ALL my textbooks religiously for fear that I may need them if I ever meet an unsolvable problem at work. My belief was shattered as over the past decade, nothing of such happened. No wonder I do … [Read more...]


Dear readers, in my earlier post on stocks investing strategies for year 2015, I have advocated a “Invest in selective stocks selectively” strategy (you can read the post here). Indeed, choosing what stocks to invest and when to invest are important pillars of sound investing and these two questions pretty much hinge on the key themes driving the stocks markets. I would like to share my humble … [Read more...]