Put More into Building Wealth Early, then divert Income to More Spending for Higher Income Couples

createwealth8888 - Human Asset Way

Read? Put More into Building Wealth Early, then divert Income to More Spending for Higher Income Couples .... I got triggered by someone exploring the possibilities of front loading their wealth building, such that after a certain age, they can stop putting money towards wealth building, yet have enough to retire at the age of 65 years old. Uncle8888 fully agreed with the above as he has … [Read more...]

Put More into Building Wealth Early, then divert Income to More Spending for Higher Income Couples


How would you like to have more money in your hands to bring up your children, spend more on life, yet still live responsibly? I think that is the dream of many people but unfortunately, the narrative often quoted is that things cost much more nowadays compared to our parents time. Readers here would draw a common theme here in that, we each have very differing situations, but what is most … [Read more...]

The 4th "Evening with AK and friends": A success.

A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI) - AKretro

I guess it has to do with the fact that I was seated this time and not standing like I was in the first 3 sessions. That really gave an AK weakened by the flu bug a fighting chance to last the whole evening especially when the audience did not want to take a second break after the 2nd hour. Yes, we had only one ten minutes break in the whole 3 hours! Intense! I want to record my thanks to Paul … [Read more...]

Best 2015 Performer


Russia stock market was one of the worst performer last year, and remember in one of my previous post, I mentioned that my initial investment was down by more than 30%. This year, despite all the bad news, Russia market is one of the best performer, apart from China. Just last week, I have added on to my initial investment, as the chart below shows that the price has broken the 200D resistance. … [Read more...]

My First Ever Bond Purchase


Ok yes, ok. Dear Singapore government, I apologise for this impudent title. Afterall, ALL of us started buying bonds after we started working. Don’t quite catch me? Well, your CPF contributions from employment are channelled to your own Special and Medisave Account and CPF Board then uses these monies to purchase Special Singapore Government Securities. So yeah, the 4% interest that you … [Read more...]

What Were Your Aspirations When You Were Younger?

All of us will have aspirations and dreams no matter how big or small. If someone asked you what are your aspirations for your future, what would you say? How about your aspirations when you were younger? Now, is there a difference between your aspirations currently and those aspirations you had when you were younger? I came across this video by Youthcorps.sg where they did a social experiment … [Read more...]



From www.Fundsupermart.com comes a new offering: BondSupermart.com (or Bond@FSM). Now we have another avenue to buy government and corporate bonds directly without having to go to the banks. I like FSM's application interface. They tend to spot pretty clean and intuitive user interfaces. I was initially pretty excited as I thought they were offering these bonds within reach of retail … [Read more...]

Have you bought this stock?

Dear readers, if you have followed my blog, you would have known that I have been talking about Lian Beng stock, before this stock headed up by 6.7% on 22 May 2015! Yes, I have bought Lian Beng stock quite some time ago and let us look at my “Lian Beng” investing and sharing journey: On 19 May 2015, I have first posted on a hint that I am buying into a stock which I have not mentioned upfront … [Read more...]

Your Personal Finance and Investment – Three Risks That Are Seldom Actively Discussed by Personal Finance and Investment Bloggers

The three risks that we should be thinking very hard when are investing over decades in the stock market: 1. Risk Of Large losses Once we have locked in large negative losses it is very difficult to recover as most of us may have limited saving to keep adding bullets into our war chest to continue with the Game. So we must think very hard why Mr. Market is wrong and we are RIGHT before we … [Read more...]

Weekend Sharing – What Come BEFORE Money?


There are many things should come BEFORE money, actually! Just to quote a few, our health, our mental state (mindset), our freedom etc etc... Today, one particular element/resource that I want to dig in further is something that is... 1. Once gone, you can never get it back (no, not health, with the medical advancement, we might be able to maintain/get back "some months/years" of health) … [Read more...]

Value Superinvestors (Asian Edition)


Having covered on some of the famous value superinvestors who are more focused on the US-listed companies, we shall be covering on some notable value investors in Asia. While the size of their fund may look much smaller compared to those featured in the previous post, they are still great role models we should look up to within Asia. Additionally, while I always believed that while the broad … [Read more...]

CPF Minimum Sum: 4 Insurances in 1

Today's post will be on how CPF is actually 4 insurance in one.Our apologies that we have not been posting for the past few days.We have been busy with some of our personal matters and thus were unable to blog daily.I was working on a post on CPF Minimum Sum Scheme when a sudden thought came into my mind.The CPF and subsequently the CPF minimum sum scheme is actually 4 insurance plan merged into … [Read more...]

Taxi Fare Savings Hack !


This is a post by the Legendary, OT Warrior , ( OT stands for Overtime).   He wants to contribute his Taxi Fare Savings Hack to readers of the Bf Gf Blog.  We all live in a costly city, so any form of savings is good!  First World Solutions for First World Problems for First World Working-Class People. But first, let me give you some background of the OT Warrior.   When OT Warrior graduated, … [Read more...]

Staying focused requires great strength.

It has been a while since last post. Last few months, I was following more with China and HK stock markets and Forex markets. It was very exciting and I learnt a lot: made some gains; dodged some bullets; suffered some loss. Now I have closed almost all positions in HK/China market and withdrew most of funds out of Forex account with only a small sum left for trading. But my largest asset … [Read more...]

Nibbled Vicom despite the "looming down cycle"


Vicom, the name that is ubiquitous with all car owners in Singapore. Recently, its share price has been falling due to worries of the lopsided ageing of the private cars and thus, the massive de-registration of the vehicles at the end of their 10 year lifespan. Why then did I decide to take a small position in Vicom today? Excellent Balance Sheet Massive Cash holdings that is … [Read more...]

Which Singapore company will be a IT multi-bagger stock?

PageAdvisor was launched on 14 May 2015. Some of you might have noted my post on this app last year (you can refer to the post here http://singapore-stocks-investing.blogspot.sg/2014/11/page-advisor-one-upcoming-revolutionary.html ). In simplest terms, PageAdvisor is an app which connect service providers with customers through the vendors responding to the customers requests for a quote. For a … [Read more...]

POSB Invest Saver 4.0: Re-invest Dividends!


Thanks to a reader for commenting and pointing out this new development in the POSB Invest-Saver Product! This is the screenshot that he sent me of what he saw inside his ibanking page. Well, now that changes up some things a little, doesn't it? I have written about the POSB Invest-Saver product a few times: 1. Comparing the RSPs of POSB, Phillip and OCBC 2. POSB's Invest-Saver … [Read more...]

Generating Passive Income From Bonds Workshop

I previously wrote that bonds are more suitable for cash flow than stock dividends. This is because coupon payments from bonds are fixed while dividends from stocks are not. Bondholders are higher on the hierarchy of claims than shareholders and hence bonds are considered less risky than stocks. Why are most investors clueless about bonds? MoolahSense founder, Lawrence Yong, shared with us … [Read more...]

Bf Gf Portfolio Update – 21 May 2015


Recently, I have been re-balancing my portfolio.  I remembered it was in early February 2015 when I looked back at my stock holdings and wondered what the heck am I doing??? I have over allocated into a few stocks namely Chip Eng Seng, Nam Cheong and Valuetronics, all of which, are rather risky.  I have since spent these past few months scouring for better stock picks, and at the same time, … [Read more...]