STI ETF versus other Singapore Unit Trust


We always say that due to their low cost, failure of active managers to consistently perform well, the STI ETF is the way investors should choose if they want to build wealth in the Singapore context. I decide to tabulate this data where the annualized returns of the SPDR STI ETF, with dividends reinvested are measured against the Singapore focus unit trust I can find on … [Read more...]

Singapore stocks insights

I watched a TV interview with a well-known financial professional. The professional said that while he could not really predict the stocks markets, he could tell whether the stocks markets are currently expensive or cheap. According to him, the Singapore stocks are currently cheap based on a Price-to-earning ratio of thirteen and the returns, according to him are good as compared to leaving your … [Read more...]

World’s Simplest Market Alert Tool – Interview With Daniel Chia, Professional Investment Manager and Co-Founder of Call-Levels


Recently on Monday, I met up personally with 2 of the co-founders, Daniel and Cynthia, of a new app called call-levels. In this post, I'll be featuring Daniel Chia, who has a vast amount of experience in the financial industry. Learn from a professional investment manager on what he has to say about making money from the markets. Learn how a newly launched free-to-use app can help us in our … [Read more...]

Recent Action – Stamford Land (2)

I accumulate a little more of Stamford Land today after the stock price consolidate at around $0.55. With this purchase, I now own 10 lots of Stamford having accumulated some in the past. I've also written a post in the past when I purchased them at a slightly higher price. See Here The fundamentals have not changed for the reasons from the day I decide to purchase this counter. I am … [Read more...]

Wah! Teh Hooi Ling’s New Book – Show Me The Money is So HOT!


To be frank, three weeks ago, I have no idea who is Teh Hooi Ling (Ms). After reading her latest book - Show Me The Money (Book 1) - Sound Principles To Grow Your Wealth and blogged about it a couple of weeks ago (click here to see my earlier post) , I started to learn more about her and get to know how influential and popular she it to our local investment scene (my bad, but later is better … [Read more...]

Daily Market Opinion for 26-Nov-2014


Daily Market Opinion for 26-Nov-2014 STI had ended slightly bullish yesterday as it continues to struggle with finding its direction. It managed to open with a slight gap up but it failed to maintain its strength quickly. This leads to selling pressure in the morning session which hit a low of 3334.12 level. At this low level, the sentiment of the market starts to reverse. Buyers entered the … [Read more...]

Market News In 2 Minutes @ 26th November 2014


As stock investors (even though a small one), it is important to keep abreast with the latest financial and market news. Since I am in it, I thought it might be worthwhile to share it out with my readers too. Hence, I started this "Market News In 2 Minutes" series. Following are the "Market News In 2 Minutes" for today : Sapphire Corporation (NF1) - Proposed the acquisition and further … [Read more...]

Blue Chips With Zero Net Debt


Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of my blog if you wish to continue with the contents below. The market is valuing ST Engineering at 5.31x books. EPS CAGR for 3 years is at +4.93%. If it is able to maintained its DPS at 15cts, its yield will be around 4.48%. Lets take a look at its financials:Sembcorp and Sembmarine were excluded from the table because their latest quarter were net … [Read more...]

Civil servants to get 0.8 months bonus

Civil servants will get a bonus of 0.8 months on top of the thirteen-month salary. The total bonus for civil servants for year 2014 is however less than that for year 2013. So who are civil servants? Typically, civil servants are employees of ministries and organs of state while public servants are employees of statutory boards. Statutory board employees would usually follow the civil servant’s … [Read more...]

Buffett’s Total Market Value/GNP metric applied to Singapore and Hong Kong


We examine Warren Buffett’s favourite market valuation metric – Market Value divided by Gross National Product – in an Asian context. Buffett believes this metric indicates whether stocks in general are over-valued relative to economic conditions. According to him, around 80% would be a fair value figure. I would think that the current value of the indicator would be around the same level as in … [Read more...]

Civil Service Bonus End-2014

All civil servants will get a total of 1.8 months of bonus at this year end, according to this PSD press release. This bonus consists of the standard one-month NPAA (which is commonly called the “13th month bonus”) and 0.8 month of AVC. The acronym NPAA stands for “Non-Pensionable Annual Allowance”, while AVC stands for “Annual Variable Component”. If you include this year’s mid-year bonus … [Read more...]

Death of Investment Banks

Recently, I saw this video by Anton Kreil, a former Goldman Sachs Sales Trader and thought it was quite cool. Well, I will not spoil the fun, so enjoy watching the seminar, its around 2 and a half hours and has five parts in total. I have only uploaded one part so feel free to continue watching the rest via YouTube. Afterall, the aim was simply to bring awareness. … [Read more...]

What you need to have in order to win in the game of stocks?

China will cut back its interest rates, this follows the “quantitative easing” of Japan and both these moves come on the back of the US scaling back its quantitative easing. So what do these moves by the countries mean for the stocks markets and economy? Well, one thing is sure, there is much liquidity for economies and low interest rates will be welcome by many. While these may be news for … [Read more...]

Good Advices from Bad People and Critical Thinking

Two events that happen recently that I thought are good lessons here. The first one, which I brought to readers attention here on Tony Robbin’s new book on something similar to the all weather portfolio. In the article Barry Ritholtz goes back in time to take a look at some questionable forecasts that he made on the stock market in public interviews (long story short his advice would have cause … [Read more...]

What Footprints Are You Leaving Behind?

Today, feeling inspirational and like to share something for the "mind" instead of the wealth. So, there is nothing related to stock investment or for that matter, nothing to do with any type of investment. To me, life is a journey and since it is an on-going journey (until our very last breath), we are leaving countless footprints everywhere we go, especially to the people we met (or about to … [Read more...]

Marco Polo Marine: The matter of letters and FY2014.

I receive emails from a handful of readers from time to time regarding Marco Polo Marine's share price and some wonder if I am still a shareholder. Well, I did reduce exposure many months ago and I blogged about my reasons for doing so. Since then, I have held on to my remaining long position and have done practically nothing as I wait to see how things pan out with the purchase of the jack up … [Read more...]

Daily Market Opinion for 25-Nov-2014


Daily Market Opinion for 25-Nov-2014 STI seems to be struggling to start the week with a bullish note. It opened with a bullish start which tested 3350 resistance level. In the early trading session, STI is still able to continue to trade bullishly and it even hit a high of 3356 level. However, selling pressure starts to enter the market as profit takers were seen lurking in the market. Hence, STI … [Read more...]

Verbs, Adjectives, and Nouns

The joy of blogging for me is the scintillating engagement with readers. It's a two way street. It's the adjective silly! Never the noun. When I wrote the above post, I was feeling  quite smug until a girl with the cutest dimples put me in my place at another post months later: "Without the verb, how do you get the adjective?" Her comment showed she had a deeper understanding than … [Read more...]

The Wolf and the Goat

Singapore Man of Leisure - THE WOLF AND THE GOAT

A wolf, who was out searching for a meal, saw a goat feeding on grass on top of a high cliff. Wishing to get the goat to climb down from the rock and into his grasp, he called out to her. "Excuse me, dear Goat," he said in a friendly voice, "It is very dangerous for you to be at such a height. Do come down before you injure yourself. Besides, the grass is much greener and thicker down here. … [Read more...]

The 4 Money Moves to Consider in your 40s


If wisdom comes with age, we should be making smarter money moves as we embrace each decade of life. Our money priorities change as we grow, from figuring how to pay off student loan debt to starting a family and saving to buy a home. And when you hit the big 4-0, things can get a bit more complicated. While there could be more work security and somewhat stable personal money habits by then, it’s … [Read more...]