Believe in yourself

I recently took profit on 2 stocks which I invested in 2 years ago. The reason was because only now are they in the black therefore I quickly cut off ties! I still have a few investments from 2 years back which are still in the red despite dividends so it is frustrating and also shows that I definitely didn't buy at the right time.   One of them was CDL which showed a spectacular run which I've … [Read more...]

Never say never

I've learnt to not say never because it seems the more I say never I end up doing it or it ends up happening. It's like the law of attraction...of sorts...the more certain you are about a certain attract it to you and ta da before you know it, it has occurred! I saw some dips in REITS which I sold off and now it's at a price level which seems more palatable so I bought some lots two … [Read more...]

Reflections and Resolutions

I sold off some of my investments in REITS once they broke even a few months ago and am still on the lookout to sell off more but it is really far from its cost price and with the pittance of dividends, I don't know when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Recently their prices have dropped so it was a good move to sell them earlier on.   On the other hand, my trading has improved in … [Read more...]

Christmas is coming

I absolutely love Christmas and would love to spend every Christmas and New Year in a different country, to soak in the lights, the atmosphere and the general happiness of it all. That has yet to happen so it's definitely on my bucket list! Last year around this time, I received the best gift of my life and since then Christmas takes on a different meaning for me.   The only awful part of … [Read more...]

A year later

It has been a year since I started trading as I took a break on and off for a few months here and there due to personal circumstances and it is only in the past few weeks that I have managed to successfully know and close my positions before the trend reverses. Previously, I just hope and hold on which reduces profits and also destroys my self esteem as I start to question whether I can only short … [Read more...]


I'm surprised that Brexit happened... I thought like most other people that they wouldn't have the guts to exit the EU. But then again, you gotta admit that Brexit sounds a whole lot sexier, trendy and catchy than Bremain which sounds like spoilt bread. I think the ordinary Brits have spoken as they are probably displeased with the way their country has become. I read with interest and horror … [Read more...]


Recently I managed to get a part time cleaner to come once a fortnight and as I watched her clean I realized that I can never be as efficient and effective as her. It doesn't help that my attempts at cleaning have not been successful as evidenced by the awful water marks on the bathroom glass door or the floor is never as sparkling as hers even 2 days after she has done the cleaning!   Of course … [Read more...]

10 Things I wish I knew before I started Trading

1. Paper trade successfully for a period of time (at least a few months) before diving in. Start by keeping your trades small because your focus is to get it right rather than make it big. By starting small, your stress levels are reduced and you can make better decisions. Be prepared to stop live trading for a while if your small live trades go bad and after closing your open positions, you need … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Lunar New Year

For some people like ACCICB, the new year only begins after Lunar New Year. For me, I prefer 1st January but whichever approach you take doesn't matter as long as it signifies a fresh start for you. Much like in investing or trading, there are many ways to be successful and what works for you may not work for others. It's good to read about what others do for reference but to try to emulate … [Read more...]

Losing 10% of your net worth

No, that person wasn't me! ACCICB told me he heard of somebody who lost that much last year in the stock market. Regardless of how much the person's net worth was, 10% is a huge amount to lose in a year! I was asked to guess the dollar value of the person's loss and even after 10 guesses, I still didn't hit the magic number!   Let's just say that it is impossible for most people to have that … [Read more...]

Onward to 2016

I don't blog much these days but December has always been an interesting month for me as I love X'mas save for the rain in Singapore. I'm usually in a good mood due to the festivity especially if I'm overseas soaking in the X'mas lights, enjoying the good food and happily shopping in the cold. I reflect on how I have spent the year and hope that next year would be better. Because no matter how … [Read more...]

Positive or Realistic Advice

I wish Doctors will give positive and realistic advice...if not I rather get the realistic than the positive advice. At least that way I get to prepare myself mentally for what may happen. But I guess Doctors can't do that when they have never gone though the procedure themselves or gotten sick that way before. It's very much like trading and investing if you think about it. For a small time … [Read more...]

Performance review of past stocks analysis

I've not blogged for a while because I've been busy with other stuff and nothing came to mind and since this is not a job, I don't see why I've to push out articles for the sake of it. The year is coming to a close so I thought of reviewing how the stocks that I blogged about performed thus far and for simplicity, I'll just take the stock's closing price on the day that I wrote about them (as … [Read more...]

Calling out for Trikomsel bondholders

If you have read the news lately, you would have heard of Trikomsel restructuring their bonds and this post is to spread the word that they are looking for their fellow bondholders to contact them at as strength is in numbers for a case like this.   The bondholders are likely to be accredited investors such as private banking clients with the banks in Singapore or maybe … [Read more...]

Aspire to Inspire

I've been fiddling with my investment portfolio recently which saw me selling off some of my SG holdings. Some dough has been placed into SSB and we decided to give the Perennial Real Estate Holdings retail bond a miss since we have some exposure to them. I'm trying to figure out whether I can shorten my trading timeframe from a few days to just a day and maybe even intra-day which I target to do … [Read more...]

The only TA book you ever need

According to ACCICB, he only read 1 TA book and learnt the rest online and he told me that this book is the only book I will need to read. A reader left a comment long ago that he wanted to know what book it was, therefore this post is for that purpose and after this post I don't think I have any more posts I should write but haven't! That book seems to be rather hard to buy given that it's so … [Read more...]

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

I admire people who put themselves through tremendous odds as well as go through what outsiders view as hell to do what they love to do. Everytime I admire a painting or a sculpture or any piece of art, I can only think of how obsessive the creator was but really when you are doing it you don't think it's being obsessive but more of being in the moment and being fully absorbed. In fact, you … [Read more...]

Missed by a cent

With the recent market volatility, ACCICB who trades the Chinese market told me that he missed buying a stock by a cent which went up 7% the next day. It was a clear morning star reversal pattern and in the last minute the prices just went sky high. This is the tough part when you don't have live prices on least that's how it affects me for another market.   Both of us concur that it … [Read more...]

Shorting Spree

I remembered the first time I shorted a stock. That was two months into my full time trading journey and funnily it was done out of frustration of not knowing how to short when I'm seeing red everywhere. I searched online for a while but it seems nobody was telling me how to go about shorting a stock so I just had to do it for myself.   I thought that ACCICB would be the first to short and then … [Read more...]

Saved by a penny

There was once whereby ACCICB was saved by a penny as he placed a trade in the last few minutes but didn't get it because he was a penny short. The next day, the stock crashed which would have be disastrous as he was going to buy long.   Both of us were looking at the same stock but that night about twenty minutes before market was going to close, I told him that I'm tired from the morning's … [Read more...]