Why "Bei Kampings" Are So Willing To Pay???

Read? Why are some people more gullible than others? EXPLAINING GULLIBILITY Gullibility occurs because we have evolved to deal with information using two fundamentally different systems, according to Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman. System 1 thinking is fast, automatic, intuitive, uncritical and promotes accepting anecdotal and personal information as true. This was a … [Read more...]

Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (6) – About time to refresh it!

Read? Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (6) Uncle8888 has been trying to understand this: Where does the money from stock market come from? He thinks that most of the money from the stock market will come from investors/traders participating in the stock market and only some money will be coming in the form of stock dividends distributed by companies and shares buy-back by … [Read more...]

Personal Investing Is Like That. If Not Then What??? (2)

Read? Personal Investing Is Like That. If Not Then What??? Read? You Know Company's Balance Sheet In Its Simplest Form??? Singapore Man of Leisure16 March 2017 at 20:25:00 GMT+8 CW, I think a bigger problem than poor financial literacy is poor reading skills ;) The main thrust of your post is the QUESTION you've asked: "How many retail understand how a company GROWS its balance … [Read more...]

Warren Buffett’s (often ignored) advice to mega-rich investors

Read? Warren Buffett’s (often ignored) advice to mega-rich investors But it’s the next part of Buffett’s advice that makes it so interesting. He goes on to say: “I believe, however, that none of the mega-rich individuals, institutions or pension funds has followed that same advice when I’ve given it to them. Instead, these investors politely thank me for my thoughts and depart to listen to … [Read more...]

Voluntarily Cash Top Up To Our Children CPF Account When They Are Young For Compounding Interests

Hmm ... One reason Uncle8888 recently came to know : Lock up this money in the CPF system till their children reach 55 so they can become richer with parental cash support. Do they mean that they are going to leave behind very LITTLE or NO inheritance for their children? Which is likely to be larger? Inheritance or CPF when their parents have so much surplus cash to think of topping up … [Read more...]

The Investing Stories Behind Singapore’s STI Blue Chips

Read? Uncle Chua's School of Long-term Investing??? (2) Read? Grand old investor and gambler??? CreateWealth8888  27 February 2014 at 08:27:00 GMT+8 When to start buying? One grand old uncle (80+) told me this. The same old uncle who held APB for XX years and lost count of how much money he has made. When you see both ST and Zaobao showing at the same time large graphical of global … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Lend My Money Via P2P???

Read? How to become rich in stocks??? (29) Peter Lynch: You don't need a lot in your lifetime. You only need a few good stocks in your lifetime. I mean how many times do you need a stock to go up ten-fold to make a lot of money? Not a lot. I think the secret is if you have a lot of stocks, some will do mediocre, some will do okay, and if one of two of 'em go up big time, you … [Read more...]

You All Investment Bloggers Like to Make Investing Look So Easy (2)

Read? You All Investment Bloggers Like to Make Investing Look So Easy Avoiding those large losses that deplete our investing capital till recovery looks almost impossible is the key to the final outcome of long investing journey and strictly comply to this principle. 3 Ms - Method, Mind and Money Management! What did you actually see? What is that key to avoid portfolio destruction … [Read more...]

Life Insurance Is Definitely Important Up To Point X In Our Life Journey!

In personal finance; we have to be competent over the three scopes coveringsaving, insurance and investment through our life journey. On that night; one guy asked Uncle8888 for his view on life insurance; as usual he would illustrate his view on the flip chart with marker pen. LOL! Now; he illustrated the same view with better diagram here... … [Read more...]

I Am Liability To The Team!!!

Read? Random thoughts: Coporate Rats out there, We can be happy rats As corporate rats; we will run the Mill as dictated by Top Down and corporate development scene. We as rats running or spinning will have little control over how we should run the Mill. The day may arrive sooner than expected that we are no longer that happy rats running that old Mill. The Mill is unknowningly shifted or … [Read more...]

CAGR : His Human Asset vs. His Investment Gains. Who is more powerful?

Nowadays; many are talking about Big Data and Data Analytics. Long, long ago Uncle8888 as Baby Boomers already went big on Big Data and now he knows his Numbers and can show the Right Thing about CAGR between Human Asset and Investment. Singapore's blogosphere is lucky to have old folk like him who is also financial rubbish collector who can now present real big data on the truth behind the … [Read more...]

Give Your Child Fish Or Teach Your Child How To Fish

As parents we set real life examples for our children to learn from us and hopefully they will follow the right thing from us. Does it make sense to use CPF to be a long term endowment for your kids? One participant asked 2 questions a long the lines of: could we contribute more to our CPF SA, above the minimum sum limit and take advantage of the 4% interest is it a good idea to … [Read more...]

Hard Not To Fall Into Wow Factor In The Cyber World

Two very young investors; look younger than Uncle8888's two older children stayed back to chat with him on that night and leading to this discussion - The Wow Factor! Uncle8888 shared with them his experience with Wow Factor when he was newbie in the stock market! In Uncle8888's early days; there was no personal blogs and chatboxes; but there were public forums and chat rooms where many … [Read more...]

Some dividends are not meant for investors to keep forever or spend them off??? (2)

Read? Some dividends are not meant for investors to keep forever or spend them off??? S-REITs and their right issues. What is the issue with right issues for not-so-wealthy retirees who are depending on investment income to support their household expenses;  they better know what is dilution at personal investment level. It is same as the loud voice in the main stream shouting on … [Read more...]

Speaking And Sharing With Track Records!!!

Singapore Man of Leisure2 March 2017 at 22:28:00 GMT+8 CW, Lucky they got you! You speak from experience and track record ;) Go break a leg! CW8888:  Hmm ... That is really true! It is about track records! See for yourself. LOL! Uncle8888 knows his Numbers! What he shared is based on track records! He knows his total earned income from his full time employment since … [Read more...]

What Is Actually F.I.R.E??? Why We Should Love It!!!

F.I.R.E (Financial Independence Retire Early) After knowing a few F.I.R.E people .. some retire from their full-time job to take care their children i.e. becoming house-husband or housewife; some do full /part-time charity/church works; one of them full-time studying Bible and the rest of them doing free lance or part-time jobs F.I.R.E doesn't mean idling day after day; week … [Read more...]

You Know Company’s Balance Sheet In Its Simplest Form???

"Less Analyzing. More Investing!" - Createwealth8888 "To make money from the stock market, it is not how well you analyze it. It is how well you invest into it." - Createwealth8888 Company's Balance Sheet? How many retail understand how a company grows its balance sheet in a simple layman understanding without an accounting background? Uncle8888 has asked a few retail to think about … [Read more...]

MAS: Don’t trade in binary options on unregulated platforms

It says these are high-risk instruments, and many trading platforms are fraudulent and based outside Singapore. IN the wake of complaints from investors who have suffered losses, Singapore's financial markets regulator has warned against trading in binary options on unregulated platforms. Read? Option trading As Passive Income is still Hot!!! (2) Don't smile or laugh! You may also have … [Read more...]

Some CPF Matters : Understanding It Better By Actually Going Through The ProcessTo Do It (2)

Read? Turning 55 - and enjoying financial freedom (5) Today, Uncle8888 eng eng made another trip to Bishan CPF Branch. Last year. Thursday, 22 December 2016 It was like that .... CPF : You can withdraw interests from SA, OA and MA too. CW: Pls help to check how much interests I can draw out without touching my SA and OA. CPF: Wah! You have lots of interests to draw out. It … [Read more...]