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Stop me if you’ve heard this – "Earn 5k a month, just sitting on your couch! You won’t believe how easy it is!"

So stop me if you’ve seen any of these floating around the net. Word of warning: you might have actually seen one of these in the last few minutes. “I earned 3k while doing nothing! All I did was sign up for a simple course…” “Would you want to make money from your sofa? Click here to find out more!” It’s within your grasp! Everything is within your grasp, they promise – easy money and an even easier life. No more rat race, no more fuss, no more snobby relatives looking down their noses at you during Chinese New...

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Here’s hoping Sino Grandness stays fresh – Portfolio Update

Here’s hoping Sino Grandness stays fresh. Garden Fresh. Sorry for the bad puns. I apologize because I haven’t had a chance to update this blog – this week has been rather rough for me. I did manage to watch the market for a bit, however. Allow me to bring your attention back to Sino Grandness, the loquat juice producer that I covered some time ago in another article. To make this short and sweet – I picked up more shares for the same reasons I listed in my last article: 1) Sino Grandness has come to an agreement with...

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So my friend thought it was a good idea to follow an analyst’s Target Price

Sit down, everyone – I’m going to tell you a story. See, I met this guy during my army days, and he opened a trading account after we left. “This is how to make your money grow,” he told me. “I can give my parents a treat, I can buy my girlfriend new stuff, etc, etc.” Long story short, he had some spare cash lying around, he was new to stocks and trading, and he was hoping to make some money. What happened to him was one of the things that inspired me to start this blog – I...

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SinoGrandness – Some WarChest Spending

So I decided to get some trading done. I’ve been thinking more about investments in the recent weeks. However, I saw something that I thought might be worth checking out. I’m looking to achieve a 10-15% return on my capital, and if it happens, then I’ll have something extra for the wallet and the ol’ portfolio. I thought I’d get into SinoGrandness, a company most well-known for loquat juice. I’ve had some decent returns trading this stock in the past, and now, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and put a few thousand into the pot again. I expect...

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Goodbye KeppelCorp, Hello ST Engineering – Don’t Ever Fear Change

So, I mixed up my portfolio yesterday. Two things I’ve learned from my foray into investments: there is no need to fear change, and never to fall in love with a stock. Honestly speaking, the easier it is for you to let go of your stocks when you realize that better opportunities are out there, the better off you are. There’s nothing wrong with adapting to the market or the situation if you think it necessary. I’ve had the misfortune of seeing friends lose thousands because they hung onto to a stock, always believing that the price would turn around. Never...

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"Should you be prepping your war chest now? Is Winter coming after the recent rally?"

No, I don’t think so. At least, not yet. For beginners to finance and investment – a war chest is a sum of cash set aside for the specific purpose of taking advantage of opportunities. For example, buying stocks on the cheap when prices suddenly plunge. The STI has been on steroids during the last week – it shot back up to 2800+ amidst a slight rise in oil prices and a rally in the Wall Street markets. A month ago, the idea that the STI would hit 3000 any time soon was a pipe dream, but the STI...

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