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6 Personal Lessons from an ASEAN angel investor

Angel investing is immensely rewarding but for the new and uninitiated, the risks of angel investing can be phenomenal. Investing in a startup requires more than just research and analysis, there are a couple more skill set one would need to make the right call about a startup. Even then, there is no guarantee of success. We invite experienced Angel Investor, Der Shing to share some of the lessons he had picked up along his journey as an Angel Investor in ASEAN. Enter Der Shing Since 2009, my wife & I have been angel investing in the area of internet businesses where we have some experience....

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2016 Annual Letter To Readers Of BigFatPurse

The tradition of the annual letter started just last year. This year I would like to share more about what we have accomplished in 2016 and also provide some updates on our plans for 2017. I will section the letter into 4 main parts – Investment Performance, Investor Education, Acquisition and Reflections. Investment Performance The CNAV Portfolio continued to perform well despite an overall lacklustre stock market in Singapore and Malaysia. The Portfolio gained 10.9% in 2016 (as of 30th Nov) while the STI ETF remained almost flat. This further validated our approach and justified our stock picks. We have included the KLCI...

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How to make your ETFs work harder for you

The Active investing vs Passive investing war has been going on for years. Proponents of the active camp insist that it is better to invest with fund managers who will proactively put your money to good use. After all, they are the professionals who have deep knowledge of the financial markets and are constantly tuned in to news that will make or break your investment. The passive camp on the other hand, call out the fund managers for their high fees and sub-par returns. Passive investors utilise Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which track entire indices. They are cheap to purchase and own. The issue with...

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Poker, Golf, 4D and Investing – Are they more Skill or Luck?

In the winter of 2008, Walter Watkins and Diane Dent were charged in a Pennsylvania court of running an illegal gambling operation. They were hosting poker games in the garage and were busted by an undercover cop. Watkins and Dent conceded to everything the persecution has put forward. The games did take place, money did change hands, they did profit from the games in the form of tips. Instead, their defense lies in one critical point – is the game of poker a game of chance or skill? The distinction is extremely important. If Texas Hold’em, the version of the poker game that...

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51 Bizarre ETFs You Wouldn’t Even Imagine Exist

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are investment funds that own assets. They are traded on a stock exchange, similar to the way stocks are. ETFs are designed to replicate the return of a specific index such as stocks (e.g. STI), bonds (e.g. ABF), currency, commodity (e.g. GLD) or even an...

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3 Basic Principles You Need To Understand To Be A Successful Investor

This article was originally posted on DollarsAndSense. In today’s low interest rate environment, everyone is talking about how investing can get you a higher return than just letting money “rot” in the bank. While investing is not rocket science, neither is it child’s play – people have lost fortunes and ruined their lives doing it wrong. In this article, we discuss some basic principles that every investor should consider when they are making their investments. These principles may seem fairly straight forward, but once you are investing with real money and your emotions take over, a reminder of these basic...

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What Constitute Value Investing

There are many ways one can invest. We choose to use Value Investing when we invest. Here are some of the characteristics of Value Investing. Irrational Market We believe that the market is made up of irrational investors. Hence, the prices traded on the stock market do not accurately reflect the true value of a stock. A stock may be underpriced or overpriced mainly due to its investors’ sentiments, which brings us to the next characteristic. Intrinsic Value As value investors, we believe that every stock has its intrinsic value. This is the true value of the stock and it is not related...

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Essential Terms All REITs Investors Must Know

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are companies that own and operate income-producing real estate. They are a popular investment medium as they allow retail investors to gain exposure into real estate assets with a relatively low investment capital. If you are investing in REITs, these are the terms that you should know. WEIGHTED LEASE AVERAGE EXPIRY (WALE) Weighted Lease Average Expiry (ALE) is a metric used by investors to access the likelihood of REITs’ properties portfolio being vacant. As we all know, income generated by REITs are derived from its leasing out spaces. Hence, vacancy would hurt REITs’ earnings and...

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Benjamin Graham shares 5 Ways to Invest

Benjamin Graham, the father of Value Investing and the author of “The Intelligent Investor” determined five types of value investing in his book. You could clock returns that are more than satisfactory. They are: General Trading.Look at the market as a whole, as such trading the indices. This has become possible for retail investors with the advent of index ETFs, which were not available during Graham’s time. Buy Cheap, Sell High.Enter the market when the prices are down, then selling when it becomes much more valuable. Selective Trading.When trading selectively, you’ll pick and choose stocks might perform better than...

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