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oh oh! time of the year (deductibles you may not know about)

“there are only two things in life that are certain – death and taxes”                                                           – unknown Time of the year to file your taxes! I usually just claim the usually stuff, NSman, SRS, blah blah. Then, I came across this article by Ryan Ong:regarding income tax deductibles that you may not know about. I just regurgitate the article below,  in block quotes. Read below to find out more. Personally, i found point #2 quite...

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1Q’16 ending; what’s next?

As we come to a close for the 1Q ’16, perhaps it is time to take check and see where we stand. The three months flew past quite quick for me, and it has been quite  a volatile , yet interesting first quarter. I did not buy as much as I would love to due to other priorities and opportunities that came up. I am sure most of the people can still recall in the beginning of the year. At the point of writing, things seem to have pick up a bit, relatively.  But no one has a crystal...

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ABSD and QC charges (again?)

Updates from the previous post here. What was interesting from the tables below was that the smaller property developers ie Hock Lian Seng (HLS) and KSH are in net cash for their debt-to-equity ratio (HLS was recently came under my watchlist. There was a bit of buzz around it but I will leave that for another post later) Singapore Land (SL) has  two projects – Pollen & Bleu and Mon Jervois. These are in good districts aka atas area (CCR and OCR), hence selling price is beyond the reach of the masses. SL will take a ABSD hit in 2017...

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ABF SG BOND ETF (A35) – rock steady?

My portfolio is highly skewed towards equities. As I get older (forming-a-one-pec aka beer belly), I want to slowly shift a percentage to bonds to get that stability in my portfolio … I know it is probably at an opportunity cost of getting higher returns on your capital, but priorities change. Then, I found this ABF bond fund (A35).. so what exactly is this? A35 is a bond ETF, it holds many bonds to maturity. One can treat it like a bond. It’s stable and yields about 2%. As you can see for the past 5 year historical  chart,...

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childcare fees – why so ex?

I was reading the ST today, then saw this article about childcare fees. At first glance, the figures didn’t mean much too me, but upon looking at it again, i realised what was wrong (not technically wrong, per se, but just jolted me) Just looking at the graph below, the MONTHLY childcare fee is $1000, average? i was like… what!!!! my mind quickly worked out $12k per year..(ok ok , i know this is not exactly rocket science, even a kid at this $1k childcare should be able to mental sum faster than me) i don’t have kids, so...

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How to get FREE 10gr BSP Silver

I have been looking at alternative investment from my portfolio for quite some time, and one of them is precious metals. I wasn’t sure what was the best way to get vested in this precious metal. You know how, when you were younger,  senior folks/parents/relative, they always ask you to buy gold and keep? saying,  gold will go up, blah blah.. But how to you actually do it? Do you buy physical gold from the shop and keep in closet? buy the gold ETF? so many different types of gold, how to choose? Talked to a friend who was...

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ABSD and Developer’s Major Shareholders

These few months, i have been particularly interested in the ABSD and share buyback of the developers, for a couple of reasons. potentially looking for a good deal for a condo (in a hope of a fire sale, to clear their existing stock. unfortunately, this is an unlikely scenario in 2016. since the amount that they need to pay is probably not a lot, relatively. most of the fees are only due in 2017-18, so there is still plenty of time for the developers to sell their units) privatisation (from the last figure below. my opinion is that those...

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6m “Fix Deposit” – 2.08%pa

came across this DBS/POSB promo..  all you need is to fulfill $4800 for 6months. which is not exactly difficult to hit… base on my calculation, it is 2.08% pa. which is as good as it gets in current FD markets. most of the banks gives you 2%, but you need to be priority banking member or higher tier, with a min 6-digit outlay for 9-12 months. the best thing is that everything is done online, and the deduction is automated too. so there is no need to dropby the branch. takes you 10min, or 15min max, to set everything up....

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