How to get FREE 10gr BSP Silver


I have been looking at alternative investment from my portfolio for quite some time, and one of them is precious metals. I wasn’t sure what was the best way to get vested in this precious metal. You know how, when you were younger,  senior folks/parents/relative, they always ask you to buy gold and keep? saying,  gold will go up, blah blah.. But how to you actually do it? Do you buy physical … [Read more...]

ABSD and Developer’s Major Shareholders


These few months, i have been particularly interested in the ABSD and share buyback of the developers, for a couple of reasons. potentially looking for a good deal for a condo (in a hope of a fire sale, to clear their existing stock. unfortunately, this is an unlikely scenario in 2016. since the amount that they need to pay is probably not a lot, relatively. most of the fees are only due in … [Read more...]

6m “Fix Deposit” – 2.08%pa


came across this DBS/POSB promo..  all you need is to fulfill $4800 for 6months. which is not exactly difficult to hit… base on my calculation, it is 2.08% pa. which is as good as it gets in current FD markets. most of the banks gives you 2%, but you need to be priority banking member or higher tier, with a min 6-digit outlay for 9-12 months. the best thing is that everything is done online, … [Read more...]