How to Choose An Insurance Agent


Most people do not actively seek out to choose an insurance agent. In fact, it is often true that they stumbled upon their insurance agents by chance. Either these insurance agents have made cold calls, knocked on their doors, stopped them at roadshows, or were simply friends just starting out in the insurance industry. For Heartland Boy, it is a nice gesture to support your friends but it can … [Read more...]

SRS Account to Boost Retirement Planning


Supplementary Retirement Scheme (‘SRS’) Account Unlike the previous recommendations by Heartland Boy, namely, Transfer from Central Provident Fund (‘CPF’) Ordinary Account (‘OA’) to Special Account (‘SA’) and CPF Retirement Topping-Up Scheme this recommendation of utilizing the SRS Account  requires a little bit more effort. This is because this is a voluntary scheme and not a compulsory … [Read more...]

How to Choose Your HDB BTO Unit


You have followed Heartland Boy’s tips on which HDB BTO project and unit type to bid for. Now you have gotten your queue number and are monitoring with bated breath as the units available for sale get whittled down each day. Not to worry, Heartland Boy is going to leverage on his professional experience in the real estate industry to give you some tips on how to choose your HDB BTO unit. Ah, … [Read more...]

Heartland Boy’s Strategy for BREXIT


BREXIT. BREXIT. BREXIT. This seems to be the only buzzword dominating the news these days. And rightfully so, because BREXIT was described and predicted as the single and greatest financial risk that will happen to the financial markets in history. Well, the good thing about BREXIT is that there is actually a fixed date to ascertain its occurrence. Therefore, companies can act with certainty and … [Read more...]

At-Sunrice Academy: SkillsFuture Approved!


What is SkillsFuture? In Budget 2015, the government made a bold move by giving S$500 to every Singaporean aged 25 and above.  This $500, known as SkillsFuture Credit, can be made to pay for eligible courses that commence from 1 Jan 2016 onwards. This $500 can also be used to pay for course fees even if these courses already enjoy existing government subsidies. SkillsFuture is a movement by … [Read more...]

QAF Limited- Initiation Report


Business Model of QAF QAF has several business segments- Bakery, Primary Production, Trading and Logistics, Cold Store Operations and Others.  Because QAF’s profit and revenue are significantly influenced by only its bakery and primary production segments, this initiation report would only focus on these 2 segments. Bakery Segment Its bakery segment is primarily engaged in bakery … [Read more...]

How to reduce your wedding expenses


Readers on Heartlandboy would have noticed that articles dried up immensely during the month of April and May. That was because marriage preparation kicked into full swing and the task was made harder with Heartland Boy being based in Jakarta. Well, despite being geographically challenged, the Heartland Couple also struggled with their wedding budget. In particular, Heartland Boy was very … [Read more...]

Singapore-Style Annual General Meeting (AGM)


Annual General Meetings (AGM) season is finally over. To some people, the main objective in attending an AGM is the buffet spread that usually happens after the meeting. Some shareholders see this as another form of dividend that they are entitled to. Heartland Boy doesn’t like to participate in the mad dash and am quite glad that more companies have recently replaced the buffet with bento … [Read more...]

Merger and Acquisition Event for Innovalues


Innovalues Reached Heartland Boy’s Target Price Innovalues has been on a tear ever since it announced on 7 April 2016 that it had appointed Rippledot Capital Advisors to “conduct a review of strategic options with a view of enhancing and unlocking shareholder value”. On 18 April, Innovalues exceeded Heartland Boy’s target price of $1.03 when he purchased it in late Dec 2015. (For readers who are … [Read more...]

Initiation Report on Sarine Technologies


Business Model of Sarine Sarine is a technology-based company incorporated in 1988 and headquartered in Israel. It is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced evaluation, planning, cutting, polishing and grading systems for diamonds and gemstones production. Sarine used to be an investor’s darling but has since fallen from grace. It is an unloved stock these days with … [Read more...]

Initiation Report on Sunningdale Tech


Business Model of Sunningdale Sunningdale Tech Limited (‘Sunningdale’), headquartered in Singapore, is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Sunningdale is a one-stop precision plastic engineering company that provides capabilities in the entire value chain starting from product and mould design to ultra-precision high cavitation tooling and injection moulding to finish processes such as … [Read more...]

Reduce Income Tax: CPF Retirement Topping-Up Scheme


It is the tax season again whereby every dutiful Singapore contributes to nation building. Heartland Boy would like to introduce the CPF Retirement Topping-Up Scheme and the importance of it when filing for your income tax. Heartland Boy is confident that that almost every young working adult can take advantage of the CPF Retirement Topping-Up Scheme to immediately reduce his or her income tax … [Read more...]

Initiation Report on Croesus Retail Trust


Business Model of Croesus Retail Trust Croesus Retail Trust is a business trust listed on the SGX in 2013. Croesus Retail Trust manages and operates a portfolio of 8 suburban malls and collects rents from the tenants of the malls. These rents, after netting operating expenses, are then paid out to unitholders. Therefore, it behaves exactly like a REIT and should be considered a high dividend … [Read more...]

Heartland Boy Shops for a HDB BTO


It was not too long ago that Heartland Boy participated in a HDB BTO (Housing Development Board Build to Order) exercise. For the foreign readers who are in unfamiliar territory, this is a public housing system in Singapore that allocates new HDB flats to aspiring home owners. For first-timers, this can be a pretty harrowing and confusing experience. This is especially so when everyone claims to … [Read more...]

Poh Kim Jewellery Offers the Best Value for Engagement Ring


Given that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, Heartland Boy is acutely aware that many guys will be proposing to their special ones on this romantic occasion. The key ingredient in a proposal is inevitably the engagement ring itself. Having been on this path before, Heartland Boy understands how frustrating the process of getting the engagement ring can be. For instance, some common worries … [Read more...]

Initiation Report on Innovalues Limited


Business Model of Innovalues Innovalues, headquartered in Singapore, is founded in 1997 and listed in 2001 on the Singapore Stock Exchange. It is a precision component supplier in 2 different business segments; (i) automotive   and (ii) office automation. It has factories in Malaysia, China and Thailand. Since its automotive unit generated 80% of FY2014 revenue, this initiation report will … [Read more...]