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Hi Everyone, Having a pay raise is indeed a good thing because this means that you will have more money, also means more savings (only if you maintain your expenses). So with the extra savings there are some of the things that you can do with this extra money from your pay raise. I felt that this article from SingSaver is indeed a good article for me as well as the reader here (I honestly believe) that you will gain something in return after reading this article. FIVE SMARTEST THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR PAY RAISE IN SINGAPORE There’s...

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Managing Your Finances by Yourself or By Others (After Credit Scene)

Hi Everyone! With the previous post on Managing Your Finances By Yourself or By Others – Captain America Civil War, we will have a after credit scene for it where by I saw an article yesterday which states that adults are in debts due to car loan payment. The article is shown below Some Debtors Say Maintaining Cars Puts Them In Debt Source: Some debtors say maintaining cars puts them in debt The crippling debt that came with buying his car made owning one an irony – he had a car but could not afford to drive it. Adam (not his...

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Captain America Civil War Comparison on Managing Your Finances By Yourself or By Others?

Hi Everyone! Today’s topic is about whether to manage the money by yourself or by others (third party agents) in order to grow your savings. I am taking reference to Captain America Civil War because this topic is quite similar to what this topic is about. Managing the Money By Yourself (Captain America Team) VS Other Parties Managing Your Money (Ironman Team) Both have their good and bad, however, it is really up to the individual to really know what they want to do with their money and their comfort level in managing their own money. There is certainly...

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Personal Passive Income and Expenses Monthly Report – May 2016

Hi Everyone! Every month, from now, I will do a monthly report of my expenses as well as my passive income update on the first of every month (Excluding this post because I want to standardize the way that I consolidate all my monthly report). So below is my report for May 2016 Investment and Passive Income – May 2016 This page will show the investment portfolio and the yearly (current) passive income that I have earned.   Savings and Expenditure – May 2016 This is my planned expenditure and from this planning, I will based on my take...

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Considerations on How To Manage Your CPF Money

Hi Everyone! Today is the day that I receive my CPF money for last month’s income in my account. Although it is not much but it helps me to build my funds for purchasing condo (my target for next year – Investing in Property.. My Choice and My Plan). CPF also recently upgrade their website to enhance their user interface and also with more information on individuals CPF money (Previously mention in this blog post – Are You Ready? By CPF Board). So, today’s topic is about CPF, because there are many options out there on how to manage your...

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Hi Everyone! I was approached by SingSaver to post one of their article on my blog. Of course to me is an honored however, I will only post those article which I feel is good and related to the scope that I aiming for. So as I am going to purchase properties (next year) and it will be great for people who have yet to purchase their first property to read this article. Not sure whether it will help you in purchasing your first property but is a information that is good to know as these 5 points will...

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Having Bonus Is Not Important Anymore?

Hi Everyone! With the recent news about civil servant (government service) mid year bonus of 0.45 months, the topic about bonus raise around my colleagues, friends and bloggers. Certainly this is a good news to civil servant even though the bonus is lesser as compared to last year and some other years (As pointed out by investment Moat – A 0.45 Month Bonus is not the lowest Civil Servant Mid Year Bonus). I also believe is quite good considering that there is an increase in retrenchment in Singapore as stated in Channel News Asia WDA sets aside S$28 million...

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3 Lesson Learnt from My First Year in Stocks

Hi Everyone, It’s been one and a half year since I started this blog and at the same time, my investment journey in stocks/shares. It’s been a rough ride for me as there are some ups and down during this journey and I have learn some valuable lesson during this one and a half year and would like to share with the readers. Do Not Rush into Purchasing High Dividend Shares     I remember when first I started off with stocks/shares, I was inspired by various financial blogger who show their portfolio and their monthly/yearly dividends in their...

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5 Things You Should Do When You Start Working

Hi Everyone! The purpose of this post is to share my personal experience on the things that I believe you should do in order to save extra income when you start working. This is just my personal experience in terms of the things that young working adults should do in order to have some savings for future expenses like wedding, house, car, family and etc. Also, one more thing, you do not need to earn substantial amount of money in order to build your saving fund. You can either start small or if you earn less. If you earn...

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