Is the SPH dinosaur facing extinction?

SPH reported a 17.5% fall in FY16 earning and my Christmas present gets smaller again. (SPH pays its final dividend on 23rd Dec every year). SPH has been a very good dividend master for a long time.  However, the declining trend of dividend payouts is hard to ignore and worrisome.  Like the Antarctic glaciers' gathering pace towards the ocean in this global warming era, SPH's declining dividend … [Read more...]

Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders Reit ETF — Picking my own cherries

My POEMS broker contacted me regarding subscription for the new Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders Reit ETF.  0% commission fees for the new launch of the ETF. No. I will give this ETF a miss.  The ETF may be good, but it just does not suit my investing style.  I do not like bundle. I do not have STI ETF.  I do not have the full set of 3 Telcos.  I do not have the full set of 3 Banks.  And I … [Read more...]

Alternative Investment X 3

This week received 3 alternative investment offers. 1. JJ Poor to Rich A friend introduced this to me.  Just invest minimum amount USD 50, maximum USD 1,000.  Do nothing else and get 20% monthly returns and so 100% return of investment capital after just 5 months.  And you could speed up the ROI process by introducing friends/clients and get 5% per person introduced. In this super low … [Read more...]

Boring Weekend Musing: The Small Bricks of 2015

A couple of changes in my boring portfolio last week. In 2015, I started using small bricks (100 shares) when they became available in the market.  My OCBC Tower and Keppel Commercial Tower were built using small bricks. But they were bombed and became leaning towers in the Bear Army attack. In 2016, I used small bricks for my UOB Tower and these small bricks were much better than the 2015 … [Read more...]


EC World REIT is the third REIT IPO in 2016.  Only one Reit (BHG REIT) was listed in 2015.  But in 2016, we are getting into Reit fatigue already, and maybe there are a few more coming. Both Manulife US Reit (price recovered) and Frasers Log & Ind Tr are doing fine at the moment; and are both above their IPO prices. I have no luck for both these two earlier IPOs, but I am not interested … [Read more...]

Remebering Noble…

Noble Group was one of my first few purchases from the open market.  Actually I do not remember now the reason why I bought Noble.  Perhaps some hot tips?  But during the days of the 1,000 shares per lot time, Noble was the first counter that I held more than a single lot size. When I decided to embark on my dividend investment journey, Noble was the first counter that got the cut because of … [Read more...]

Manulife US Reit – Feeling before and after

What a different feeling. Yesterday I felt sad and frustrated that I got zero allocation for the Manulife US Reit IPO units. Today I feel relief that I got zero allocation for the Manulife US Reit IPO units. It was surprising to me that Manulife US Reit opened trading at USD 0.82, even below its IPO price of USD 0.83.  It ends the day at USD 0.79, 4.8% lower than its IPO price.  Well, I … [Read more...]

The Bear Empire Strikes Back – Week 18

The May jinx.Just when you think the 2016 Bear is vanquished for good, the tide is turning again.  After 10 successive days of losing battles, the previously defeated Bear Army is here again.  My portfolio's lost narrow to 2.9% at the end of the 5th week (not counting dividends collected).My total portfolio value jumped more than $10K just this one week and its value crossed 200K for … [Read more...]

My Stock Portfolio @ end April 2016

No. STOCK NAME No.of SHARES PORTFOLIO% MARKET $ 1SGX4,00014.617.532Starhub6,70010.763.313SPH5,0009.854.064SATS3,0005.974.105AIMS AMPI Reit6,8004.601.3956UOB5004.5118.607OCBC Bank1,0154.328.778SingTel2,1904.103.869CapitaMall Trust4,0004.022.0710Suntec Reit4,9004.011.68511Keppel Corp1,4003.675.4012FCT3,8003.591.9513Starhill Global8,0003.030.7814CapitaLand2,0003.023.1115SPH … [Read more...]

Ascendas Htrust is no Saizen Reit 2.0

After the small bet and profit on Saizen Reit, I was very tempted to have another go for Ascendas Htrust, even utilising portion of the warchest. As there were rumours of four to five potential buyers, it did look high chance that the acquisition deal would be successful. However, after some consideration, I decided it is no-go for Ascendas Htrust. There was absolutely no margin of … [Read more...]

Saizen Reit

I will remember Saizen Reit fondly despite the short acquaintance with this counter. After going XD for the special dividend this week, all assets of Saizen Reit are gone and it becomes a cash holding, though it will continue trading on the stock exchange for the time being. I bought Saizen Reit when it was announced that there was a firm offer to acquire all the assets of the Reit.  The … [Read more...]

2016 Weekly Review – Week 9 [Bear Army defeated. 200K Milestone]

Quite a fair bit of happenings on week 9. Finally a major turning point in the war against the Bear Army.  5 successive days of victory surely defeated the Bear Army...... There was no more Bear troops in my territory since Wednesday.  My portfolio turned positive on Wednesday (not counting dividends collected). My total portfolio value jumped more than $10K just this one week and its … [Read more...]

2016 Weekly Review – Week 8

Back and forth fighting continued with the Bear Army on Week 8.  That decisive victory against the Bear Army is still elusive. My portfolio's unrealized loss widened slightly to 2.2% the total invested capital at the end of week 8 (not counting dividends collected). Considering that my portfolio had once declined more than 50% during the Lehman Bear Attack, so far this 2016 Bear Attack has … [Read more...]