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The common traits of banks

If you understand something about banks, you may notice that they have a few common traits: 1. When you least think of them, they contact you most (with cold calls). 2. When you don’t want to see them, they want to reach you (to collect outstanding loan). 3. When you need them the least, they want to lend you the most. 4. When you need them the most, they want to lend you the least. I once received a call from a bank representative. Bank: Is this Ms xxxx? I am calling from xxxx bank. To reward our loyal...

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Is buying properties a saving plan?

When banks and buyers are having their hands tied by the TDSR framework, local developers are stepping up to slash prices for both new and old units. Amid a softening market, property agents are struggling to look for buyers and close the deal. With a changing landscape, those old sales pitches like ‘buy now before prices climb further’, ‘buy properties to beat inflation’, or ‘units with a guaranteed return of x percent’, now seem inadequate to convince buyers that ‘any time is a good time to buy’. The new sales pitch: buying properties for saving A team leader of...

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