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Road to $1000 000 – Financial Consultants

Recently, a few of my polytechnic friends have become insurance agents, they have decided on being an insurance agent after learning about the prospects of it. Being from a science course in polytechnic, I was surprised that my course mates have decided to choose to become insurance agents. In Singapore, there are many bad impressions of being a financial consultant. Mostly is that some of your friends or family might begin to keep a distance from you because they are afraid that you would want them to purchase your products or that you will keep pestering them. But I...

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Art of Rejection

Have you ever been rejected when you asked for something? I am definitely sure that it has happen before. I used to be a really really shy girl when I was young. I would avoid all eye contact or conversations needed. Even going up to a cashier to buy stuff would make me worried that I screw up what I was about to say. Things started getting a bit better when I went to polytechnic. It was when I was exposed to a whole new environment. I learned that to get what I needed, I need to say it...

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An Extra $660 After 3 Years

1st August 2018 is when GREAT220, a savings plan from Great Eastern is being released. My mum has been wanting to sign up for it since it’s previous editions like GREAT205 which was released in March 2018. However, the demand was so high that my mum had no chance to sign up for it. Read more: Savings Plan Yes or No GREAT205 which was released on Mar 2018 had an interest rate of 2.05%. GREAT220 has a higher interest of 2.20%. My mum got to know about this because her friends were all talking about it. Most of her...

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Singtel – rollercoaster ride and portfolio updates.

I purchased Singtel last month and whew, its been a ride for the stock so far. It reached a low of $3.02 on the 3rd of July 2018 before going up to $3.33 on 23rd July and on 27th July 2018 it is at $3.18. I came across this article by Sgwealthbuilder on Singtel share prices would be destined to drop after its ex-dividend date of 26th July. He also mentioned that it is not about if the prices will drop but more about how much it will drop. Taken from Yahoo Finance Read more: Portfolio updates (MAY 2018):...

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Inflation kills?!?!

SIM is just right beside Ngee Ann Polytechnic and I have gone to the canteen there to eat a few times. I find the prices in the canteen very subsidized and that’s why many SIM students would go there to eat if they were having any long breaks. I usually eat the sliced fish mee sua, at a price of $2.80, it amazing value, of course you wouldn’t expect fish slices as thick as Piao Ji (Amoy Street Food Centre) but you could just buy 2 bowls for the price of one outside. Of course, you might say that...

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Is Cash Really King?

Our government has been advocating for cashless payments and banks have also released many cashless platform. As the saying goes, Cash Is King and in Singapore, it definitely is so. With various platforms being introduced, we are slowly moving to being cashless but for the older generation like my mum, going cashless and paperless would take a much longer time.  My mum have actually received numerous letters and online messages that her bills and account notifications would soon be turned into online statements which she can access to. And of course, she isn’t too comfortable being as to check...

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Business Trends and Market Trends

Awhile ago, I registered for a webinar, “Does long-term investing still work?‘ by The Fifth Person on the 20th June 2018. I found it particularly good for beginners. In the webinar, Rusmin mentioned about what really is long term investing and for him personally is 5-10 years. He also mentioned that having a long term stand in the stock market proved to be more profitable than a short term position. One point that Rusmin emphasized regarding long term investing was the emotions that the investor would experience. Some years your portfolio would have good performance whereas other years would...

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STI ETF, to buy or not yet?

On Friday, 6th July 2018, the STI ETF fell to a low of $3.23 breaking its 52 weeks low. When I saw this, I did get tempted to invest in it. Itchy fingers but currently, I am still building up on my war chest and definitely I’m not gonna touch my savings to buy so I will need to control myself. During the month of May, I made 2 transactions namely buying SGX and Singtel. Boy, both of this stocks have fallen since then and Singtel broke its 52 weeks low but is now back on track. Read more:...

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Did anyone say free vegetables and fruits? – Experience with SGFoodRescue

I took part in the Pasir Panjang food rescue and it was a very enriching experience for me. All along, I have been purchasing my vegetables and fruits from supermarket and of course when I first saw of this event, I was interested in seeing how much food “waste” there really will be.  SGFoodRescue logo taken from Process: I haven’t been to Pasir Panjang wholesale centre before and I think the coordination of the whole event was pretty smooth with the meet up at the mrt station followed by gathering at the coffee shop nearby and then having...

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Dividends collected so far in 2018

I saw SleepyDevil’s review of his FY2018 Q2 dividends update. So why not I do one too for the first half of 2018 since I haven’t done any record of my dividends. It feel just awhile ago when I just wrote New Year wishes and time sure flies, it’s already almost the end of June and I would like to do a collation of dividends received so far as a record. I have collected dividends from:   Nikko AM STI ETF First REIT SPDR STI ETF Tai Sin Electric   Nikko AM STI ETF was purchased using my POSB...

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Renting VS buying a property?

A few weeks ago, I came across an article by Ryan Goh who mentioned about the younger generation purchasing flats with a low tenure left. This means that they would need to pay the loans back and the flat might not even allow them to extract equity from it due to the limited time left. I find this really relatable as I am entering my mid-20s, buying a property has always been on my mind. With land space in Singapore decreasing, property prices would definitely react to that especially when properties in them prime areas. I stay in the...

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SSB VS STI ETF: what to invest in over a period of 5 years and which is better?

My brother recently asked me when he goes overseas to study should he put his money (roughly around a very low 5 figure) which he have saved up from his jobs and NS into Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) or the STI ETF. This is because he would receive allowance for his time overseas so he would not use the SGD that he has been saving up. I told him the advantages and disadvantages of both and told him that he should think about it and maybe read up more but I could see that he was leaning more towards...

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Trump-Kim Summit

Taken from 9th June 2018 Over the past few days, the hype about the Trump-Kim summit has been building up. News of it being published and even shop owners and fast food chains are trying to ride on that hype. KFC has released a special four peace meal available only in Sentosa and it can be only served to Trump and Kim. It’s good publicity, putting KFC into everyone’s head when you think of the summit or fried chicken. Many Trump-Kim inspired dishes have also popped up over this period of time. One is a Trump-Kim Chi Nasi...

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When expenses exceeds income: Is retirement possible?

Thoughts of my mum retiring soon has gotten me to think about the expenses that she incurs monthly. With me entering the workforce soon and my brother just starting his university, my mum definitely still has to work a few more years. However, she has mentioned to me a few times that she hopes to retire as soon as she can. Her friends currently are still employed however she has a friend who is retired and told her of her lifestyle which my mum looks forward to. Find out more: Retiring Early and comfortably?- What is FIRE? Over the...

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Portfolio updates (MAY 2018): 2 buy transactions

For the month of May, I made two buy transactions. The first was Singtel which increased my current holdings and I also bought SGX. My entry price for the first buy transaction was Singtel @ $3.32 while SGX was purchased @ $7.25 as of now, both Singtel and SGX has gone lower, with Singtel dropping to $3.25 and SGX to $7.23 Current portfolio as at 1st June 2018: Portfolio. Closed prices on 1st of June 2018 Performance of portfolio My portfolio in the first half of 2018 definitely has not performed as well as I want. This is due...

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