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Reflection over my time in University

It is almost the time of graduation for Universities and by now, a proportion of students should have already gotten a job offer while the rest are still on the look out for one. My graduation will be next year as I have one more semester to go before I graduate. My friend graduated last year and she has been working for a year so far. Her friend who graduated the same time as her last year studying business has told her that it is not easy finding a job. She graduated from a private university similar as me...

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2018 General Investment Plan – Watchlist of Stocks

For 2018, I hope to have an investment plan and goal to move towards and to be able to have more capital injection to boost up my portfolio. Right now, every month I am building up my cash with approximately $300. So far, 2018 has been a very exciting and turbulent year for the stock markets. From the correction of the stock markets to the trade war between US and China and then Facebook’s controversy, they have all contributed in one or more ways to how people reacted to the stock markets. For now, I am looking at a...

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Singapore’s Housing Future: Co-living?

I have just completed my assignments and quizzes for the past few weeks and I do have one more assignment and exams before my holidays. But I am glad and a little more relaxed right now. Today, I just saw this video, didn’t get to read the article as it is a premium article (ahem, meaning that I got to pay to access it) but the video was kinda enough to let me know the main gist of what they were writing about. I also found another article that describes co-living in Singapore and is about the same company...

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Total Current Assets – Breaking $10 000

Since starting investing last year, I have realized the importance of tracking whether its the stock holdings that you have or savings that you are keeping. So today, I have decided to have a post that will show my stock holdings and current cash holdings too. Considering that it is going to be quite awhile before I am able to draw my CPF, I will not be including it in my current calculation. So I will be including my stock holdings and cash holdings. *Stock Holdings:  Allocation of Stock Holdings As you can see in my portfolio, I am...

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Having a good credit score

Recently, I came across this YouTube video about this real estate investor from U.S.emphasing about the need of having at least one credit card as early as you can afford to. He starts the video by talking about his family situation since young where his family was very opposed to having debts in cluding credit cards. So his family did not have a good impression of credit cards and everything should be paid in cash. Credit cards also made his parents became bankrupt and so he was really into cash. [embedded content] As a real estate investor he wanted...

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