The Holy Grail to Unlocking Value in Singapore Stocks

Note 1: This does not only applies for Value Stocks, but also for every other stock in the SGX. Note 2: Although this is written from a value investor perspective but it is still applicable even if you are a trader. As a value investor, capital appreciation is always on my mind - What is the "Holy Grail" that will cause a stock price to rise?  When will a stock unlocks its value, especially … [Read more...]

The "Trans-Pacific Partnership" Effect

This will be just a very short write up. Today (7 Oct) is a green green day as STI recovered more than 2% (In fact it has been rising slowly on 5 Oct and 6 Oct). I deem this to be the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) effect. It is good to read more about TPP: Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 In my opinion, this maybe a short term recovery - it is like a much needed life extension injection to a very ill … [Read more...]

Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited – A Debt-Free Developer

I wanted to wait till later to write this post on Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited (BSE) - as it is only a recent addition to my portfolio. However, after reading the post by Brian's on the developer's ratio and not including BSE in the list, I decided it is my role to update others on the financial health of BSE (Brian, no offence! Just kidding.) Just a quick note before I start off, when I … [Read more...]

My Value Investing Methods

This is a reflection post after reading about their value investing strategy by MyBigFatPurse. This is also for people who want to understand more about my investing methods. I felt that it is a very very good and long write up on their way of value investing. Despite always saying that I am a value investor, it is sad to say I am not like them (Not as hardcore as them). I am much more like … [Read more...]

TTJ Holding Ltd – Fairly Valued?


Now I shall write about another of my stock holding in the portfolio - another value gem found - TTJ Holding Ltd. Profile in Short TTJ Holdings Ltd is a company that deals with steel structure works and works on various government projects. It also operates one dormitory under the name of Terusan Lodge 1 in Singapore (but it will end in 2017 ~ A Cash Cow Gone!). However I am not worried … [Read more...]