The Bf Gf Portfolio – May 2017 ( 1 Year Later )


  Long time no blog! Here are some updates to my portfolio after being silent for quite some time.  The last time I blogged about by stock portfolio holdings was in this post. Basically…It’s been mostly me pressing the BUY button almost every month. The only sells I made during the year were: Linkedin – Sold due to acquisition (Break even) Solar City – Sold due to … [Read more...]

What is True Wealth?


Friends, readers, fellow financial bloggers… today, I want to challenge your understanding of wealth, your perception of financial freedom, and your dogged pursuit of material gains or success. But first, to ensure you that I am not approaching this topic of wealth from the proverbial moral high horse, let me share some details and experiences that led me to the thinking that I seek to ‘impose’ … [Read more...]

5 Life Lessons Learnt From 5 Years of Business

5 years ago, I quit my job to head-dive into the world of business.  The director of my company discouraged me and told me that if he knew how hard business was, he would have never done it.  Upon hearing that, I got even more excited. “BRING IT.” That was the only thought in my mind. Few years later, I remembered those words.  And boy was I struggling.  But hear me out, there’s a light … [Read more...]

Being Truly Rich vs Looking Rich


This short, stumpy man waddled up to me.  He wore a raggedy work shirt with 2 buttons unbuttoned from the top.  His helmet was stained.  His boots were muddy. “Ay! When is your barge arriving to unload all the materials?” he shouted at me in a whiny voice. I did not work with him.  He was not from my company.  Why was he asking me this question? Nevertheless, I replied, “10am!” He … [Read more...]

How to Teach Your Children to Save Money


Saving is a habit that needs to be inculcated since young.  Children need to understand and appreciate the value of money. The idea is not to groom your children to grow up and be a money-face monster. The whole idea is to expose them to wealth building knowledge and prepare them for their future.   There are many ways to develop the habit of saving. I spoke to some young mothers and here … [Read more...]

The Art of Decluttering and Organizing


‘Horrendous’ is the word to describe my room. I had a very messy room. I tried different methods to tidy up my room and i am always looking out for tips and tricks to make it happen. One day, I came across this book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. Initially, I did not believe there is such a profession who teaches people to tidy their room. … [Read more...]

What to do with Your Skillsfuture Credit


The Bf is a serial learner.  He always emphasizes on skill upgrading, to me and to his friends. Many of us stopped learning after we have graduated from school. As a quarter of our lives are spent on studying, most of us do not wish to have any relation to any books or reading material for the rest of our lives. However, by reading books or listening to webcasts, we are gradually upgrading … [Read more...]

BfGf – Transactions for April


After looking at the wild swings in my portfolio in the previous year, I realise that I need some stability in my portfolio.  Hence, for these few months, I am steering my allocations toward more stable, large cap companies. Here are the stocks I bought last month: Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) I have avoided BRK.B for years because I have labelled it as a boring, trudging elephant. … [Read more...]

Kingsmen Creatives AGM Review


Not only was this the first time I was attending a Kingsmen Creatives AGM, it was the first time I was attending any AGM ever!  (The Kingsmen Creatives AGM was held at 3 Changi South Lane at 10.30am on the 28 May 2016.) I must admit that I refrained from going to AGMs because of the horror stories I’ve heard about uncles and aunties fighting over free buffet spreads.  The Kingsmen AGM remained … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know about Your Housing Loan in Singapore


Housing loans are ubiquitous in the world of finance and real estate. Homes cost money – a lot of it – and the majority of us don’t have the money to lay down all at once. Thus, loans and mortgage systems are put in place so everyone can get the chance at their dream home, under the condition that they pay off the total cost of the home with a yearly interest rate in exchange for living in it on a … [Read more...]

BfGf Investing Checklist


Recently I was listening to an Audiobook titled: Education of A Value Investor, by Guy Spier.  In the book, he talked about the importance of having a checklist for investing and cited Monish Prabai as one investor who use a checklist to make investing decisions. Feeling inspired, I dug up Philip A Fisher’s book: Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and read through his check list again. As … [Read more...]

BfGf: Credit Cards Review 2016


I will be doing a yearly review on Credit Cards we are using. Credit Cards become obsolete from time to time and new cards are introduced to suit to the market’s need. After doing a review last year, many readers gave recommendations and comments on the cards. I did a review and decided to combine and cut down on the number of cards I have. I can say it is a big improvement for me. *Pats my own … [Read more...]

How I spent $2,365 on My Birthday.


So…. On my birthday… I went on a spending binge. Here’s what I spent on and what was going through my head. Roti Prata Brunch – $15.50 The night before the Gf had treated me to one of the best pizzas in Singapore. The restaurant is located in MBS.  But when I woke up the next morning, I had an uncontrollable craving for Masala Chicken Curry and Roti Prata.  Since I wasn’t working that day, … [Read more...]

BfGf – Transactions for March 2016


Wait what? It’s April already? Moving away from my big, shove-it-all-in style of investing in the past, I have decided to adopt a ‘nibbling’ approach.  Investing in small amounts, spreading out over different stocks allows me to diversify my allocations over TIME. This method allows me to have ample cash on hand, and at the same time, allows me to add on to more positions over time.  I do … [Read more...]

Should You get a Part-Time Degree?


This blog post addresses some points you need to consider if you should get a part-time degree. I went on a trip to Japan for a holiday late last year with The BF after completing my part time studies of 4 years. While sitting on this “romantic train”, I did a self reflection on what I did for the past few years. Basically, my life have revolved around work and study, and maybe a once a week … [Read more...]

What’s Your Weird Investing Bias?

Everyone struggles with biases when they are investing.  Some people fear missing out in a bull-market, some are overly skeptical or pessimistic.  Some are seduced by dividend yield instead of dividend payout sustainability.  Some can’t bear to pay a difference of $0.05 more for their stock and then lament when they watch it shoot up. Investing biases. Everyone has one.  It’s a matter of having … [Read more...]

How to Increase Your Net Worth by Increasing Your Network


Your network determines your net worth. Look around you now. Who are the people you are hanging out with?  Who are the people you associate yourself with?  Who are the people you spend the most time with? Coming from the same brotherhood of friends since secondary school, junior college, and army. I never saw the importance of making new friends. What’s the point? “I don’t need so … [Read more...]

How to Escape Your Soul-Crushing 9-5 Job


We have all taken up bad jobs before.  And we know that other than being broke, trying to survive a shit job where we have to show up to work everyday is one of the most painful tortures created by modern slavery society. This blog post is NOT going to teach you how to think positively and count your blessings. This blog post is NOT going to teach you how to be thankful for what you have and … [Read more...]

How to Build a Side Income Online


The internet is a wonderful place.  It connects everybody to goods and services online.  If you are itching to build a side income online, then you will like this post! This post will cover a few ways that you can start making extra money online, the non-scammy way of course… However, do take note that some effort or hard work is necessary in order to start raking in the … [Read more...]

My Financially-Clueless Friend


“Huh? What is compound interest?” I stared at my friend in disbelief.  My jaw hung open. “What do you mean what’s compound interest?”  I asked him. “What’s that la? Simi sai interest is that?” he asked again. At first I thought he was joking.  But then I realised he wasn’t. I then proceeded to spend the whole dinner explaining to him what’s compound interest and how he could make … [Read more...]