Fed Officials Indicate Rate Increase Is Likely in March


Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen and her top deputy signaled the central bank is on course to raise short-term interest rates as soon as this month and will seek to pick up the pace as the year wears on. Boosting the benchmark federal-funds rate at the Fed’s mid-March meeting would signal greater confidence in the global economic backdrop and give officials a chance to space out … [Read more...]

Diversification – in the name of big money

When it comes to the topic of diversification, many big time investors have opposing views, be it through their words or actions. If you ever know anything about investing and trading (which you probably should), diversification is one of the hottest debates we have ever come across. Today, I’d like to talk more about how diversification has helped me to make money, both actively and passively, … [Read more...]

Trump or Dump?

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016, stocks have been on a roll, going higher and higher. Just about a week ago, the Dow has rallied past 20,000. Most investors believe that Trump is a boost to the economy as he pledged to spend $1 trillion on America’s aging infrastructure, cutting corporate taxes, and deregulate industries. However, it seems like the Trump … [Read more...]

The Key To Market Prediction

Now I’ve been away for quite some time (slightly more than a month), I have decided to write a post about market prediction. This post came into my mind while I was in the midst of preparing some materials for forex trading. Over time, many people have approached me, inquiring me what is the key to making so much money in the markets. My usual answer to them is that you gotta find what works … [Read more...]

Why I Think Trading Is A Poker Game

If you are reading the title and is thinking that trading is gambling, this article probably isn’t for you. Because your fundamental framework of the investment world is already wrong, and I don’t think this article would change your perception otherwise. However, if you are here to learn to make money out of the markets, I’d be glad if you can continue to read on. I usually hate comparing … [Read more...]

Rising Interest Rates, and Why It Concerns YOU!

On Last Friday’s Fed Meeting at Jackson Hole, Fed’s Chairwoman Janet Yellen said that the US Central Bank will be raising short-term interest rates in the months coming. Read more about the news here. What it means for you, is that if you have an existing loan, especially a property loan, your monthly installments are about to go up! If you don’t know much about Finance, I’ve drawn a simple … [Read more...]

Goodbye, and Hello.

As August 2016 draws to a close, my national service story would draw to a close. While it has been a fulfilling 2 years, I couldn’t be more glad to end this part of my life. The past 2 years has certainly taught me critical lessons that changed my life indefinitely. For one, there’s a saying in Mandarin, “只要有恒心, 铁柱磨成针”. In other words, it means that anyone can achieve anything, so long as … [Read more...]

Personal Update 10/04/2016

While I have been sharing articles on my website, it has been quite a long time since I’ve formally updated. I felt that it would be important for me to give you readers an update on my life, and the reason why I haven’t been posting much on the website. While I have always been a standalone trader myself, I applied for a position as a trader in an Australian Proprietary Trading Firm. As part … [Read more...]

Stocks, Pound Fall on Brussels Attack as Gold, Bonds Advance

Stocks fell, as deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels fueled demand for haven assets such as Treasuries, gold and the yen. Transportation companies led losses in U.S. and European shares after explosions rocked a Brussels airport departure hall and a downtown subway station. Treasuries pared this month’s drop, while the yield on 10-year German bunds touched the lowest in almost two weeks. The … [Read more...]

Not Investing Because It’s ‘Risky’?

I’ve heard of my peers telling me that they do not invest because it is too risky. I have then offered my views on investing, which some agrees while others disagrees with me. Thankfully, I have found a similar article on MoneyDigest.sg which I would like to share. Too often we hear of people or even peers who have not begun to explore the idea of investing because they’ve been told that it is … [Read more...]

Are You Financially Illiterate?

If you’re reading this, I have a question for you. Are you financially illiterate? According to Investopedia, Financial Literacy is defined as the possession of knowledge and understanding of financial matters. In my context, it means whether you are able to make your money work for you or not. If you can manage your personal cashflow and make your money work harder than yourself, you are … [Read more...]