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When I use the ABC Wave Pattern Analysis on STI – this is what I found!

I was thinking & contemplating NOT to show my ABC Pattern analysis on STI index. However, to be CONSISTENT, and ‘sharpening’ my own skill, I just show it here, and you can judge yourself. As a reminder for those who just come across this ABC Wave Pattern Analysis (or ABC Pattern for short) the calculation on the minimum/maximum targets are as simple as ABC . As long as you have found your ABC Wave, whereby you just need A(up) B(down) and C(up) then you get value of A.high, A.low and B.low and apply them to these formulas to get...

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Your Tools – FA/TA/PA – With Some Personal Sharing

I am sure quite a number of us here really having a “hard time” in making a decision (choice) whether to buy or sell. I’m sharing my experience in general here without some details. I present some numbers on my amount of lost, this is just to encourage for those who are in similar situation now, so that you can learn something here. 2002 – 2003 I started with “Investing” as a naive person. I just know a TA method so called: Moving-Average Cross Over Technic, from a colleague. I didn’t attend any course whatsoever. Just use internet, own...

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Keppel Land – Is another Super-Bull Run” Coming Back ?

ABC Pattern Analysis on Keppel Land. Keppel Land is one of the “blue-chip” of property/construction and its a GLC. So, fundamentally, I have no issues. But, what caught my eyes is its Price/NAV which now sitting at 0.75 or 25% discount. It is not as huge discount as Wing Tai (see my posting on Wing Tai). But, how much discount you can expect from a great company? See the two chart I presented below. The chart below (20 years) is general analysis to see a “cycle”. See the periods: 1. 1997 – 2004 (~ 7 years), and 2. 2007...

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Wing Tai Holdings – An Undervalued Counter? (and its ABC Wave Pattern)

I posted this on 7 Jan 2015, after market closed, on “SGX Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis” Facebook Group (a closed group, if you wish to join, please let me know) Wing Tai Holdings (W05.SI) ABC Pattern Analysis on WIng Tai Holdings. Wing Tai is in property/hospitality/retail business. A simple way (and the first-foremost item) to analyse a property counter is to check its Price/NAV. From the summary in (see 2nd picture), its Price/NAV is at 0.4381. This represents a whopping 56% discount! From its latest annual report (ended 30 Jun 2014) :- [1]. Debt/Asset ratio is 35.6%, a very good level way...

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Investment Clock – It was Spoiled and FED is “fixing” it (?)

In one of FaceBook group I joined, somebody posted the following diagram, so called “Investment Clock”. Just google it and you find some theories behind this clock. He mentioned that the current “time” on clock is now between 12 – 1.  See the diagram below. Below is my “quick” reply/comment on his post: I also learned about this clock as well in 2010. However, the clock was “spoiled” during the worst global financial crisis 2007-2009. You notice the falling commodity prices at 3 o’clock? Failing property prices at 6 o’clock. No synchronization with current situations. Yes, interest rate is...

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Tuan Sing – Is there an un-locked value?

ABC Pattern Analysis on Tuan Sing. I’m imagining with his wealth in Fragrance and combined with GP Hotels, Mr Koh Wee Meng taking over Tuan Sing. With the price 40% discount at its NAV, and Tuan Sing has Hotel Investments as well… is it coincident? Do you think from FA & TA, Tuan Sing has a strong case to move up further? For me it’s quite interesting to get the share at the current level. The support level looks strong, and combined with ABC Pattern, the upside seems more than double its downside. Notes: Why there are big ABC...

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FSL Trust – It could be a hidden gem

FSL Trust (D8DU.SI) leases a long-term bareboat charter basis to the international shipping industry. The company was listed at the end of 2007 when the global financial crisis just about to start. It got into financial trouble as well (most of all company which leverage on credit/loan did have financial problems).  The price plunged from high of #1.30 to all the way to around $0.10. In late 2013 the share was suspended for trading, but it made a comeback in early 2014, and the price has been sideways around $0.10. The lowest price was about $0.067. Simple FA based on...

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What can we learn from the Oil Crisis

For any investor out there, and especially as of late, you know that the market has its ups and downs. The ups are what we bank on. The ups are what all the research and strategizing is done for. But what about the downs? What do investors do when faced with such situation as falling oil prices? For the savvy investor, the question isn’t so much how to deal with the downside of the market, such as falling oil prices, but how to take advantage of these market crises. The question on every investor’s mind should be how to...

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This is the time for giving! Like our FB page and win!

Season’s Greetings! This my favorite part of the year. Things are winding down and all are moving towards a period of celebration and rejoice. So to enhance the mood of giving, WealthDirections is giving away Tony Robbins’s latest book; MONEY: Master the Game AND a $10 Starbucks voucher to one lucky reader that like our WD’s Facebook page. To go to our Facebook page just click on the poster below or this Button. Here is wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very a very Happy New Year! Terms and conditions of the contest: Winner will be selected from...

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