Nov 2016 Trading

Thanks to Donald Trump, I got a very big profit in the beginning of Nov. In fact, its my biggest gain for my trading so far. So in Nov, I was very confident that it would close in profit. This month, I also increased my trading capital by $5,000. So here it is ... Period $ Profit/Loss % profit/loss Capital Verdict Oct 2016 $956.76 9.56% $10,000 Nov … [Read more...]

Looking Into DBS – When Will the Dream End?


Not any time soon, I reckon. After witnessing the impressive rally that took place over the course of the past few weeks, I bought into DBS (D05) late at 17.80 with the intention of doing a bit of short-term trading. The stock has surged roughly 20% since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, and it should continue to head upwards as we approach the New Year. The Italian … [Read more...]

Where are the Retail Growth Investors?

In my previous post, I wrote in the comments section that most retail investors began their journey as a Trader, then as a Value Investor, moving on to Dividend Investing, and finally capitulating towards Low Cost Passive Indexing when all things fail... What about Growth Investing? Ah! That was deliberate. Why? Because most retail traders and investors behave like Growth Investors … [Read more...]

Trading is easy, isn’t it? [4 Dec 2016] (Part 2)


In my previous article “Trading is easy, isn’t it? [20 Nov 16] (Part 1) click HERE”, I have discussed the importance of one’s psychology in trading. However, I have only given a general outline on risk management and trading system which are also very important topics. In this article, I will elaborate on risk management compiled from various trading books and will add in my thoughts under … [Read more...]

InvestingNote: Get Tips On Stocks From Experts


With the launch of fintech festival last November, Singapore has signalled its intention to be a serious fintech hub in the world. Heartland Boy is hugely supportive of this initiative because he has personally benefitted from some local fintech startups; namely Shopback and Carousell. In this post, he is pleased to share with his readers about the merits of InvestingNote. What is … [Read more...]

Bernard Baruch – 10 Rules of Investing 

If you ask retail and professional traders alike, most will agree one of our all time favourite trading bible will be: Reminisces of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefèvre. It's a thinly disguised biography of Jesse Livermore. A lot of trading's popular adages came from that book. If you have not already read it, I would highly recommend it. It's not your typical trading book. I promise you … [Read more...]

Headless Chicken

In the world of trading, I've learnt from painful experience its better to take a quick and small realised loss than to suffer a conviction sapping and margin eroding unrealised loss. Once I have cut loss; I feel relieved. Money can lose; but presence of mind cannot. Same goes for the investment side of my portfolio. Not taking profit can mess with our minds too. Take for example … [Read more...]

That 2% Trading Rule

It's quite easy for us trading veterans to sniff out whether a blogger is writing from personal experience or just copy paste (more polite word for plagiarism) from some other official sources. To a "bei kambing" or "white paper", since you know nothing, you'll just swallow hook, line, and sinker wholesale. That's until you have chalked up more experience points and now looking back, you'll … [Read more...]

Trading is easy, isn’t it? [20 Nov 16] (Part 1)


If somebody says his profession is a trader, what will you immediately think of? I believe most people would immediately flash across thoughts of fine dining, fast cars and effortless work. Is this really the life of a trader? If it is so easy, why don’t we all jump onto the “trader” bandwagon? In my opinion, trading or punting without consistent profits and plans is easy but it is not … [Read more...]

Bet you never saw it coming! (Wrong but make money)

Neither did I! Let's not talk theory about Trump's win yesterday. There's enough pontifications and red-faces out there. We know who got it right; who got It wrong... Boy, was I wrong!!! Like the majority of the market, I had a small skin in the game that's positioned for a Clinton victory - long USD/SGD. Nearly spilled my coffee when I saw Trump leading Hillary early in the … [Read more...]

Year Of Black Swans And My Little Mistake In Trading Today


I am sure most of you have already read by now that Donald Trump will be the next President of U.S.A. Well, since that's what 55+ millions of US citizens are asking for, so be it. Just that it still shocked me to the max, I thought..... well, never mind... not my business. Come and think of it, 2016 is the year of Black Swans, from Brexit to Philippines and now the new US president, one blacker … [Read more...]

My Review of Binary Options IQ Option – Addictive!


I happened to bump into this application called “IQ Option” when surfing the internet. It is an application for trading binary options. Having some basic knowledge about binary options, I decided to download on my phone and give it a try. What is Binary Option? Binary options are a simple way to trade price fluctuations in multiple global markets. – Investopedia Getting Started You can … [Read more...]

High Frequency Trading the Next Big Thing?


As the age of internet dawn on us, we would expect the financial markets to become more transparent, more efficient, and provide a level playing field for all investors/traders. However, actual reality is the opposite: markets are not much more transparent than they used to be, and increasingly, we are being pitted against computers, or more specifically: High-Frequency … [Read more...]

I never failed in Art classes

I'm not sure about school nowadays, but during my Secondary 1 and 2 (1980-1981), we had to take 10 subjects. Looking back, it was the best of times since I had to learn everything - English, Chinese, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History, Literature, and Art. I think that's a great approach if one is starting out on their nascent investing/trading journeys. Start broad … [Read more...]

The Key To Market Prediction

Now I’ve been away for quite some time (slightly more than a month), I have decided to write a post about market prediction. This post came into my mind while I was in the midst of preparing some materials for forex trading. Over time, many people have approached me, inquiring me what is the key to making so much money in the markets. My usual answer to them is that you gotta find what works … [Read more...]

Are you investing/trading like a scientist or like a lawyer?


Before you read on, take a minute and think about this question for a while. Look back at your recent transactions. How did you arrive at those decisions? Are you happy with your past decisions? Any regrets? C’mon.  If you’ve never yelled “How could I have been such an idiot?” at yourself in a fury, you are not an investor and certainly not a trader. Now back to my headline … [Read more...]

Positioning Size and Risk Comfort Level Where Successful Retail Investors Don’t See Eye To Eye To Successful Retail Traders

Read? Cut Losses Where Successful Investors Don't See Eye To Eye To Successful Traders Real People. Real Story! Upon a time; there were two men from time to time when they have the opportunity they would poke each other over trading and investing. One man was the late known "Guru" who has avoided to answer even simple question of Yes or No by stating the fact that even audited companies … [Read more...]

Cut Losses Where Successful Investors Don’t See Eye To Eye To Successful Traders

So you are a retail trader? How about these wise words? “Markets are actually set up so that most traders must lose money” ― Alexander Elder, Trading for a Living: Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management The Elder Method Dr Elder uses a money management (position size) algorithm based on 2% of trading capital. Dr Elder's 6% rule is that you can only lose 6% of your trading … [Read more...]

A trip to Lake Wobegone


This trip is for the stock traders among you. What kind of annual return are you aiming for? 30% or 20% or 10%? What’s your number? Humans, and especially those of the male persuasion, have a bias called The Lake Wobegone Effect.  They have the tendency to overestimate one’s own abilities resulting in unrealistic expectations.  It is named after the fictional town created by Garrison … [Read more...]

How to double your income in sales

In sales, this is how we motivate and inspire our underlings to sell more! First, we track ask them to track their sales performance. For eg, how many customers they approached per day, how many of them turned into sales that day. We will then get their closing ratio. A sales person may score 1:10 - meaning for every 10 customers he applied his snake oil sales pitch on; 1 turned into … [Read more...]