My Lazy Man Portfolio

Updated Feb 2016
Lazy Man Portfolio - Jan 2016

No. Stock Name Allocation
1 Hong Leong Finance (S41.SI) 18.96%
2 Saizen REIT (T8JU.SI) 17.51%
3 First REIT (AW9U.SI) 11.88%
4 Croesus Retail Trust (S6NU.SI) 10.98%
5 OUE Commercial REIT (TS0U.SI) 4.30%
7 CapMallA3.8%b220112 (PW3Z.SI) 4.09%
8 Ascendas India Trust (CY6U.SI) 3.47%
9 OCBC Bank (O39.SI) 3.11%
10 STI ETF (ES3.SI) 3.03%
11 Accordia Golf T (ADQU.SI) 2.03%
12 Sabana REIT (M1GU.SI) 1.39%
13 Maxi-Cash Fin (5UF.SI) 0.91%
14 Sembcorp Marine (S51.SI) 0.74%
15 Total (Cash) 13.50%


2014 2015
XIRR (YTD) – My Lazy Man Portfolio: 28.79% -1.46%
XIRR (YTD) – STI ETF: 10.38% -8.51%
XIRR (Multi Year) – My Lazy Man Portfolio: 5.41% 4.30%
XIRR (Multi Year) – STI ETF: 4.16% 3.02%
Dividends: $1,786.15 $1,682.20

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    • says

      Hi The Finance Smith,

      I feel that except for Singtel, there isn’t much room for the other Telcos to grow especially with the fourth Telco in the horizon. Singtel would be a good buy but only if prices fall further. However, when that happens financial stocks will fall too and I personally find bank financial stocks ‘sexier’.

    • says

      Hi James,

      Thanks but it is still a very modest portfolio. I am trying to build up a bigger base.

      Investing requires patience and I am sure yours will continue to grow too. :)

  1. says

    Hi Derek,

    From your dividends collected, I estimate that your portfolio should be around mid five figures?

    May I know which broker do you use, so that the transaction costs on the smaller portions of your portfolio (e.g. 3.03% in STI ETF) are not too high?

    My broker charges a minimum of $25 per transaction, which substantially affects my returns because my transactions are only a few thousand dollars each time.

    Hope you could advise me on this, thank you!

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