Hot Issues Of GE2011
By Living Healthy, Staying Wealthy  •  May 2, 2011
These are purely my opinions of the issues raised during this Singapore General Election 2011.

1. Rising Cost Of Living
I suppose this affects the bread and butter of all Singaporeans and will naturally be an issue in any country's election. The government has no control over the rise in the price of commodities, this is a global issue, oil prices are high which will have a direct impact on all goods. The government has already strengthen the Sing dollar to curb inflation at the expense of the export industry. In fact, this issue is mainly due to the increasing affluence of a growing number of Singaporeans who have experienced an improved lifestyle brought about by the ruling party and this has manifested as a higher expectation.

No doubt there is room for improvement like doing more than a Grow & Share package, but I have yet to hear any ......
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By Living Healthy, Staying Wealthy
Aaron Lau is a Independent Financial Adviser licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to provide financial advice to individuals in Singapore. The main reason he is in the Financial Advisory industry is to share what he has learned after studying and comparing the various insurance and investment instruments in the market. He strongly feels that proper, quality financial planning is important to all individuals and sincerely would like to reach out to help as many as possible.

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