QAF Limited

It was a disappointing set of Q3 results released by QAF and the profit plunged by 51% for the same period last year.

Chart wise, it has been pretty disappointing as the share price closed at $0.735 today. I don’t like what i am seeing from the fundamental aspect and sold my 8,000 shares this morning, achieving only a small profit. My original entry was here, way back in August. On hindsight, should i have gotten out around 84 cents and achieve a capital gain of around 19% instead of holding till now only to be let down by a set of disappointing results?

Courts Asia

I missed the boat for this one. Courts Asia announced a pretty nice set of Q2 results! My IPO write up was here.

Q2 Profit increased by 49% while 1H2012 profit improved by 28%. I always like companies that announce …