Liquid Assets as at 17 May 2013
By Five Cents Ten Cents  •  May 19, 2013
2013-05-17-5c10c I have increased my bond holdings in 30 year Singapore Government Securities recently. Still have about 1/3 of my investible assets in cash and cash equivalents. Equities prices have run up quite a fair bit and we are seeing the equity market at five year high levels. Friends who are fundamental investors think a lot of the blue chips are over-valued at current prices. There’s still a lot of liquidity floating around and with the Central Bankers globally easing in one form or another, it looks like this equities rally or run-up or whatever you call is is still present. I am comfortable with my current holdings. There is room to invest about 10-15% more into equities but I think current prices are a bit high to go in. No-one can predict how markets will turn out. In the meantime, I am brushing up my Thai as I will be ... Read the full article →
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By Five Cents Ten Cents
PanzerGrenadier is a 30-something accountant who finally grasped the concept of financial freedom at the ripe old age of 32. Ever since, he has been travelling on his journey towards financial freedom and documenting his adventures through his blog "fivecentstencents". PanzerGrenadier allocates his non-work time in between living within his means, saving and investing as well as spending quality time with family. He is an avid toastmaster and has completed 10 years of being a reservist conscript in the Lion City.

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