5 Hot Industries for Singaporean Entrepreneurs to Jump Into
By iMoney - Singapore  •  May 28, 2014


5 jump

Entrepreneurs come a dime a dozen, but a successful entrepreneur is revered by all. The simple reason for conventional society’s skepticism against entrepreneurship is their lack of conviction in their own abilities and an overwhelming fear of the sizeable odds you will inevitably have to overcome to make a decent living. Job security and a steady stream of income is what most people will gladly settle for who view the idea of starting from scratch and investing their life for an independent business concept as a rather foolhardy one.

Singapore is one of the fortunate few nations that avoided the short end of the stick when it came to global economic meltdown, and managed to reap the fruits of the fair financial weather that it has experienced of late. Hence, a young generation of highly educated and financially comfortable Singaporeans is on the verge of making a transition to ...

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By iMoney - Singapore
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