This same time last year in 2015 I published a reader contribution where an acquaintance decide to take the path less traveled in renting out and living together.

You can read about the start of the case study here in this article.

What was unique about this case study was:

  1. They bought a 5 room resale HDB flat in Rest of Central Region
  2. They did it with a financing for the downpayment
  3. They refurnish his place so that they can live in the living room
  4. They rented out all 3 rooms of the HDB flat

What was great for readers is that through the case study in the previous article you can learn:

  1. To make things work you got to have enough time to acquire knowledge and think critically
  2. What is the bare minimum for living and how it can be carried out
  3. If you are hard up on money, …