Random thoughts: Acceptance and compassion is negatively correlatedwith misery
By Sillyinvestor  •  May 29, 2016
Are u feeling miserable about your life?   The past week, I have a bit more time to "talk male chicken" with people around me. I am quite shocked with the struggles people carried with them in their lives and yet still coping so well. However, there is also a case where the whole family feel so miserable because the main characters are "blind" to the situation because of lack of acceptance and compassion.   Case1: Filial son quits job to take care of father.   The filial son's wife works in the school as librarian. She used to be a parent volunteer and is working as a Libarian now for about 9 months. I was teasing her how "fortunate"'she is that her hubby still pack duck rice for her and delivered it to school as lunch. She told me her hubby has quit his job for almost 2 years now to take ......
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By Sillyinvestor

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