Head, Heart and Habit
By My Sweet Retirement  •  July 23, 2016
Recently, I came across an article in SIM University newsletter. SIM University’s education philosophy was mentioned which are three H’s – Head, Heart and Habit.
Head: Professionally competent and job-ready, with strong applied skills Heart: Socially conscious with a desire to make positive changes in society Habit: A self-directed learner with strong work ethics and values.
Being a SIM University graduate myself, the education philosophy are really meaningful to me and I reminded myself constantly of the above values in my work and in stock investing.

1. Head

I cannot say I am professionally competent in stock investing because this is not my full time profession. I relate this core value to the knowledge I have accumulated throughout my journey in stock investing. By applying the knowledge I accumulated, I screen for stocks that meet my criteria of a good stock (Growth + Dividend).

2. Heart

We must not become arrogant for ......
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By My Sweet Retirement
I am a working salaried professional in my mid 30s. Just like most Singaporeans, I worked long office working hours, often trying very hard to find some work life balance. The Sweet Retirement Blog was created to share my journey towards achieving a comfortable retirement life. I believe we cannot simply rely solely on our Central Provident Fund savings when reaching old age. Neither can we rely solely on our bank savings as we all know the interest rates cannot beat inflation.

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