I think I’ll follow up with more real life cases where Singaporeans are living or retiring well without the need for investments.

Remember this old post:  Landed Property and Car with $6K per month Household Income

Here’s one interesting case about a 67 year old ex-Regional Sales Manager’s retirement in Singapore:

Merits of HDB 2 Room Flexi Scheme

What’s my takeaways?

  1. Staying healthy can be more important than dollars and cents.
  2. CPF savings enough if you had a good career and didn’t over invest in properties so that you are asset rich but CPF poor.
  3. Flexibility and adaptability give us options. Driving weekend taxi is not “beneath” an ex-Regional Sales Mananger…  “Downgrading” from HDB 4 room to 2 room is not a loss of face…  Isn’t doing what we feel like doing without fear of what others think – freedom?

Investment Not Required

Let’s be honest now.

The harsh reality is for the majority of people, the more we invest, the more we lose.

Everyone is sharing “succcess” stories, but where are the “chop fingers” examples?

Only CW mentioned about them in his blog.

Just like entrepreneurship, can’t be the majority of new startups and new businesses all succeed right?

You really believed the spin vested interests are telling you?

Look, if you don’t invest, how do they earn commissions and fees from you?

No, I’m not telling you not to invest.

Financial freedom is more than $XXX passive income or multiple baggers in capital gains…

If you are a stay-at-home dad or mom, your CPF is a pittance. But if you had brought up your children proper, do you have to worry about your retirement and anxious your CPF not enough to qualify for CPF Life?

Wait. Is there such a thing as retirement from being mom and dad?

No, invest only when you enjoy so.

If you don’t enjoy this craft of investing, then no big deal!

Don’t have to feel pressured to join the other lemmings. Yes, most of us have no clue ourselves!

In bull markets we are louder than a peacock; in bear markets we are quieter than the church mouse…

With a bit of common sense and listening to your heart, you’ll find your own path.

Its OK to take the path less travelled.

Singapore Man of Leisure (welcome to my blog; just google it!)