As i am browsing through the past week, i noticed an interesting analysis on QAF.

I asked the user “Layers” for permission to share with you and he agreed. So i decided to share with you all too…

Invest in QAF to have free bread supply annually?

QAF is having a bad bad period in their business owing to bad Forex, cynical pork price and divestment of 20% of Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd. (GBKL)

QAF consist of 3 market segments:

Bakery,      Primary production and      Trading & logistic.

For bakery, Gardenia is a top selling brand in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines and many other brands. Primary production, Revalea producing pork and animal feeds. Trading & logistic segment is marketed by Ben Foods with brands like farmland.

QAF is trying to spin off Primary production, Revalea and focus on the Bakery business. I find this is a good decision.

Revalea …