Transactions made in May 2018:
– Bought 5,000 units of NetLink NBN Trust at $0.81

During the month of May, I only managed to purchase NetLink NBN Trust despite queuing for several shares such as First Reit, Singtel and Keppel Corp. I had bought NetLink NBN Trust one and a half weeks before it XD. I am likely to hold this for short term and will sell it if it hits my selling price before the next round of dividends. Looking at the recent developments where Hyflux seeks court protection for debt reorganisation, I am glad that I cut loss and sold it at a lose of 67% in Mar 18. I hope that fellow investors out there did not and will not lose much from this. May was an exciting month. I broke my record for the highest dividends received in a month. I hope I can break this record again later this year in August or in …