Find out what steps you should take following the earthquakes in Lombok, Indonesia if you are either currently in Lombok or have upcoming plans to travel there.

Anastassia Evlanova – August 8, 2018

After the powerful 7.0 earthquake hit Lombok, Indonesia on August 5th, hundreds of tourists were evacuated from the neighboring Gili islands following a tsunami warning, with thousands others feeling the tremors from as far as Bali. This quake came just one week after a similar 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the same area, leaving 17 people dead and hundreds more injured. As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) put out a travel advisory to the region, many Singaporean travellers may be left wondering what they should do. To help them make sense of the next steps to take, we discuss what to do if you are currently in Lombok or already have plans to go there.