*Apologies as this post is supposed to be out some time ago, but due to my busy schedule, I’m not able to complete the post till today*

Asian Pay TV Trust is one of the companies I’m looking on SGX in the very beginning of my investing journey and one of those I actually started doing a homework for… or rather… an analysis. 

A simple one.

I was pretty much attracted by the yield back then and I started to source out some in our local market.

I remember going through Mapletree GCC Trust at about 1.00 range (something that I pretty much regret till date), APTT at around 38-39 cents, AA REIT at 1.35 range and HPH Trust at 48 cents USD.

Just as I’m doing some homework on APTT back then, the prices started to pick up even before I’ve completed analyzing it to 45 cents and I decided to drop the idea