I’m talking about sign up bonuses. Nothing to do with the credit card itself.

Now this really depends on a few things like is there any min spending to get the sign up bonuses.

But generally, I find it acceptable for minimum spending of $500 for $100 sign up bonus. That’s a straight off rebate of 20%. Of course if there is a sign up bonus without minimum spend it’s better. But otherwise I’ll accept minimum spending of $500 for $100.

Ok so… I always wondered why people are excited about luggages… Cos some credit cards will have a min spend of $500-600 and the sign up bonus will be a travel luggage. And to me… This is kinda pointless. Cos I can buy a luggage for $30-$80 at Giant at Vivo.

So a more effective way is to get $100 cash/rebate then use the money to buy a travel luggage instead of getting …