Scandinavian, American mid-century and minimalistic interiors have dominated the interior design industry over the past few years. However, experts believe these styles won’t be dominating in 2019. Instead, 2019 will see a resurgence of individualism and vibrancy, improving on the fairly homogenous themes that prevailed in the past. For example, Art Deco, Japanese minimalism, warm, masculine tones, and natural materials will combine with antiques and personalised touches to make rooms vibrant and expressive. Below, we discuss these trends in detail, as well as their potential cost and budget-friendly tips to test out these trends in your own home.

Art Deco is the Glamorous Update to Mid-Century Modern

Art Deco was the prevailing art and design style in the early 20th century (1920’s-1930’s). It was characterised by strong geometric/starburst shapes, streamlined furniture, gem tone colors (emerald greens, golds, deep reds) and metallic finishes. To bring Art Deco into the 21st century,