A few months back, I started following The Woke Salaryman because of an article released by them, “ Save 100K by 30”. It was featured on Seedly as a contribution from The Woke Salaryman.

It was a nice approach because besides the words, there were cute drawings and cartoons that accompanied it and made it so much easier to read.

Even though, to save 100K by 30 is a common topic among financial bloggers, I found their article really easy to follow through as then animations really did simplify things.

It also made financial matters less intimidating as not much words are shown and the animations provided a summary of what they want to put across.

I started following their Instagram just recently and boy, do they like to ask thought provoking questions.

I just saw one yesterday about whether kids are their parent’s retirement plan. Of course, questions like these wouldn’t usually be asked