It would be so boring if I write another blog post about what I bought again. So I will start with a different topic before doing a short one on my “Buy” this week … Yes, its another “Buy” week for me amidst all the chaos in the market recently.

SReits are beginning to show weaknesses

While reviewing at my SReits watchlist, I am seeing “reds” coming out from many SReits counters. In my watchlist, about 1/4 of the SReits are showing up as “red” – I have programmed them to show up as red if they drop more than 3% in the month compared to the last trading day of the previous month.

It is the first time in many weeks (or months) that I am seeing so many reds and no “green” – green meaning the opposite of read, i.e. increase more than 3%. I personally feel that the 3%