Ever since ShopBack launched its ShopBack Button, Heartland Boy no longer misses out on valuable Cashback on ShopBack’s merchant websites. He gets prompted whenever he lands on a merchant website and all he needs to do is to click the “Activate Cashback” button to ensure his Cashback gets tracked. It was an innovative development by the folks at ShopBack, greatly enhancing the user experience. Lately, an incremental development got Heartland Boy excited once again! The ShopBack Button now automatically applies coupon codes to maximise a user’s savings while shopping online. In other words, not only is Cashback tracked after a purchase, discounts (if applicable) are also now directly subtracted from at checkout.

An Improved User Experience

Based on feedback and observations, ShopBack identified that many users were searching for coupon codes to maximise their online savings. More often than not, it was a hassle to manually apply these promo