The five SGX companies in my portfolio reported mixed Q3 2019 results and their share prices have been depressed.These five companies should deliver growth in the future so I’m happy to hold these companies. iFAST and SOG has been the most consistent performers in terms of revenue and net profit growth and it’s a painful reminder to me to focus more on companies with recurring or predictable cash flow.

Q3 2019 results Company Revenue growth Net profit growth iFAST 9% -6% Kingsmen -1% -93% SOG 15% 1% CAO -12% 26% HRNet 2% -5%


iFAST assets under administration grew 17% year on year but net profit fell 6% because of growth investments as I previously mentioned. Revenue is growing despite market volatility and the company expects slower expense growth in 2020 which is a good thing. Key catalysts in 2020 include the outcome of its bid for a Singapore digital