One of the common fears that friends and clients bring up to me is that they aren’t confident to buy a new launch property because they lack faith in the end product.

In a new launch, we can’t see the quality of fittings and construction, we can’t feel whether the environment will be peaceful and well ventilated and that all compounds our fear of the unknowns.”

Whereas, in a resale property, although it is older, you get to see, touch and feel almost everything and have more faith in your decision.

Yes, it has happened where buyers end up being thoroughly upset by the overwhelming defects and quality of their new property upon getting the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP).

Although there are few cases, one is enough to put a buyer off property investments for a long time to come.

Quality issues with Kingsford Hurray’s projects raised alarm bells, prompting a 1st ever no-sale licence issued by the Controller of Housing.