Not all “spending” are bad. What I am essentially doing is knowingly forcing to “pay-myself-first” more at the start of salary collection.

When I first started out, I mentioned how I took control of every dollar flow out of my Monthly Salary. This was how it looked like for 2019:

DetailsPercentage of take-homeSavings fund10%Investment fund30%Child RSP10%CPF Cash topup2%Child CPF Cash topup2%Total54%

I’m pretty comfortable with my spending in 2019. In fact, I am upping the ante by challenging myself with an increased allocation in my investment. What it will look like from Jan 2020 onwards.

Details20192020Savings fund10%10%Investment fund30%40%Child RSP10%10%CPF Cash topup2%4%Child CPF Cash topup2%4%Total54%68%

I believe one of the main problems faced by many is not just to save and invest, but to increasingly upped the amount to do so. Delayed gratification is not a new concept. The increase in 14% allocation for investment today will see a snowball effect