In 2019, Mapletree Commercial Trust (SGX: N2IU) was one of the largest gainers among Singapore’s blue-chip stocks.

Mapletree Commercial Trust’s unit price surged around 45% to S$2.39 then. At the time of writing, its unit price is even higher at S$2.47.

Given the “ever-increasing” price, does Mapletree Commercial Trust still provide value for those looking to buy it right now?

The answer is not straightforward and can be subjective, but we can still get an idea by using our 10-step guide to pick the best Singapore REITs.

As a summary, here are the 10 steps I use to pick the best Singapore REITs:

Growth in Gross Revenue and Net Property Income Growth in Distribution Per Unit Property Yield of Between 5% and 9% Gearing Ratio of Below 40% Interest Coverage Ratio of Above 5x Healthy Portfolio Occupancy Rate Positive Rental Reversions Presence of Growth Prospects Acceptable Price-to-Book Ratio Distribution