The recent months of fear and panic has seen much focus and attention drawn towards CORVID-19 related news and content.

As of today and counting, Singapore has seen zero to a handful of new cases per day, and seemingly, everything is starting to come under control.

Indeed, just a few weeks back, there were elevated fear in the markets, panic buying of household goods and a retail scene as if the “Thanos snap” occurred in real-life.

While the West and Europe is starting to experience what Asia did a month ago – a rise in infections, Singaporeans appear to have acclimatised to their fears and are slowly resuming their routines as usual.

Last 2 weekends, we were reminded through 2 project launches that Singaporeans care more about good deals than fear the virus!

Parc Canberra executive condominium was 64% sold out on day 1. The M at Middle Road was 70% sold out on its first day of launch as well.

Such is the case that i parody a famous quote of Martin Niemöller: