Bought STI ETF at $2.3423 during the market selling down below STI 2400.  This is the first cash purchase since the Covid-19 crisis.
STI 2400 might be just a round number to most but from my personal analysis, this level is an indicator for whether Singapore economy will or will not get into recession.  It is not a number plucked from the air but rather based on previous peak and trough value coupling with EW analysis.  As such, this indicator shall be of different level comes the next crisis.  How much lower can STI go below 2400 will determine how deep the recession shall be.
STI ETF is pretty much a “no brainer” stock.  Unlike stock links to corporate it does not have much of a fundamental to talk about.  It’s function basically just track the STI index.  Thus, unlike company stock, it will never under-perform STI.  When