Fun trip to new office of Stashaway! (Q & A series + Loads of pics!)
By SG Finance Guy  •  March 23, 2020
If you have not read the first/second parts of Introduction to RoboAdvisors, you can do so here : SG Finance Dude (left- myself) and SG Finance guy (right) In part III of Introduction to RoboAdvisors, we wanted to understand more about Stashaway’s business model and operation plans, which are information not readily available over the Internet. As such, we headed down to Stashaway HQ, and conducted an interview with the Head of Client Engagement & PR – Miss Amanda Ong. 1. Hello, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. There are so many RoboAdvisors out there. How has Stashaway remained competitive and how will Stashaway continue to remain competitive? Thank you very much for coming! Stashaway is the currently the biggest, fastest growing RoboAdvisor in the region. We have a team with a strong understanding of the RoboAdvisors landscape. We also have  the Capital Markets Services license...
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By SG Finance Guy
Just a little about myself, I am currently a law undergraduate. I am very passionate about lifelong investing to reach my goal of financial independence. I am quite passionate about ETF investing and am looking at an investment horizon of more than 20 years. So, be prepared to see more upcoming posts about ETFs!

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