Giving Back During This COVID Period
By The Kiam Siap Life  •  May 13, 2020
No one could possibly foresee the situation which the world is in right now. The lock-down (some calling it The Great Lockdown) has brought countries, states, and cities to almost a standstill and Singapore is no exception. The economic impact caused by a sudden halt in traffic movement has caused many unprepared companies to take a major hit to their businesses. Those who were unable to innovate fast enough had to lay off their employees to keep afloat or even shut down their businesses. We write a lot about growing our finances towards getting financially free but at the same time, we want to spread the message on GIVING BACK to those who really need our help.  Any amount counts towards helping an individual in need and if we are comfortable without our $600 cash pay-out, why not donate to the following local causes. Here are 5 local organisations who...
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By The Kiam Siap Life
As millennials ourselves, we always dream of achieving financial freedom through the fastest possible way but DO NOT know the ways and means to. While we do not claim to have been there, done that and share with you the “secrets” of unlocking financial freedom, (many paid workshops out there can help you with that. Not sure how many of them are actually millionaires right now *snickers*) we are here to help you.

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