COVID-19 has caused huge shifts in our routines and lifestyles. Schools have been closed, and work-from-home arrangements have never been more common. As we scramble to adapt and adjust to new norms, many businesses had to find new ways to survive and stay afloat. Is It Really All Doom and Gloom for Us? 🙁 We spoke to 7 young Singaporeans whose lives have been greatly affected by this situation, to find out how they have been coping, and what they have been doing since the start of COVID-19.       Could you introduce yourself, and what do you do for a living? Hi my name is Jude Tan and I am a flight steward with Singapore Airlines. How has COVID-19 affected you financially, and what are some changes you had to adapt due to this current situation? COVID-19 has affected me immeasurably in a financial sense.