As Singaporeans take precautions to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, wearing masks has become second-nature. Essential workers in particular have to wear masks for extended periods of time. However, due to the tight fit required, wearing a mask all day at work, especially in heat and humidity, could lead to skin damage. Professor Karen Ousey, the Director of the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention at the University of Huddersfield, explains that people who wear masks experience sweating, leading to friction that “causes pressure damage on the nose and cheeks.” To prevent skin damage, Professor Ousey suggests keeping your skin clean, well-hydrated and moisturised, and to apply barrier creams half an hour before you put on a mask. As we aim to keep our faces hydrated and pain-free, we may end up wondering what products to purchase. While high-end products may be perceived to produce better results, they’re expensive