During this period, plenty of MOOC providers are offering their paid certificates at no cost to learners. I have been racing against time to complete as many courses as I possibly can. I will be sharing the key takeaways from the courses I have taken in this, and subsequent, posts.

For those interested, please refer to this post by Class Central for a compilation of MOOC resources.

Blockchain for Business (NTUC LearningHub & GO1)

  • Blockchain and its impact on Commercial and Investment Banking functions
  • Commercial Banking:
    • Blockchain as an alternative for the unbanked to store their money
    • International money transfers could be sped up using the blockchain
    • Using smart contracts for escrow services, buyers and sellers do not need to use banks as intermediaries
    • Using blockchain for post-trade settlement to reduce settlement time
  • Investment Banking:
    • Capital markets: Equity and debt securities could be represented as tokens on the blockchain for easy clearing and settlement
    • Advisory services: too early to tell