The term, multi-baggers, when applied to the stock market, was coined by legendary investor Peter Lynch in his book One up on Wall Street.

It refers to a stock that delivers more than a 100% return on our investment. Seasoned investors will tell you that just having a few multi-baggers in your portfolio can make a world of a difference.

Imagine if you had used just 1% of your portfolio to buy Netflix in 2007 at US$2.57 per share. You’d have a 163-bagger in your portfolio today. That 1% position will now be worth 163% of your initial portfolio. Even if the other 99% of your portfolio went to zero, you’d still be sitting on a positive return.

But how do we unearth such long-term winners? Here are some things that I consider when looking at which stocks can be multi-baggers over the next few years.

Potential market opportunity

The amount of revenue that a company can earn in the future is a key factor in how valuable the company will be worth.